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PHILIP M. LYDIG, (p. 514.): With the Corps throughout.

GEORGE TAYLOR: assistant Surgeon, U S. A., Apr. 1, 1856; Surgeon, Aug. 27, 1862. Suc-
ceeded Dr. McDonald and continued with the Corps till Mar. 11, 1865.

JAMES HARRIS, (p. 16,): brigade Surgeon, Mar. 27, 1864; medical inspector, June 19, 1864;
division surgeon, Oct. 19, 1864; acting medical director, May 20 1865.


GEORGE F. RAULSTON: Colonel 24th New York dismounted cavalry, Jan. 26, 1864.
NEW YORK. 79th infantry, (p.527); Lieutenant Colonel John More, Feb. 17, 1863.

Aquia Creek, Ninth Corps arrives at, 105; 1 A spinwall, Lloyd, Col., aide de camp,

evacuated, 117; mentioned by Lincoln as 533.
part of line of communication, 167; men- | Lockwood Samuel, Commander, com-
tioned by Burnside as base of supplies, 180; mands blockading fleet of Beaufort, 72;
occupied, 187; quartermaster's depot at, bombards fort Macon, 73.
198, 205.

Turner, J. W. Gen., commands a divis-

ion in battle of the mine, 441.

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