Unto God and Caesar: Religious Issues in the Emerging Commonwealth, 1891-1906

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Melbourne University Press, 1976 - 162 strani
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Publisher description: Should the Australian Constitution be given a religious clause or should it not? The question gave scope for almost endless wrangles to the founding fathers of Australian federation. Whether their interests were chiefly political or religious, they argued vociferously whether God should be recognized in the Preamble and whether He should appear in Section 116; and if so in what form He should be acknowledged. The issue, confused, complex and partisan enough already, was further complicated by the wider questions, first raised by Tasmanian Andrew Inglis Clark, concerning relations in general between the churches and the coming Commonwealth. This book is about the clashes between church and state groups and personalities, often mainly interested in making personal gains, what decisions they made, and how the decisions came about.

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