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Senate U.S. Code

Manual Section

Section 69. Same; for expenses of committees .....

274 69a. Orientation seminars.

274.5 72a. Committee staffs,

275 (i) Consultants for Senate and House stand

ing committees; procurement of tempo-
rary or intermittent services; contracts;
advertisement requirements inapplica-
ble; selection method; qualifications

report to congressional committees.......... 275.9 (j) Specialized training for professional staffs

of Senate and House standing commit-
tees, Senate Appropriations Committee,
Senate Majority and Minority Policy
Committees, and joint committees whose
funding is disbursed by the Secretary of
the Senate or the Clerk of the House;
assistance; pay, tuition, etc. while train-
ing; continued employment agreement;
service credit: retirement, life insurance
and health insurance

275.10 72a Note. Office of Classified National Security Information, establishment .....

276 72a-le. Assistance to Senators with committee memberships by employees in office of Senator ..

277 74b. Employment of additional administrative assistants ..... 280 88a. Education of Congressional and Supreme Court pages;

appropriations; attendance at private or parochial
schools ......

281 88b. Same; other minors who are congressional employees .. 282 88b-1. Congressional pages-Appointment conditions

283 92e. Pay of clerical assistants as affected by death of Senator

284 101. Subletting duties of employees of Senate or House of Representatives.

285 102a. Withdrawal of unexpended balances of appropriations. 287 104a. Semiannual statements of expenditures of Secretary of

Senate and Clerk of House of Representatives ...... 288 105.

Preparation and contents of statement of appropri-
ations ......

290 106.

Stationery for Senate and House of Representatives;
advertisements for ..

291 107. Same; opening bids; awarding contracts

292 108. Same; contracts for separate parts of stationery. 293 109. American goods to be preferred in purchases for Senate and House of Representatives......

294 110. Purchase of paper, envelopes, etc., for stationery

rooms of Senate and House of Representatives .......... 295 111. Purchase of supplies for Senate and House of Representatives..........

296 112. Purchases of stationery and materials for folding 297

Senate Manual Section

U.S. Code
113. Detailed reports of receipts and expenditures by Secre-

tary of Senate and Clerk of House of Representa-
tives .....

298 114. Fees for copies from Senate and House Journals.......... 299 117. Sale of waste paper and condemned furniture

300 118. Actions against officers for official acts

301 118a. Officers of Senate..........

301.5 119. Stationery rooms of House and Senate; specifications of classes of articles purchasable ....

302 119a. Change of name of Senate Folding Room to Senate Service Department.....

303 121. Surcharge on orders in Senate restaurant for deficit fund

304 12la. Senate Barber Shop Revolving Fund.

304.5 123b. House and Senate Recording Studios

305 123b-1. Redesignation of Senate Recording Studio as Senate

Recording and Photographic Studios; rules, regula-
tions, and fees for photographs and photographic
services; personnel of Photographic Studio and com-

305.17 123c. Automatic data processing equipment

305.20 123c-1. Computer programing services, advance payments ..... 305.20-1 123d. Senate Computer Center .......

305.21 125a. Death gratuity payments as gifts

306 126-2. Same; designation.

307.1 126b. Same; emergency reporters and transcribers; payment from contingent fund

.... 307.2 130a. Nonpay status for Congressional employees studying under Congressional staff fellowships..........

310 130b. Jury and witness service by employees of the Senate and the House.......

311 130c. Waiver by Secretary of the Senate of claims of the

United States arising out of erroneous payments to
Vice President, Senator, or Senate employee whose
pay is disbursed by the Secretary of the Senate .......... 312

CHAPTER 5.-LIBRARY OF CONGRESS 131. Collections composing Library; location ...........

315 132. Departments of Library....

316 132a. Appropriations for increase of general library.

317 132b. Joint Committee on the Library ....

318 133. Joint Committee during recess of Congress...

319 136. Librarian of Congress; appointment; rules and regulations..

320 136a. Librarian of Congress; compensation .......

320.1 136a-1. Deputy Librarian of Congress; compensation

320.2 137a. Persons specially privileged to use Library.

321 138. Law library open, when........

322 139. Report of Librarian of Congress

323 145. Copies of Journals and Documents

324 145a. Periodical binding of printed hearings of committee testimony .....


Senate U.S. Code

Manual Section

Section 146. Deposit of Journals of Senate and House

326 154. Library of Congress Trust Fund Board; members; quorum; seal; rules and regulations....

327 156. Same; gifts, etc., to...........

328 157. Same; trust funds; management of .....

329 158. Same; deposits with Treasurer of United States

330 159. Same; perpetual succession; suits by or against

331 160. Same; gifts, etc., to Library not affected

332 161. Same; gifts, etc., exempt from Federal taxes

333 166. Congressional Research Service .......


INVESTIGATIONS 191. Oaths to witnesses

348 192. Refusal of witness to testify.

349 193. Privilege of witnesses..

350 194. Witnesses failing to testify or produce records ..

351 194a. Request by Congressional committees to Presidential

appointees to Federal departments, agencies, etc.,
concerned with foreign countries or multilateral or-

ganizations for expression of views and opinions ....... 351.5 195a. Restriction on payment of witness fees or travel and

subsistence expenses to persons subpenaed by Con-
gressional committees .....

