The careless husband; The rival fools; The lady's last stake; Richard III

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J. Rivington and Sons, 1777

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Stran 322 - Was ever woman in this humour woo'd ? Was ever woman in this humour won ? I'll have her, but I will not keep her long.
Stran 77 - Front him with my Wrongs. I'll talk to him till he Blushes, nay, till he— — Frowns on me, perhaps, — and then I'm lost again — The Ease of a Few Tears Is all that's left to me— And Duty too forbids me to Insult...
Stran 24 - Tis all Extravagance both in Mode and Fancy, my Dear ; I believe there's Six Thousand Yards of Edging in it — then such an enchanting Slope from the Elbow — something so New, so Lively, so Noble, so Coquet and Charming — but you shall see it, my Dear L.
Stran 17 - I made) - a still, I say Madam, you shan't make me believe you have never been jealous of me, not that you ever had any real cause, but I know women of your principles have more pride than those that have no principles at all, and where there is pride there must be some...
Stran 28 - Indeed, my dear, that jewel reputation is a very fanciful business ! one shall not see an homely creature in town, but wears it in her mouth as monstrously as the Indians do bobs at their lips, and it really becomes them just alike.
Stran 89 - Send for him this minute, and you and he shall both be witnesses of the contempt and detestation I have for any forward hopes his vanity may have given him, or your malice would insinuate.
Stran 90 - I have taken pleasure in seeing you uneasy 1 own it but 'twas when that uneasiness I thought proceeded from your love ; and if you did love 'twill not be much to pardon it.
Stran 306 - I took them down, and bury'd with his limbs, The memory of the dead man's deeds — Perhaps That pity made me look less terrible, Giving the mind of weak rebellion spirit ; For kings are put in trust for all mankind, And when themselves take injuries, who is safe ? If so, I have deserv'd these frowns of fortune.
Stran 36 - I was pretty well convinc'd she had a Mind to me, I one Day made her a Hint of an Appointment; upon which, with an Insolent Frown in her Face (that made her look as Ugly as the Devil) she told me, that if ever I came thither again, her Lord should know that she had forbidden me the House before ; ha ! ha ! Did you ever hear of such a Slut ? SIR CHA.
Stran 16 - Well, Child, how does Windsor Air agree with you ? Do you find yourself any better yet ? or have you a mind to go to London again ? L.

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