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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1920
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Stran 47 - ... shall be given only to persons who have had adequate vocational experience or contact in the line of work for which they are preparing themselves as teachers, supervisors or directors, or who are acquiring such experience or contact as a part of their training...
Stran 47 - State; that such schools shall provide for directed or supervised ''practice in agriculture, either on a farm provided for by the school or other farm, for at least six months per year...
Stran 87 - This office can not supply the publications listed in this bulletin, other than those expressly designated as publications of the Bureau of Education. Books, pamphlets, and periodicals here mentioned may ordinarily be obtained from their respective publishers, either directly or through a dealer, or, in the case of an association publication, from the secretary of the issuing organization.
Stran 68 - In the dietary studies made in connection with the nutrition investigations of the Office of Experiment Stations of the United States Department of Agriculture...
Stran 43 - WHEREAS it proposes to co-operate with the states in encouraging instruction in agriculture, the trades and industries, and home economics in secondary schools; in preparing teachers for these vocational courses in state colleges of agriculture and the mechanic arts; in maintaining instruction in these vocational subjects in state normal schools...
Stran 87 - Educational tests and measurements — Special methods of instruction — Special subjects of curriculum — Kindergarten and primary school — Rural education — Secondary education — Teachers...
Stran 47 - State board to cooperate with the Federal board in the administration of the act within the State.
Stran 79 - April 22, 1921.] 11-c The board of estimate and apportionment of a city, the council of a city, or the common council of a city, the board of supervisors of a county, the board of trustees of an incorporated village, the town board of a town, may make appropriations to aid and promote the extension of education among the illiterates and non-English-speaking persons within the jurisdiction of these respective bodies.
Stran 47 - State shall provide in its plan for agricultural education that such education shall be that which is under public supervision or control; that the controlling purpose of such education shall be to fit for useful employment...
Stran 11 - So valuable have been the results of the work of these expert supervisors in those places where it has been tried under favorable conditions that there is now a general desire for information on the subject. I therefore recommend for publication as a bulletin of the Bureau of Education the accompanying manuscript transmitted herewith on Rural School Supervision, prepared at my request by Katherine M.

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