Annual Announcement of Courses of Instruction

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The University Press, 1928

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Stran 165 - January 1, 1948 ... the Sherman Act ... the Clayton Act, and the . . . Federal Trade Commission Act . . . shall be applicable to the business of insurance to the extent that such business is not regulated by State law.
Stran 199 - When any member of the senior division of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps has completed two academic years of service In that division and has been selected for further training by the president of the institution and by its professor of military science and tactics, and has agreed in writing to continue in the Reserve Officers...
Stran 138 - A general survey of the history of the western hemisphere from the discovery to the present time. The planting of European civilization in the western hemisphere, the growth of the colonies of the different nations, colonial systems, the international contest for the continents, the wars of independence in English-America, and in Hispanic-America, the development of the independent American republics, their relations with each other and with the rest of the world.
Stran 26 - LIPMAN Plant physiology, including plant nutrition and plant growth, with special reference to the influence of environmental factors as requirements for and determinants of plant development. Lectures and demonstrations. Not open to students in the College of Agriculture, nor to those who have had any course in college botany.
Stran 72 - CHARLES DERLETH, JR., CE, Professor of Civil Engineering and Dean of the College of Civil Engineering (Chairman of the Department).
Stran 95 - Organization and administration of the California school system, as given in the school law of the state and as interpreted by the rulings of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Attorney General.
Stran 196 - Training Corps is to provide systematic military training at civil educational institutions for the purpose of qualifying selected students of such institutions for appointment as reserve officers in the military forces of the United States; the Reserve Officers' Training Corps is therefore an important agency in making effective the plan for national defence. Although the primary object of the Reserve Officers...

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