The British Essayists, Količina 28

Sprednja platnica
Alexander Chalmers
J. Johnson, 1808

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Stran 40 - What does he therefore, but resolves to give over toiling, and to find himself out some factor, to whose care and credit he may commit the whole managing of his religious affairs; some divine of note and estimation that must be. To him he adheres, resigns the whole warehouse of his religion, with all the locks and keys into his custody...
Stran 31 - Gift, or the book of books for children, adorned with cuts, and designed as a present for every little boy who would become a great man, and ride upon a fine horse ; and to every little girl who would become a great woman, and ride in a lord-mayor's gilt coach.
Stran 5 - To advise the ignorant, relieve the needy, comfort the afflicted, are duties that fall in our way almost every day of our lives. A man has frequent opportunities of mitigating the fierceness of a party ; of doing justice to the character of a...
Stran 52 - If you sit down in one of her temples, to enjoy a delightful prospect, she observes to you, that there is too much wood or too little water ; that the day is too sunny or too gloomy ; that it is sultry, or windy ; and finishes with a long harangue upon the wretchedness of our climate. When you return with her to the company...
Stran 40 - ... and better breakfasted than he whose morning appetite would have gladly fed on green figs between Bethany and Jerusalem, his religion walks abroad at eight, and leaves his kind entertainer in the shop trading all day without his religion.
Stran 53 - When you return with her to the company, in hopes of a little cheerful conversation, she casts a gloom over all, by giving you the history of her own bad health, or of some melancholy accident that has befallen one of her children.
Stran 25 - The fact will appear so incredible that it will certainly be believed ; the only difficulty will be how to account for it ; and that, as it commonly does, will engross the attention of the learned. The case of...
Stran 25 - Filius, annually entertained that university with an oration in the theatre. I therefore take with pleasure this opportunity of explaining and clearing up this difficulty to my remotest successors in the republic of letters, by giving them the true meaning of the several expressions Of GREAT BIRTH, NOBLE BIRTH, BIRTH, and NO BIRTH AT ALL.
Stran 25 - It is the child of Pride and Folly, coupled together by that industrious pander Self-love. It is surely the strongest instance, and the weakest prop, of human vanity. If it means any thing, it means a long lineal descent from a founder, whose industry or .good fortune, whose merit, or perhaps whose guilt, has enabled his posterity to live useless to society, and to transmit to theirs their pride and their patrimony.
Stran 21 - But may not the principle of inquiry and detection be carried too far, or at least made too general ? And should not a prudent discrimination of cases be attended to? A prejudice is by no means necessarily, though generally thought so, an error. On the contrary, it may be a most unquestioned truth, though it be still a prejudice in those who, without any examination, take it upon trust, and entertain it by habit.

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