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pose of raising a fund for the removal of that portion already free.

In the Senate of Louisiana, during its last session, resolutions were adopted expressive of the opinion, that the object of this Society was deserving of the patronage of the General Government, and it is hoped that during the present session of the Legislature, they will receive the sanction of the House of Representatives.

The Select Committee in the House of Representatives, to which the memorial of the Society to Congress, at its last session, was referred, made a favourable report, and recommended an appropriation of twenty-five dollars for the removal of each free person of Colour in the U. States, who might be disposed to emigrate to Liberia, and ten dollars additional, in case the individual was far distant from the port of embarkation, provided the annual expenditure should not exceed fifty thousand dollars. The bill brought in by this Committee, has not yet been called up for consideration in the House.

The application made by this Society, for countenance and aid to the Federal Government, has been charged upon it as a departure from its original principles. But can it have been forgotten, that the second article of the Constitution of the Society, declares that it shall act to effect its object in co-operation with the General Government, and with such of the States as may adopt regulations on the subject? Can it have been forgotten, that, previous to the existence of the Society, the State of Virginia expressed through its Assembly a desire that the General Government should obtain a Territory on the coast of Africa, or elsewhere, which might serve as an asylum for such persons of colour as were then free and for such others as might thereafter be emancipated? Can it have been forgotten that the very first resolution of the Society was to appoint a Committee "to present a respectful memorial to Congress, requesting them to adopt such measures as might be though

most adviseable for procuring a territory in Africa, or elsewhere, suitable for the colonization of the free people of Colour?

It is said that this Society interferes with the rights, and is subverting the interests of proprietors of slaves. The Society transports only the free. It claims for itself no right, it claims for the Federal Government no right, to compel directly or indirectly a single individual in the United States to emancipate his slaves. The Society has no power; it desires none but its moral influence.

Some, perhaps, may think that the expenditures which have been made in establishing the Colony of Liberia, have far exceeded the good which has been attained. And did not thousands who saw the immortal Fulton endeavouring to propel boats by steam, consider the money which his experiments cost, to be wasted? But by what arithmetic shall we calculate the value of the result of these experiments to his country and the world.

It is only necessary to consult the statements of the expenditures on account of the Colony of Liberia, that have been regularly laid before the public, to demonstrate the utter fallacy of that reasoning, that, from narrow views and mistaken facts, would attempt to throw a cloud on the management of its concerns. Errors may have been committed, but what great object has ever been effected without their occurrence? It is enough to say, and it may be said with heartfelt satisfaction, that this object, in which glory and utility go hand in hand; this object, of which it is difficult to decide whether beneficence to a degraded race, or the exaltation of national character is its highest illustration, has so far been achieved, at a less expense of blood or money either to the Government or to individuals, than any Colony that has ever been established. Economy should be the concomitant equally of public and private pursuits, and the Managers invite the attention of the public to their disbursements, which, with this view, are regularly spread before

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But while these are honestly administered, let no one undertake, without knowledge, to throw into the scale dollars and cents on the one hand, and the numerical strength of the Colony on the other. It is in the commencement of great undertakings that difficulties most abound. They have, in this case, been overcome, at the cost of a few hundred thousands of dollars, consisting of spontaneous contributions, and the incidental aid of the Government, which, although of inestimable value, has not, in a period of fourteen years, exceeded the cost of a single frigate of the lowest class. And where is the man bold enough to say that the benefit does not infinitely transcend the price? Sordid must be that spirit and lost to the purest as well as noblest impulses of the human heart, that would part with the benefit, for the expense incurred in its acquisition.

He, who two centuries hence, shall look abroad upon reclaimed and regenerated Africa, behold her cultivated fields and smiling harvests; her well-built cities, and rivers white with the sails of commerce; her schools and churches; and see elevated high above her civilized and joyful population, the ensign of freedom and the banner of the Cross, will more justly estimate and feel the importance of the efforts of this Society.

American Colonization Society in account current with Richard Smith, Treasurer.


To cash for collecting emigrants.......
cash for transportation and provision of
emigrants and supplies for the Colony
salaries of Agents at the Colony..............................
salaries of Officers of the Society at home..
office rent, stationary, printing, and contin-


interest on money borrowed
loans to Society paid off ....
support of Cecil Ashmun and Washington
loss on uncurrent and counterfeit money..
balance, including $92 counterfeit money 7,056 07




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By balance from last year, ($76 counterfeit) $
donations fromindividuals
Auxiliary Societies

annual subscriptions
collections by Agents
4th of July collections
life member subscriptions
subscriptions on plan of Gerrit Smith....
subscriptions to African Repository......

........ ....


$ 338 91

WASHINGTON, January 19, 1831.

11,113 59

2,893 37

1,460 62
45 33

520 50

625 88 3,806 37 5,712 46 91 2,153 09 10,973 13 867 46



$27,209 39

$27,209 39

By balance as per contra, including $92 counterfeit money, $7,056 07

E. E.

RICHARD SMITH, Treasurer American Colonization Society.


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