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Side-Lights on the Battle-Field, RRM, September.
South Africa, Yankee Correspondent in, J. Ralph, Cent.

War Operations in South Africa, Black; Edin, October.
Trevithick, Richard, A. Titley, CasM.
Trusts : Can There Be a Good Trust? G. E. Roberts, Forum.
Trusts: Facts Established and Problems Unsolved, J. W.

Jenks, QJEcon.
Trusts in England, R. Donald, AMRR.
United States and the Australasian Federation Compared,

R. Stout, Forum.
United States : Growth as a World-Power, F. Emory, WW.
United States: Our Place Among the Nations, WW.
United States, Population of the, During the Next Ten Cen.

turies, H. S. Pritchett, Pops.
Vaccination, Notes on the subject of, A. L. Haines, JMSI.
Vagabonds, Concerning, M. M. Turnbull, Gent.
Vendetta, Provençal, in the 16th Century, Count Remacle,

RPar, October 15 and November 1.
Verse, American, Century of, Dial, October 16.
Virgil and the Divine Pastoral, Countess M. Cesaresco,

Virginia, Miss Johnston's, T. Dixon, Jr., Bkman.
Voice-Culture, Mrs. W. Creyke, NineC.
Voice-Teaching, Scientific, K. Hackett, Mus, October.
Wagner and Legends of the Grail, .Jennette Pryce, West.

Wales, History of a Small Estate in, S. Leighton, NatR.
War Before and After

the Renaissance, H. E. Malden, USM.
War Correspondent, H. F. P. Battersby, NatR.
Warfare: Cavalry vs. Infantry, A. M. Low, Forum.
Warner, Charles Dudley, Dial, November i.
Water-Filtration, Benefit of Alum in, C. V. Chapin, San.
Water, Filtration of, for Public Use, JMSI.
Water-Power and Electricity, Cham.
Water Supplies, Public, T. H. McKenzie, San.
Webster, Daniel, J. B. McMaster, Cent.
Westminster Confession's Right to Construe Itself, E. Dan.

iel, PQ, October.
Wheat Crop, Evolution of a, H. Bindloss, Mac.
Wheat Crop, World's, Transportation of the, G. E. Walsh,

White House, Future of the, T. A. Bingham, LHJ.
Wisconsin, Facts About, Jessie G. Finney, AMonM.
Woman, American, Retrogression of the, Flora McD.

Thompson, NAR.
Women, Elizabethan, G. Bradford, Jr., PL, September.
World Politics, Moral and Social Tasks of, M. Mauren.

brecher, AJS.
World's Unity League, B. 0. Flower, Arena.
Worship, Primitive Objects of--II., L. Marillier, IntM.
Yorkshire, Picturesque, J. Telford, LQ, October.

Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index. [All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.) Ains. Ainslee's Magazine, N. Y. Eng. Engineering Magazine, N.Y. Nou. Nouvelle Revue, Paris. ACQR. American Catholic Quarterly EM. España Moderna, Madrid.

NA. Nuova Antologia, Rome. Review, Phila.

Fort. Fortnightly Review, London, OC. Open Court, Chicago. AHR. American Historical Review, Forum. Forum, N. Y.

0. Outing, N. Y. N. Y.

FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly, N. Y. Out. Outlook, N. Y. AJS. American Journal of Soci. Gent. Gentleman's Magazine, Lon- Over. Overland Monthly, San Fran. ology, Chicago. don.

cisco. AJT. American Journal of The- GBag. Green Bag, Boston.

PMM. Pall Mall Magazine, London. ology, Chicago.

Gunt. Gunton's Magazine, N. Y. Pear. Pearson's Magazine, N. Y. ALR. American Law Review, St. Harp. Harper's Magazine, N. Y. Phil. Philosophical Review, N. Y. Louis.

Hart. Hartford Seminary Record, PhoT. Photographic Times, N. Y. A MonM.American Monthly Magazine,

Hartford, Conn.

PL. Poet-Lore, Boston.
Washington, D.C.
Home. Home Magazine, N. Y.

PSQ. Political Science Quarterly, AMRR. American Monthly Review of Hom. Homiletic Review, N. Y.

Reviews, N. Y.

HumN. Humanité Nouvelle, Paris. PopA. Popular Astronomy, NorthANat. American Naturalist, Boston. Int. International, Chicago.

field, Minn. AngA. Anglo - American Magazine, IJE. International Journal of Pops. Popular Science Monthly, N. Y. Ethics, Phila.

