Memoirs of Celebrated Women: Marchioness de Maintenon

Sprednja platnica
George Payne Rainsford James
E. L. Carey, 1839

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Stran 156 - ... Tilbury ; and riding through the lines discovered a cheerful and animated countenance, exhorted the soldiers to remember their duty to their country and their religion, and professed her intention, though a woman, to lead them herself into the field against the enemy, and rather to perish in battle than survive the ruin and slavery of her people. By this spirited behaviour...
Stran 161 - that when he attempted this last invasion, some upon the sea-coast forsook their towns, fled up higher into the country, and left all naked and exposed to his entrance: but I swear unto you by God, if I knew those persons, or may know of any that shall do so hereafter, I will make them feel what it is to be so fearful in so urgent a cause...
Stran 105 - This judgment I have of you: that you will not be corrupted with any manner of gift, and that you will be faithful to the state, and that without respect of my private will, you will give me that counsel that you think best...
Stran 132 - Ocean, he resolved to employ his whole fortune in a new adventure in those seas, so much unknown at that time to all the European nations, except Spain.
Stran 175 - ... me. And now this farther degree of goodness, in favourably removing me to mine own house, doth sound in mine ears, as if your majesty spake these words, ' Die not Essex, for though I punish thine offence, and humble thee for thy good, yet I will one day be served again by thee?
Stran 173 - ... duration, he appeared in high spirits, and thanked God, that though he had suffered many storms abroad, he found a sweet calm at home. He waited on her again as soon as he had changed his dress: and after a second long and gracious conference, was freely visited by all the lords, ladies and gentlemen at court, excepting the secretary and his party; who appeared somewhat shy of him.
Stran 118 - ... complied with till she had cleared herself of her husband's murder, of which she was so strongly accused. So unexpected a check threw Mary into tears; and the necessity of her situation extorted from her a declaration that she would willingly justify herself to her sister from all imputations, and would submit her cause to the arbitration of so good a friend. This concession, which Mary could scarcely avoid without an acknowledgment of guilt, was the point expected and desired by Elizabeth ;...
Stran 157 - The fleet consisted of a hundred and thirty vessels, of which near a hundred were galleons, and were of greater size than any ever before used in Europe. It carried on board nineteen thousand two hundred and ninety-five soldiers, eight thousand four hundred and fifty-six mariners, two thousand and eighty-eight galley slaves, and two thousand six hundred and thirty great pieces of brass ordnance.
Stran 89 - Te veto ne pergas bello defendere Belgas : Quae Dracus eripuit nunc restituantur oportet: Quas pater evertit jubeo te condere cellas : Religio Papae fac restituatur ad unguem." " These to you are our commands, Send no help to th' Netherlands : Of the treasure took by Drake, Restitution you must make : And those abbies build anew, Which your father overthrew : If for any peace you hope, In all points restore the pope.
Stran 175 - The Countess of Essex," says Hume. " daughter of Sir Francis Walsingham, possessed, as well as her husband, a refined taste in literature ; and the chief consolation which Essex enjoyed during this period of anxiety and expectation, consisted in her company, and in reading with her those instructive and entertaining authors, which, even during the time of his greatest prosperity, he had never entirely neglected.

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