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From September 5, 1774, to December 31, 1776, inclusive.








A NUMBER of the delegates, chosen and appointed by the several colonies and provinces in North-America, to meet and hold a Congress at Philadelphia, assembled at the Carpenter's Hall:

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The Congress proceeded to the choice of a President, when the hon. Peyton Randolph, esq. was unanimously elected.

Mr. Charles Thomson was unanimously chosen Secretary,

The gentlemen from the several colonies produced their respective credentials, which were read and approved as follows:


At a meeting of the deputies appointed by the several towns in this province, held at Exeter, in the county of Rockingham, 21st July, 1774, for the election. of delegates, on behalf of this province, to join the General Congress proposed:

Present 85 members:

The hon. JOHN Wentworth, esq. in the chair.

Voted, that major John Sullivan, and col. Nathaniel Folsom, esqrs. be appointed and empowered, as delegates, on the part of this province, to attend and assist in the General Congress of delegates from the other colonies, at such time and place as may be appointed, to devise, consult, and adopt such measures, as may have the most likely tendency to extricate the colonies from their present difficulties; to secure and perpetuate their rights, liberties, and privileges, and to restore that peace, harmony, and mutual confidence, which once happily subsisted between the parent country, and her colonies.

J. WENTWORTH, Chairman.



This house having duly considered, and being deeply affected with the unhappy differences, which have long subsisted, and are increasing, between Great Britain and the American colonies, do resolve: that a meeting of committees from the several colonies on this continent, is highly expedient and necessary, to consult upon the present state of the colonies, and the miseries to which they are and must be reduced, by the operation of certain acts of parliament respecting America, and to deliberate and determine upon wise. and proper measures, to be by them recommended to all the colonies, for the recovery and establishment of their just rights and liberties, civil and religious, and the restoration of union and harmony between Great Britain and the colonies, most ardently desired by all good men: Therefore, resolved, that the hon. James Bowdoine, esq. the hon. Thomas Cushing, esq. Mr. Samuel Adams, John Adams and Robert Treat Paine, esqrs. be, and they are hereby appointed a committee on the part of this province, for the purposes aforesaid, any three of whom to be a quorum; to meet such committees or delegates from the other colonies, as have been or may be appointed, either by their respective houses of burgesses, or representatives, or by convention, or by the committees of correspondence appointed by the respective houses of assembly, in the city of Philadelphia, or any other place that shall be judged most suitable by the committee, on the 1st day of September next; and that the speaker of the house be directed, in a letter to the speakers of the houses of burgesses or representatives in the several colonies, to inform them of the substance of these resolves.



By the hon. Joseph Wanton, esq. governor, captain-general, and commander in chief of and over the English colony of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, in New-England in America.

To the hon. Stephen Hopkins, esq. and the hon. Samuel Ward, esq. Greeting: Whereas the general assembly of the colony aforesaid, have nominated and appointed you, the said Stephen Hopkins and Samuel Ward, to represent the people of this colony in General Congress of Representatives from this and the other colonies, at such time and place as should be agreed upon by the



major part of the committees appointed, or to be appointed by the colonies in general; I do therefore hereby authorize, empower, and commissionate you, the said Stephen Hopkins and Samuel Ward, to repair to the city of Philadelphia, it being the place agreed upon by the major part of the colonies; and there, in behalf of this colony, to meet and join with the commissioners or delegates from the other colonies, in consulting upon proper measures to obtain a repeal of the several acts of the British parliament, for levying taxes upon his majesty's subjects in America, without their consent, and particularly an act lately passed for blocking up the port of Boston, and upon proper measures to establish the rights and liberties of the colonies, upon a just and solid foundation, agreeable to the instructions given you by the general assembly.

GIVEN under my hand and the seal of the said colony, this 10th day of
August, in the year of our Lord 1774, and the 14th of the reign
of his most sacred majesty George the third, by the grace of
God, king of Great Britain, &c.

[L. S.]

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June 3d, 1774.

Whereas a Congress of commissioners from the several British colonies in America, is proposed by some of our neighbouring colonies, and thought necessary; and whereas it may be found expedient that such Congress should be convened before the next sessions of this assembly:

Resolved, by this house, that the committee of correspondence be, and they are hereby empowered, on application to them made, or from time to time, as may be found necessary, to appoint a suitable number to attend such Congress, or convention of commissioners, or committees of the several colonies in British America, and the persons thus to be chosen shall be, and they are hereby directed, in behalf of this colony, to attend such Congress; to consult and advise on proper measures for advancing the best good of the colonies, and such conferences, from time to time, to report to this house. A true extract and copy from the Journal of the House.


Colony of Connecticut, ss.

NEW-LONDON, July-13th, 1774.

At a meeting of the committee of correspondence for this colony:
The hon. EBENEZER SILLIMAN, esq. in the chair:

The hon. Eliphalet Dyer, the hon. William Samuel Johnston, Erastus Wolcott, Silas Deane, and Richard Law, esqrs. were nominated, pursuant to the act of the hon. House of Representatives of the said colony, at their sessions in May last, either three of which are hereby authorized and empowered, in behalf of this colony, to attend the General Congress of the colonies, proposed to be held at Philadelphia, on the first day of September next, or at such other time and place as shall be agreed on by the colonies, to consult and advise with the commissioners or committees of the several English colonies in America, on proper measures for advancing the best good of the colonies.

Signed, Ebenezer Silliman, William Williams, Benjamin Payne, Erastus Wolcott, Joseph Trumbull, Samuel H. Parsons, Nathaniel Wales, jun. Silas


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