Biographical Sketches of Eccentric Characters

Sprednja platnica
N. H. Whitaker, 1832 - 448 strani

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Stran 259 - Soon after the marriage of Charles I., the king and queen being entertained at Burleigh, little Jeffery was served up to table in a cold pie, and presented by the duchess to the queen, who kept him as her dwarf. From seven years of age till thirty he never grew taller ; but after thirty he shot up to three feet nine inches, and there fixed.
Stran 260 - Jeffrcidos, on a battle between him and a turkey-cock ; and in 1638 was published a very small book, called The New Year's Gift, presented at court from the Lady Parvula to the Lord Minimus (commonly called Little Jeffery), her Majesty's servant, &c., written by Microphilus, with a little print of Jeffery prefixed.
Stran 265 - Nash was certainly to be numbered in the beginning, only with this difference, that he wanted the corrupt heart too commonly attending a life of expedients ; for he was generous, humane, and honourable, even though by profession a gamester.
Stran 83 - going to Holland, and should probably be absent three weeks or a month. He was absent from her seventeen years, during which time she neither heard from him, or of him. The evening before he returned, whilst she was at supper, and with her some of her friends and relations, particularly one Dr.
Stran 278 - Mr. Hogarth's dutiful respects to Lord . Finding that he does not mean to have the picture which was drawn for him, is informed again of Mr. Hogarth's necessity for the money. If, therefore, his Lordship does not send for it in three days it will be disposed of, with the addition of a tail, and some other little appendages, to Mr. Hare, the famous wild-beast man : Mr. Hogarth having given that gentleman a conditional promise of it, for an exhibition-picture, on his Lordship's refusal.
Stran 48 - Sir ! I had little hopes on Monday last but to have supped in your cabin, but it pleased God to order it otherwise ; I am thankful for it. As for those cowardly captains who deserted you, hang them up, for by they deserve it — Yours,
Stran 265 - Bath resembled the laws of Lycurgus, which would admit of no alteration, without an utter subversion of all his authority. He was not less strict with regard to the dresses in which ladies and gentlemen were to appear. He had the strongest aversion to a white apron, and absolutely excluded all who ventured to appear at the assembly dressed in that manner. I have known him on a ball night strip even the Duchess of Q , and throw her apron at one of the hinder benches among the ladies' women : observing,...
Stran 211 - His time was regularly spent in reading, meditation, and prayer. No Carthusian monk was ever more constant and rigid in his abstinence. His plain garb, his long and silver beard, his mortified and venerable aspect, bespoke him an ancient inhabitant of the desert, rather than a gentleman of fortune in a populous city.
Stran 83 - ... provision for herself out of it during his absence, as it was uncertain whether he was alive or dead. This act he suffered to be solicited...
Stran 297 - Blush not, marble, to rescue from oblivion the memory of HENRY JENKINS : a person obscure in birth, but of a life truly memorable ; for he was enriched with the goods of nature, if not of fortune, and happy in the duration, if not variety, of his enjoyments ; and, tho...

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