Slike strani


Beefeater, the word, etymology of, 751 Census, the first English, 333

Century for Century, 589-602
Belgium, agriculture of, 823-824 Chamberlain (Mr.), his mission to the
Benton (T. H.), the American states United States, 405-406
man, 887–888

Chandernagar, 47
Beresford (Lord Charles), The Admi Charity Organisation Society, the, 328

rally Confusion and its Cure, 760 Chatter or Business? 245-257

Chevreuil (M.), 392
A Workable Admiralty, 809–816 Chicago newspapers, Mr. Matthew Ar-
Bhagirathi, river, 43

nold's experience of, 491
Bismarck (Prince), a Chinaman's judg Chinese drawing, 357
ment of, 618

Chinese, the, in the United States, 407
Bitche, fortress of, 733

exclusion of, from British Columbia,
Blake (Mrs.), In the Bahamas, 682-692 418–419
Border Mounted Rifles, corps oi, 559 Chinese, the, in Australia, 617-619

Chinsura, decayed Dutch settlement on
Borough, the, 424

the Hugli, 47
Bossuet on the Pope's temporal inde Choléra des poules, 840–841
pendence, quoted, 132–133

Church, infallibility of the, 118-123
Bourget (M.) on the decay of religious - longevity in dignitaries of the, 389–
belief in France, quoted, 665-666

on the disciples of Flaubert, quoted, Civilisation in the United (States, 481-

Brazil, development of cotton manufac Clay (Henry), the American statesman,
ture in, 509

Brewing, Pasteur's reform of, 843-815 Clergy, the, and the Land, 716-723
Brougham (Lord), on the Pope's tem Clive, account of the battle of Plassey
poral power, quoted, 114

by, 51
Brunetti (Professor), cremation experi Closure rule, the, 252
ments of, 2

Coal, decreased production of, 352
Bryn Mawr Women's College, America, Coalitions, ministerial, 256

Commons, House of, inordinate speech-
Bunsen (Theodor von), Home Rule in making in the, 248-250
Norway, 54-70

- the closure in the, 252
Burial of the dead dangerous to the - disorderly language in the, 253-255
health of the living, 9-10

party grouping in, 255-256
- a waste of cultivable land, 16

the discussion on the House of Lords
Burnett (Mr.), on the Jewish immigra in the, 620
tion question, quoted, 415

Competition, foreign, 832-837
Concept, the term, 570, note

Confession, a Great, 142-160
YALIFORNIA, the Chinese in, 407 - reply to, 207-215

Cameron (Dr.), Cremation Bill Congress, American, 304-308
of, 7

Conway picture exhibition, 71
Canada, the French population in, 404 Cornwall, decrease of population in, 338

Coroners' inquests, proportion of, to
the proposed commercial union of, deaths, 11
with the United States, 406

Cotton manufacture, competition with
– emigration to, 406-407

England in, 509-510, 513
Canadian Pacific Railway, 403-404 Counter Criticism, a, 207-215
Canal construction, 189–190

County, the, 423-424
Carlyle, his one-sided pictures of French County Councils, the proposed, 644-
thinkers, 470

- early letters of, 487

County Councils, Local Government and,
Cavalry, our Auxiliary, 555-568

in France, 927-936



Courtney (Leonard), The Swarming of England and France in the eighteenth
Men, 331-353

century compared, 590-602
Cremation, the Progress of, 1-17 Esquire, the title of, 485-486
Crime, poverty and, connection between, Existence, the Struggle for, 161-180

Crown, power of the, 623-624
Curzon (George N.), bis scheme for the FALTA, on the river Hygli

, 46

Fatalism, political, 474

Federation, the term, 450
The Scientific Frontier' an accom Ferments, Pasteur's researches on, 843–
plished Fact, 901-917

Filon (Augustin), his criticism of Mr.

