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to make a general acknowledgment of constant indebtedness to the standard editions of the poets represented and a general disclaimer of originality. On the other hand, it is only fair to say that even the best editions have not been followed blindly; that statements, references, and quotations have been verified whenever possible, and often corrected or made more definite; and that some of the material in the notes is new or is brought together for the first time.

I am indebted to the authorities of the Harvard College Library for courtesies in connection with the use of its rare collection of early editions; to Ginn & Co., for their kind permission to reprint parts of the notes in my edition of Collins in the Athenaeum Press Series; and to my colleague, Professor Henry B. Huntington, for valuable aid in the selection of poems. My greatest obligation is to my wife, who, besides preparing the copy, collating texts, and reading proof, has made the table of contents and the indices, prepared the glossary of Scotch words, and translated most of the passages in Greek, Latin, and French the translation of which is not otherwise accredited.


April 11, 1908

W. C. B.

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