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DR. WM. SMITH'S SMALLER HISTORIES for Foolscap 8vo, cloth, red edges.


ENGLAND. 68 Illustrations, 3s. 6d.

ROME. 79 Illustrations, 3s. 6d.
GREECE. 74 Illustrations, 35. 6d.


AN ANCIENT HISTORY, from the EARLIEST TIMES to the FALL OF THE WESTERN EMPIRE: forming the First Period of the "History of the World." By PHILIP SMITH, B.A., One of the Principal Contributors to Dr. Smith's Classical Dictionaries. Complete in 3 vols. 8vo., with Maps and Plans, cloth lettered, 42s.

For the first time in English literature, the reader has before him, in the moderate compass of Three Volumes, a complete ANCIENT HISTORY, from the Creation of the World to the Fall of the Western Empire of Rome, treated as a continuous narrative, and with unity of purpose. Besides its place in the whole scheme of the History of the World, this division may be regarded as forming a complete and independent work, which may occupy the place once filled by the Ancient History of Rollin.

"The style of the volumes is sustained with the equal tone of a single, able, unimpassioned and dignified historian throughout."—Â thenæum.

"Which ought, we consider, to find a place in every School Library, and indeed it is difficult to say what Library will not be the better for it. All that our respected old Rollin tried to do, and did not do, this clear and most wonderfully compassed summary must be admitted to have done, and a great deal more besides. It is always careful, always well written, often warms into the steady heat of a real living interest, and is pervaded with a profound belief in the Providential guidance of all the events of history."-Literary Churchman.

"The three volumes of the present work now published may be considered as forming a complete and independent text-book of Ancient History, well fitted to occupy the place once filled by the Ancient History of Rollin."-Educational Times.

SCHMITZ'S HISTORY OF ROME, from the EARLIEST TIMES to the DEATH OF COMMODUS, A. D. 192. Ninth Edition. 100 Engravings, 12mo, 7s. 6d.

LINEAL DRAWING COPIES FOR THE EARLIEST INSTRUCTION. Comprising upwards of 200 subjects on 24 sheets, mounted on 12 pieces of thick pasteboard, in a Portfolio. By the Author of "Drawing for Young Children." 5s. 6d. EASY DRAWING COPIES FOR ELEMENTARY INSTRUCTION. Simple Outlines without Perspective. 67 subjects, in a Portfolio. By the Author of " Drawing for Young Children." 6s. 6d.

Sold also in Two Sets.

SET I. Twenty-six Subjects mounted on thick pasteboard, in a Portfolio, 3s. 6d.

SET II. Forty-one Subjects mounted on thick pasteboard, in a Portfolio, 3s. 6d.

The copies are sufficiently large and bold to be drawn from by forty or fifty children at the same time.

THE SINGING MASTER. Containing First Lessons

in Singing, and the Notation of Music; Rudiments of the Science of Harmony; The First Class Tune Book; The Second Class Tune Book; and the Hymn Tune Book. Sixth Edition. 8vo., 6s., cloth lettered.

COMMON THINGS EXPLAINED. By DIONYSIUS LARDNER, D.C.L. Containing :-Air-Earth-Fire-Water -Time-The Almanack-Clocks and Watches-SpectaclesColour-Kaleidoscope-Pumps-Man-The Eye-The Printing Press-The Potter's Art-Locomotion and Transport-The Surface of the Earth, or First Notions of Geography. (From "The Museum of Science and Art.") 233 Illustrations, 5s. cloth.

** Sold also in Two Series, 2s. 6d. each.

DR. LARDNER. 328 Illustrations.

35. 6d. cloth.

Fourth Edition.


I vol.,

"This will be a very convenient class-book for junior students in private schools. It is intended to convey, in clear and precise terms, general notions of all the principal divisions of Physical Science, illustrated largely by diagrams. These diagrams exhibit the forms and arrangement of apparatus, and the manner of performing the most important experiments."-British Quarterly Review.

NYSIUS LARDNER, D.C.L. With 190 Illustrations.
Edition. I vol. Large 12mo. 3s. 6d. cloth.


"It is clearly written, well arranged, and excellently well illustrated."—Gardeners' Chronicle.