Lecky's History, 589-602
AMODAR, river, a tributary of the Fisheries question in Canada, 405
Hugli, 49

Fontenelle, the centenarian, 388-389
Darwinian theory, papers treating of Force, legal definition of, 757, note
the, 142-160, 207-215

Foreigners, Pauper, the Invasion of,
- evidence of language against, 743– 414-422

Fortescue (Earl), Poor Men's Gardens,
Deaf and dumb, in what way taught to 394-402
speak, 573 note

France, political philosophy in, 621
Deaths without certificate or inquiry, 11 - population of, its stationary character,

the Continental system of inquiry 345, 671-674
into, 12

- and England in the eighteenth can-
Definitions, importance of, 750-759 tury compared, 590-602
Desmond (Countess of), longevity of, - agriculture in, 826-829

France, the Disenchantment of, 661-681
Disease, propagation of, by interment of Local Government and County Coun-
the dead, 9-10

cils in, 927-936
Doneraile (Lord), the fatal hydrophobia Franchise, the, and the Local Govern-
of, 838

ment Bill, 651-653
Dowden (Professor), criticism of his Franklin (Benjamin), 103-104
Life of Shelley, 24-39

French Revolutionary Modele, a few
Drawing, teaching of, in elementary Words on, 468-480

schools, 173
Drink trade, effects of the, on the people,


VALLATIN (Albert), 113-114
Du' Barry (Madame) and Louis the Galloway (John), his scheme of
Fifteenth, 595

Home Rule for the American colonies,

Galloway (Countess of), Free Greece,

Education, elementary, suggestions Galton (Mr.), on the peerage, 628
for improving, 172-174

Ganges, course of the, 42-43
– technical, 174–180

Gardens, Poor Men's, 394-402
- in girls' schools, 216-238

Germany, emigration from, 343-344
in America, 918-926

development of manufacturing in-
Elliott (Sir Henry), The Death of Abdul dustry in, 506-508

Aziz and of Turkish Reform, 276 Girls' Schools, the Reign of Pedantry in,

Emigration from European countries, · Past and Present, 541-554
extent of, 311-345

Gladstone (William E.), Robert Els-
- to Canada, 406-407

mere and the Battle of Belief, 766-
a Chinese dignitary's opinion of, 618 788

Godwin (Fanny), suicide of, 33

ECONOMY in living, 458-467


Godwin (Mary Wollstonecraft), her first | Hugli, river, and the ruined capitals on
acquaintance with Shelley, 30

its banks, 41-53
Gorini (Professor), cremation experi- Huish (Marcus B.), Is Japanese Art
ment of, at Woking, 4

Extinct! 354-369
Gotha, cremation at, 5

Humphry (Professor), his investigations
Greece, art of, 76–79

of longevity, 370
Greece, Free, 893–900

Hunter (Sir W. W.), A River of Ruined
Griffin (Sir Lepel), his verdict Capitals, 40-53
America, 482


Huxley (Professor T. H.), The Struggle
Guinea a Week, Life on a, 464-467 for Existence, 161-180
Guizot on the necessity of the Papal Huysmans (M. J. K.), quoted, 673
authority, quoted, 133

Hydrophobia, Pasteur's investigations of,


AMILTON (Alexander), the Ameri-
can revolutionist, 104-107

IMPERIAL Safety, the Question of:
his influence on the United States The Minimum Force requisite for
Constitution, 443-444

Security, 789-798
Hamley (Sir Edward), The Defenceless Our Actual Military Strength, 799–
ness of London, 633-640

- The Question of Imperial Safety: - A Workable Admiralty, 809-816

the Minimum Force requisite for Se- Impressment of British seamen found in
curity, 789–798

American ships during the war,

Harrison (Frederic), The Two Paths, Independence, declaration of, and slavery,

Harvey's account of Old Parr, quoted, India, a river of ruined cities in, 40–53

- development of the cotton industry
Hennessy (Sir John Pope), The Chinese

in, 510
in Australia, 617-619

the North-west frontier of, 901-917
Henry (Patrick), the American revolu India, one Day's Sport in, 583-588
tionist, 100-103