352 195b. Fees for witnesses requested to appear before Majority

Policy Committee or Minority Policy Committee....... 352.5 196. Senate resolutions for investigations; limit of cost 353 198. Adjournment........

354 CHAPTER 8A.-REGULATION OF LOBBYING 261. Definitions .....

373 262. Detailed accounts of contributions; retention of receipted bills of expenditures.

374 263. Receipts for contributions ....

375 264. Statements of accounts filed with Clerk of House

376 265. Preservation of statements

377 266. Persons to whom chapter is applicable

378 267. Registration of lobbyists with Secretary of the Senate

and Clerk of House; compilation of information 379 268. Reports and statements under oath....

380 269. Penalties and prohibitions

381 270. Exemptions from chapter........

382 CHAPTER 9.-OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL 271. Creation of office.......

390 272.

Appointment of legislative counsel; qualifications......... 391 273. Compensation of legislative counsel...

392 274. Assistant legislative counsel; clerks and employees; office equipment and supplies .....

393 275. Duties of office; rules and regulations.

394 276. Disbursement of appropriations.....


U.S. Code

Senate Manual Section






Office of Senate Legal Counsel

(a) Establishment; appointment of Counsel

and Deputy Counsel; Senate approval;
reappointment; compensation

396.1 (b) Assistant counsels and other personnel;

compensation; appointment; removal ....... 396.2 (c) Consultants ......

396.3 (d) Policies and procedures.

396.4 (e) Delegation of duties

396.5 (f) Attorney-client relationship

396.6 Senate Joint Leadership Group

396.7 (a) Accountability of office..

396.7-1 (b) Membership .......

396.7-2 (c) Assistance of Secretary of Senate

396.7-3 Requirements for authorizing representation activity ... 396.8

(a) Direction of Joint Leadership Group or
Senate resolution

396.8-1 (b) Civil action to enforce subpena........

396.8-2 (c) Intervention or appearance

396.8-3 (d) Immunity proceedings.

396.8-4 (e) Resolution recommendations

396.8-5 Defending the Senate, committee, subcommittee, member, officer, or employee of the Senate

396.9 Enforcement of Senate subpena or order................ 396.10 (a) Institution of civil actions.

396.10-1 (b) Actions in name of committees and subcommittees.

396.10-2 (c) Consideration of resolutions authorizing actions .....

396.10-3 (d) Rules of Senate

396.10-4 (e) Committee reports ......

396.10-5 (f) Certification of failure to testify; contempt. 396.10-6 Intervention or appearance.

396.11 (a) Actions or proceedings.

396.11-1 (b) Notification; publication..

396.11-2 (c) Powers and responsibilities of Congress..... 396.11-3 Immunity proceedings

396.12 Advisory and other functions .....

396.13 (a) Cooperation with persons, committees, subcommittees, and offices .....

396.13-1 (b) Legal research files.

396.13-2 (c) Miscellaneous duties

396.13-3 Defense of certain constitutional powers

396.14 Representation conflict or inconsistency.

396.15 (a) Notification .......

396.15-1 (b) Solution; publication in Congressional Record; review

396.15-2 (c) Computation of period following publication

396.15-3 (d) Reimbursement...

396.15-4 Consideration of resolutions to direct counsel



288f. 288g.

288h. 288i.


Senate U.S. Code

Manual Section

Section (a) Procedure; rules.

396.16-1 (b) Definition

396.16-2 (c) Rules of the Senate

396.16-3 288k. Attorney General relieved of responsibility

396.17 2881. Procedural provisions

396.18 (a) Intervention or appearance

396.18-1 (b) Compliance with admission requirements... 396.18-2 (c) Standing to sue; jurisdiction.....

396.18-3 288m. Contingent fund


SALARIES 351. Establishment of Commission

398 352. Membership of Commission; appointment; Chairman;

term of office; vacancies; compensation; expenses;

398.1 353. Executive Director; additional personnel; detail of personnel of other agencies

398.2 354. Use of United States mails by Commission

398.3 355. Administrative support services.

398.4 356. Functions of Commission

398.5 357. Report to the President.

398.6 358. Recommendations of the President to Congress.. 398.7 359. Same; effective date

398.8 360. Same; effect on existing law and prior recommendations .........

398.9 361. Publication of recommendations...........




431. 432. 433. 434. 437. 437c. 437d. 437f. 437g. 437h. 438. 439.


399.8 Organization of political committees .

399.9 Registration of political committees

399.10 Reporting requirements........

399.11 Reports on convention financing

399.14 Federal Election Commission.

399.14-3 Powers of Commission

399.14-4 Advisory opinions

399.14-6 Enforcement

399.14-7 Judicial review

399.14-8 Administrative Provisions......

399.15 Statements filed with State officers "appropriate State" defined; duties of State offices.

399.16 Use of contributed amounts for certain purposes 399.16-1 Authorization of appropriations .....

399,16-3 Limitation on contributions and expenditures

399.17 Contributions or expenditures by national banks, corporations, or labor organizations ........

399.17-1 Contributions by government contractors

399.17-2 Publication and distribution of statements and solici

tations; charge for newspaper or magazine space ....... 399.17-3

439a. 439c. 441a. 441b.

441c. 441d.

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