Proceedings in the Cases of the Impeachment of Charles Robinson, Governor, John W. Robinson, Secretary of State, George S. Hillyer, Auditor of State, of Kansas

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Kansas State Journal Steam Press, 1862 - 425 strani

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Stran 138 - Resolved, 6. That they are entitled to the benefit of such of the English statutes, as existed at the time of their colonization ; and which they have, by experience, respectively found to be applicable to their several local and other circumstances.
Stran 277 - a combination is criminal whenever the act to be done has a necessary tendency to prejudice the public or to oppress individuals by unjustly subjecting them to the power of the confederates, and giving effect to the purpose of the latter, whether of extortion or of mischief.
Stran 201 - ... does any other act material to be understood ; his declarations made at the time of the transaction, and expressive of its character, motive, or object, are regarded as " verbal acts, indicating a present purpose and intention," and are therefore admitted in proof, like any other material facts.
Stran 55 - Whensoever the Senate shall receive notice from the House of Representatives that managers are appointed on their part to conduct an impeachment against any person, and are directed to carry articles of impeachment to the Senate, the Secretary of the Senate shall immediately inform the House of Representatives that the Senate is ready to receive the managers for the purpose of exhibiting such articles of impeachment agreeably to such notice.
Stran 296 - This trial, though it varies in external ceremony, yet differs not in essentials from criminal prosecutions before inferior courts. The same rules of evidence, the same legal notions of crimes and punishments, prevailed; for impeachments are not framed to alter the law, but to carry it into more effectual execution against too powerful delinquents.
Stran 53 - And the House of Representatives, by protestation, saving to themselves the liberty of exhibiting at any time hereafter any further articles or other accusation, or impeachment against the said...
Stran 279 - In prosecutions for criminal conspiracies," says Judge King, "the proof of the combination charged must almost always be extracted from the circumstances connected with the transaction which forms the subject of the accusation.
Stran 294 - POLITICAL, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself. The prosecution of them, for this reason, will seldom fail to agitate the passions of the whole community, and to divide it into parties more or less friendly or inimical to the accused.
Stran 85 - ... had as are agreeable to law and justice. You, the said , are therefore hereby summoned to be and appear before the Senate of the...
Stran 44 - All persons who give evidence before a court-martial shall be examined on oath, or affirmation, in the following form: " You swear (or affirm) that the evidence you shall give, in the case now in hearing, shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help you God.

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