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Daughters of Civil Rights Struggle Heroes Unite to Defend Shabazz
Qubilah Shabazz (daughter of Malcolm X.), Louis Farrakhan (American Black Muslim leader); 1933- (Assassination attempts), Children of black leaders
CBC Members Get Portrait Removed from House Rules Committee Meeting Room
Howard Worth Smith (American congressman); 1883-1976 (Portraits), United States Congress House Committee on Rules, Congressional Black Caucus, Blacks (Segregation)
Nation's Poorest Citizens Living in Chicago Housing Developments: Study
Poor (Housing), Chicago (Ill.) (Housing)
SBA's George Robinson Retires in Washington
George H. Robinson, United States Small Business Administration
Justice Dept. Sues Three States for Not Complying with 'motor Voter' Law
United States Dept. of Justice Civil Rights Division, National Voter Registration Act
GOPs Strike Carrie Meek's Comments on Gingrich from U.S. House Record
Carrie Meek (American congresswoman.); 1926-, Newt Gingrich (American political leader and former Speaker of the House.), United States Congress House (Rules and practice), Republican Party (U.S.)
Former Houston Star Says Bad Investments Left Him Homeless
James Rodney Richard; 1950-., Houston Astros (Baseball team), Houston (Tex.) (Homeless)
Simpson's First Wife Says He Never Hit Her During Their 12-year Marriage
Marguerite Simpson Thomas, O. J. Simpson; 1947- (Murder case, 1994), Wife abuse
No Surprises in Super Bowl XXIX as 49ers Roll to 49-26 Triumph
San Francisco 49ers (Football team), San Diego Chargers (Football team), Super Bowl (Football)
O. J. Simpson's Trial Reveals Role of Sex, Race and Rage in Nation's Hottest Courtroom Drama
O. J. Simpson; 1947- (Murder case, 1994, Criminal trial)

Michael Jackson Hosts West African Ruler who Made Him King of Sanwi
Michael Jackson (American singer and songwriter.); 1958-2009, Nana Amon Ndoufou, Kings (Sanwi (Cote d'Ivoire))
Political Know-how Helps CA Speaker Willie Brown Keep His Post Despite Republican Edge
Willie Lewis Brown (Jr.), California Legislature
Maryland Governor Glendening Names Black Chief of Staff and Press Secretary
Major F. Riddick, Dianna D. Roseborough, Parris N. Glendening, Maryland (Politics and government)
Sidney Poitier Stars as Gunslinger in TV Mini-series 'Children of the Dust'.
Sidney Poitier (American actor and film director.)
Children of the Dust
Children of the dust (Television program) (Reviews)

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