Relations to Physiology, Dietetics, Agriculture, Commerce, and
Political Economy. By JUSTUS VON LIEBIG. New Edition.
Revised and much enlarged, with additional Letters.
I vol.,
crown 8vo., 7s. 6d. cloth.

"This work of Baron Liebig is one of those books from which the mind desiring healthy philosophical instruction can receive it, in a most pleasant and yet most perfect form. There is no necessity for an acquaintance with all the intricacies of scientific nomenclature and terminology; with a moderate amount of chemical knowledge as a basis, no man of ordinary intellect will rise from the perusal of these Letters without the feeling that he has partaken of a wholesome intellectual feast."-British Medical Journal.

LARDNER'S HANDBOOK OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Forming a Complete Course of Natural Philosophy. In Four Volumes, 12mo, with 1334 Illustrations, price 20s.

Also sold separately as under:

MECHANICS. With 357 Illustrations.

I vol., 5s.

Illustrations. I vol., 5s.

OPTICS. With 290 Illustrations. I vol., 5s.

Illustrations. I vol., 5s.

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LARDNER'S HANDBOOK OF ASTRONOMY. Forming a Companion to the "Hand-Book of Natural Philosophy. Second Edition, Revised and Edited by EDWIN DUNKIN, F.R.A.S., of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. With 37 Plates, and upwards of 100 Illustrations on Wood. Complete in one volume, small 8vo., 7s. 6d.

"This and the preceding volumes of Dr. Lardner's Handbook occupy a remarkable place in literature. While on the one hand they are examples of the extreme simplification of which the statement of the laws by which natural phenomena are regulated is capable, on the other they are illustrations of the care and method with which the true philosopher invariably treats the truths of Science."-Mechanics' Magazine.

A GUIDE TO THE STARS. In Eight Planispheres, shewing the Aspect of the Heavens for every Night in the Year. With an Explanatory Introduction. 8vo., 5s.

Works Printed for Walton and Maberly.


"To students of works on the various sciences, it can scarcely fail to be of much service. The definitions are brief, but are, nevertheless, sufficiently precise and sufficiently plain; and in all cases the etymologies of the terms are traced with care."-National Society's Monthly Paper.

LARDNER'S MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND ART. Complete in 12 Single Volumes, 18s. ornamental boards, or 6 double ones, Il. Is., cloth lettered.

Also, handsomely half-bound morocco, 6 volumes, Il. 11s. 6d. The Planets; are they Inhabited Worlds?-Weather Prognostics— Popular Fallacies in Physical Science-Latitudes and Longitudes -Lunar Influences-Meteoric Stones and Shooting Stars-Railway Accidents-Light-Air-Locomotion in the United StatesCometary Influences-Water-The Potter's Art-Fire-Locomotion and Transport, their Influence and Progress-The MoonThe Earth-The Electric Telegraph-Terrestrial Heat-The Sun -Earthquakes and Volcanoes-Barometer, Safety Lamp, and Whitworth's Micrometric Apparatus-Steam—The Steam Engine―The Eye-The Atmosphere-Time-Pumps-Spectacles-The Kaleidoscope Clocks and Watches - Microscopic Drawing and Engraving-Locomotive-Thermometer-New Planets: Leverrier and Adams's Planet-Magnitude and Minuteness-The Almanack -Optical Images-How to observe the Heavens-The Looking Glass-Stellar Universe-The Tides-Colour-Man-Magnifying Glasses-Instinct and Intelligence-The Solar Microscope-The Camera Lucida-The Magic Lantern-The Camera Obscura— The Microscope-The White Ants: their Manners and Habits -The Surface of the Earth, or First Notions of GeographyScience and Poetry-The Bee-Steam Navigation-Electro-Motive Power-Thunder, Lightning, and the Aurora-Borealis - The Printing Press-The Crust of the Earth-Comets-The Stereoscope-The Pre-Adamite Earth-Eclipses-Sound.

"The 'Museum of Science and Art' is the most valuable contribution that has ever been made to the scientific instruction of every class of society."-Sir David Brewster in the North British Review.

"The whole work, bound in six double volumes, costs but the price of a Keepsake; and whether we consider the liberality and beauty of the illustrations, the charm of the writing, or the durable interest of the matter, we must express our belief that there is hardly to be found among the new books, one that would be welcomed by people of so many ages and classes as a valuable present."Examiner.



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