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Stran 37 - There are required 24 units of upper division and graduate courses, of which at least 12 units must be in strictly graduate courses in the major subject. The student is subject to guidance by the major department respecting the distribution of his work among the departments. A comprehensive final examination in the major subject, to be of such nature and to be conducted in such manner as may be determined by the department concerned, is required of every candidate. Only courses in which the student...
Stran 88 - Education 110 and consent of instructor. Designed for vocational counselors, teachers, principals, and others interested in the problem of the guidance of youth. Origin, philosophy, and present practice in vocational guidance. 165. Commercial Education in Secondary Schools. (3) I and II.
Stran 53 - America and other lands. 2. To serve as a means of clarifying thought as to what the cooperative movement really is and of bringing about more harmony and unity of action among organizations directly or indirectly connected with cooperation. 3. To serve as a means of training and developing leaders and workers in the cooperative movement.
Stran 144 - Assistant Professor PATRICK The development of Russian institutions, currents of thought, and social movements from about 1800 to the present day. C. Special Courses 160. The Works of Tolstoy. (2) II. Tu Th, 2.
Stran 42 - The junior certificate requirements were designed to provide in some degree for the accomplishment of this purpose, without unduly limiting the student's opportunity to satisfy his individual tastes and preferences. Certain courses taken in the high school are accepted as fulfilling in part or in whole some of these junior certificate requirements. It is * See also study-lists regulations below.

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