Industrial System, the Breakdown of our,
Hereditary principle in legislation, 621 497-516

Infallibility of the church, 118-123
Heredity, psychological, 671

Ireland, the Home Rule question in, il-
Hero worship, 477

lustrated by the Swedish agitation,
Highway boards in relation to the local 64-65
government question, 433

population of, 339-341
Hill (Frank), Chatter or Business ? 245– Irish affairs and alleged French parallels,

The House of Lords, 620-632

power in the United States, 409–
Hill (Miss Miranda), Life on Thirty 410
Shillings a Week, 458-463

Italy, art of, 79-83
Hill (Miss Octavia), More Air for – emigration from, 344
London, 181–188

industrial progress of, 509
History, as a subject of teaching for

school girls, 549-551
Hogg's description of Shelley, 25

ACQUEMART on Japanese art, 355
Home Rule in Norway, 54-70

Japanese Art, is it Extinct? 354
Home Rule, & scheme of, for the 369
American colonies, 101

Jeans (J. Stephen), The Panama Canal
Homoeopathy and the medical profes and its Prospects, 189-206
sion, 258–275

Jefferson (Thomas), the American revo-
Housing of the poor, 322

lutionist, 107-110
Hozier (Colonel), Our Actual Military – his character of Washington, quoted,
Strength, 799-808



[blocks in formation]


MACKLIN, the actor, longevity of,

Jenkins (Henry), longevity of, 374- Life, Long, and how to attain it, 370_393

Lister (Sir J.), antiseptic discoveries of,
Jessopp (Rev. Dr.), Snowed up in Arcady, 845-847

Local Government, 423-440
Jevons (Professor), coal prophecy of, - Bill, the, 641-660

- and County Councils in France, 927–
Jews, immigration of the, 415-417, 420 936
Jigger insect, 689–690

London, increase of population in, 735
Jonson (Ben), 603-616, 693-715

the proposed county of, under the
Judges, length of life of, 390

Local Government Bill, 658
Justices, county, 425-427

London, more Air for, 181-188

The Defencelessness of, 633-640
ANT on thought, 578-581

Longevity, instances of, 370-377
Kropotkin (Prince), The Break- conditions of, 384-393
down of our Industrial System, 497- Lords, House of, the, 620-632

Tinkering the, 734-742
The Coming Reign of Plenty, 817-837 Louis the Fourteenth and Louis the Fif-

teenth, characteristics of their reigns
ABOUCHERE (Mr.), his resolution compared, 590--592, 598-599

for the abolition of the House of Love, the passion of, in modern French
Lords, 620

fiction, 667-670
Labour, the system of division of, 497– Lymington (Lord), Tinkering the House

of Lords, 734-742
Land, the Clergy and the, 716-723
Language, identity of, with thought,
anatomy of, 577

in relation to the Darwinian theory, Madison (James), his part in moulding

the United States Constitution, 443
origin and development of, 746–749 Nanchineel, poisonous nature of the,
diseases of, 750

Lansdowne (Lord), on the Pope's tem- Mango fruit, 687
poral sovereignty, quoted, 114

Manning (Cardinal), A Pleading for the
Law, the word, 158

Worthless, 321-330
Layard (George Tomes), How to live on March, an Ode, 317-320
7001. a Year, 239-244

Marshall (John), the American federalist
Lecky (Mr.), a French criticism of his judge, 107, 445-446
• History,' 589-602

Materialism, the word, 753-754
Leighton (Sir F.), his picture at the Maupassant (M. de), writing of, 669
Conway exhibition, 71

Medical Schism, the Present Position of
on Japanese art, quoted, 355

the, 258–275
Lemaître (M.), on the writings of Guy Melgund (Viscount), Our Auxiliary
de Maupassant, quoted, 669