N. Y. Annals. Annals of the American Acad. IntM. International Monthly, N. Y. PRR. Presbyterian and Reformed emy of Pol. and Soc. Science, Ints. International Studio, N. Y.

Review, Phila.
IA. Irrigation Age, Chicago.

PQ. Presbyterian Quarterly, CharAPB. Anthony's Photographic Bul. JMSI. Journal of the Military Serv

lotte, N.C. letin, N. Y.

ice Institution, Governor's QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of Econom. Arch. Architectural Record, N. Y.

Island, N. Y. H.

ics, Boston. Arena. Arena, N. Y.

JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy, QR. Quarterly Review, London. AA. Art Amateur, N. Y.


RasN. Rassegna Nazionale, Florence. AE. Art Education, N. Y.

Kind. Kindergarten Magazine, Chi- Record. Record of Christian Work, AI. Art Interchange, N. Y.


East Northfield, Mass. AJ. Art Journal, London.

KindR. Kindergarten Review, Spring- Refs. Réforme Sociale, Paris. Art. Artist, London.

field, Mass.

RRL. Review of Reviews, London. Atlant. Atlantic Monthly, Boston. LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal, Phila. RRM. Review of Reviews, Mel. Bad. Badminton, London. Leis H. Leisure Hour, London.

bourne. BankL. Bankers' Magazine, London. Lipp. Lippincott's Magazine, Phila. RDM. Revue des Deux Mondes, BankNY Bankers' Magazine, N. Y.

London Quarterly Review,

Bib. Biblical World, Chicago.


RDP. Revue du Droit Public, Paris.
BSac. Bibliotheca Sacra, Oberlin, O. Long. Longman's Magazine, London. RGen. Revue Générale, Brussels.

Bibliothèque Universelle, Lau- Luth. Lutheran Quarterly, Gettys. RPar. Revue de Paris, Paris.

burg, Pa.

RPP. Revue Politique et Parlemen. Black. Blackwood's Magazine, Edin. McCl. McClure's Magazine, N. Y.

taire, Paris. burgh.

Mac. Macmillan's Magazine, Lon- RRP. Revue des Revues, Paris. BB. Book Buyer, N. Y.


RSoc. Revue Socialiste, Paris. Bkman. Bookman, N. Y.

MA. Magazine of Art, London. RPL. Rivista Politica Letteraria, BP. Brush and Pencil, Chicago. MRN. Methodist Review, Nashville.

Rome. Can. Canadian Magazine, Toronto. MRNY. Methodist Review, N. Y.


Rosary, Somerset, Ohio. Cass. Cassell's Magazine, London. Mind. Mind, N. Y.


Sanitarian, N. Y. CasM. Cassier's Magazine, N. Y. MisH. Missionary Herald, Boston. School. School Review, Chicago. Cath. Catholic World, N.Y. MisR. Missionary Review, N. Y.

Scrib. Scribner's Magazine, N. Y. Cent. Century Magazine, N. Y.

Mod. Modern Culture, Cleveland,0. SR. Sewanee Review, N. Y. Cham. Chambers's Journal, Edin. Mon. Monist, Chicago.


Strand Magazine, London. burgh. MonR. Monthly Review, N. Y.

Sun. Sunday Magazine, London. Char. Charities Review, N. Y. MunA. Municipal Affairs, N. Y.

Temp. Temple Bar, London. Chaut. Chautauquan, Cleveland, O. Mun. Munsey's Magazine, N. Y. USM. United Service Magazine, Cons. Conservative Review, Wash- Mus. Music, Chicago.

London. ington.

NatGM. National Geographic Maga- West. Westminster Review, London. Contem. Contemporary Review, Lon

zine, Washington, D. C.

Wern. Werner's Magazine, N. Y. don.

VatM. National Magazine, Boston. WWM. Wide World Magazine, Lon. Corn. Cornhill, London. NatR. National Review, London,

don. Cos. Cosmopolitan, N. Y.

NC. New-Church Review, Boston. WPM. Wilson's Photographic Maga: Crit. Critic, N. Y. NEng. New England Magazine, Bos

zine, N. Y. Deut. Deutsche Revue, Stuttgart.


WW. World's Work, N. Y. Dial. Dial, Chicago.

NIM. New Illustrated Magazine, Yale. Yale Review, New Haven. Dub. Dublin Review, Dublin.


YM. Young Man, London, Edin. Erlinburgh Review, London. NW. New World, Boston.

YW. Young Woman, London. Ed. Education, Boston.

Vinec. Nineteenth Century, London. EUR. Educational Review, N. Y. NAR. North American Review, N.Y.

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