Eldorado: Or, California as Seen by a Pioneer, 1850-1900

Sprednja platnica
B. R. Baumgardt & Company, 1900 - 313 strani
David Augustus Shaw left Marengo, Illinois, in 1850 for the overland trail to California, where he settled in Pasadena and was an active member of the local Society of Pioneers. Eldorado (1900) records Shaw's first stay in the West, 1850-1852, when he worked as a miner and rancher; his return to Illinois and second overland journey west, 1853, this time bringing a herd of horses; and a third round trip to the East, 1856, this time crossing at Panama. In California, Shaw works as a miner and rancher. He offers anecdotes of Salt Lake City and the Mormons, trappers and mountain men, Hangtown and Placerville, and criminal justice.

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Stran 66 - How dear to my heart are the scenes of my childhood; When fond recollection presents them to view; The orchard, the meadow, the deep tangled wildwood. And every loved spot which my infancy knew...
Stran 69 - ... the waters of the Inland Sea, stretching in still and solitary grandeur far beyond the limit of our vision. It was one of the great points of the exploration ; and as we looked eagerly over the lake in the first emotions of excited pleasure, I am doubtful if the followers of Balboa felt more enthusiasm when, from the heights of the Andes, they saw for the first time the great Western ocean.
Stran 222 - When we join our fortunes to hers, we shall not become subjects, but fellow-citizens, possessing all the rights of the people of the United States, and choosing our own federal and local rulers. We shall have a stable Government and just laws. California will grow strong and flourish, and her people will be prosperous, happy, and free. Look not, therefore, with jealousy upon the hardy, pioneers who scale our mountains and cultivate our unoccupied plains, but rather welcome them as brothers who come...
Stran 48 - Singing, or rather shouting, we dashed along, and were, I believe, in the midst of the chorus when the boat struck a concealed rock immediately at the foot of a fall which whirled her over in an instant. Three of my men could not swim and my first feeling was to assist them and save some of our effects; but a sharp concussion or two convinced me that I had not yet saved myself.
Stran 160 - I positively debated within myself two or three times whether I should take the trouble to bend my back to pick up one of the pieces, and had decided on not doing so, when further on, another glittering morsel caught my eye — the largest of the pieces now before you. I condescended to pick it up, and to my astonishment found that it was a thin scale of what appears to be pure gold.
Stran 202 - The inland we found to be farre different from the shoare, a goodly country, and fruitful! soyle, stored with many blessings fit for the vse of man : infinite was the company of very large and fat Deere which there we sawe by thousands, as we supposed, in a heard...
Stran 215 - ... the maintenance of good order and equal rights, and I do hereby invite them to repair to my camp at Sonoma, without delay, to assist us in establishing and perpetuating a Republican Government, which shall secure to all civil and religious liberty; which shall encourage virtue and literature; which shall leave unshackled by fetters, agriculture, commerce, and manufactures. I further declare that I rely upon the rectitude of our intentions, the favor of Heaven, and the bravery of those who are...
Stran 194 - Know that on the right hand of the Indies there is an island called California, very close to the side of the Terrestrial Paradise; and it was peopled by black women, without any man among them, for they lived in the fashion of Amazons.
Stran 244 - FATHER: — I understand, through the medium of one of your Christian Indians, that you are anxious to know who we are — as some of the Indians have been at the mission and informed you that there were certain white people in the country. We are Americans, on our journey to the River Columbia. We were in at the Mission San Gabriel, in January last. I went to San Diego and saw the General, and got a passport from him to pass on to that place. I have made several efforts to pass the mountains, but...
Stran 227 - Gentlemen, this is the happiest day of my life. It makes me glad to hear those cannon : they remind me of the time when I was a soldier. Yes, I am glad to hear them — this is a great day for California !' Then, recollecting himself, he sat down, the tears streaming from his eyes.

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