Cavalry, 555-568
Leo the Thirteenth and the Civil Power, Men, the Swarming of, 331-353

Mesmer and his pretensions, 372-373
Lewis (Sir G. C.), on longevity, 384- Metaphor a disease of language, 750

Midhat Pasha and his attempted re-
Liberty, the word, 158-159

forms, 276-296
Licensing system as a question of local Milan, cremation at, 5
government, 434

Military Strength, our Actual, 799-808
under the Local Government Bill, Mill (J. S.), on geometrical politics,

quoted, 621
Life on 7001. a Year, 239-244

Millican (Kenneth), The Present Position
on Thirty Shillings a Week, 458-463 of the Medical Schism, 258-275
on a Guinea a Week, 464-467

Ministries, coalition, 255-256


PALGRAVE (Professor F. T.), The


Miracles and the Christian religion, 773 Owen (Sir R.), on the alleged cutting of

teeth at an advanced age, quoted, 375
Mivart (Mr.), a Rejoinder to, 1!5–126
Monroe (James), the American states-

man, 885–887
Morley (John), A few Words on French Panama Canal, the, and its Prospects,
Revolutionary Models, 468-480

Morris (Gouverneur), his connection Paris, market-gardening culture in, 826-

with the United States Constitution, 829

Parish, the, 427
Morse (John T., jun.), bis ‘American Parliament, see Commons, Lords
Statesmen’ series, noticed, 93

Parr (Old), 373-374
Moth, emperor, habits of the, 574 note Pasteur, 838-857
Mounted Rifle Volunteer the corps of, Pearls, West Indian, 690

Peerages, life, 631–632, 737-740
Müller's (Max) Science of Thought,' Peers, length of life of the, 390-391

Pedantry, the Reign of, in Girls' Schools,
Murshidabad, city of, 51

Myers (Frederic W. H.), The Disen. Phelps (Edward J.), The Constitution of
chantment of France, 661-681

the United States, 297-316, 441-457
Mythology a disease of language, 750 Pineapples, delusive belief concerning,

Pitt's system of creating peerages,


Pius the Seventh, Napoleon's intentions
Napoleon the First and Pius the towards, 130–131
Seventh, 130-131

Plassey, present condition of, 50-51
the Third, interest taken by, in Plenty, the Coming Reign of, 817-837
American ship canal schemes, 204 Poets, ages of, at death, 392

Poisoning, detectability of, after burial,
National defence, papers treating of, 11-13

Pompadour (Madame de), 598-599
Nature in relation to the problem of life, Poor, housing of the, 322

- law, the, and almsgiving, 327-329
the word, 752

Union, the, in relation to the local
Newspapers, American, 490-491

government question, 430-433
Nicaraguan Ship Canal, the, 195-196 Poor Men's Gardens, 394-402
Niederbronn, 724_733

Pope, relation of, to the Italian Govern-
Nilgiri hills, hunting in the, 583

ment, 131
Norton (Prof.), his edition of Carlyle's - why he should have the temporal
early letters, 487

power, 132–135
Norway, Home Rule in, 54-70

the question of our renewal of diplo-
Norway, emigration from, 342

matic relations with the, 139–141
Nothing, the word, 753

Population, increase of, in the United

Kingdom during the present century,


- its social result, 166–169
requirements of Yeomanry corps, - French opinion on the question of,
quoted, 564-565

Obeahism in the West Indies, 683-685 - and food supply, 819-832
Onslow (Lord), on the allotments ques Portugal, emigration from, 344
tion, quoted, 397

Poverty and crime, connection between,
Open spaces in the suburbs, suggestions 324-326
for securing, 181-188

Priestley (Eliza), Pasteur, 838-857
Owen (Sir R.), on the longevity of Lady Prothero (Rowland E.), The Clergy and
Desmond, quoted, 373

the Land, 716-723

OAKES (Colonel), his evidence on the

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