Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin

Sprednja platnica
J. Wright, 1800 - 240 strani

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Stran 174 - Puddingfield, calm yourself — repress those transports — remember that you are a man. Pudd. [after a pause with suppressed emotion] Well, I will be — I am calm — yet tell me, Beefington, does it contain any news ? Beef. Glorious news, my dear Puddingfield — the Barons are victorious — King John has been defeated — Magna Charta, that venerable immemorial inheritance of Britons, was signed last Friday was three weeks, the third of July Old Style. Pudd. I can scarce believe my ears —...
Stran 61 - How Lybian tigers' chawdrons love assails, And warms, midst seas of ice, the melting whales; — Cools the crimpt cod, fierce pangs to perch imparts, Shrinks shrivell'd shrimps, but opens oysters' hearts; — Then say, how all these things together tend To one great truth, prime object, and good end?
Stran 163 - There first for thee my passion grew, Sweet! sweet Matilda Pottingen! Thou wast the daughter of my tu — tor, Law Professor at the U — — niversity of Gottingen — — niversity of Gottingen.
Stran 162 - Sweet kerchief, checked with heavenly blue, Which once my love sat knotting in! — Alas! Matilda then was true! At least I thought so at the U — — niversity of Gottingen, —niversity of Gottingen.
Stran 58 - A DIDACTIC POEM, IN FORTY CANTOS, WITH NOTES CRITICAL AND EXPLANATORY: CHIEFLY OF A PHILOSOPHICAL TENDENCY. DEDICATED TO RP KNIGHT, ESQ. CANTO FIRST. CONTENTS. — The Subject proposed. — Doubts and Waverings. — Queries not to be answered. — Formation of the stupendous Whole. — Cosmogony; or the Creation of the World: — the Devil — Man — Various classes of Being : — ANIMATED BEINGS — Birds— Fish — Beasts — the Influence of the Sexual Appetite— on Tigers— on Whales —...
Stran 154 - Cabal and Love,' a German tragedy - very severe against Prime Ministers and reigning Dukes of Brunswick. - This admirable performance very judiciously reprobates the hire of German troops for the American War in the reign of Queen Elizabeth - a practice which would undoubtedly have been highly discreditable to that wise and patriotic Princess, not to say wholly unnecessary, there being no American war at that particular time. * See the 'Stranger, or Reform'd Housekeeper...
Stran 96 - Whatever is, is WRONG ; ' that institutions, civil and religious, that social order (as it is called in your can't) and regular government, and law, and I know not what other fantastic inventions, are but so many cramps and fetters on the free agency of man's natural intellect and moral sensibility ; so many badges of his degradation from the primal purity and excellence of his nature. " Our second principle is, the ' eternal and absolute PERFECTIBILITY OF MAN.
Stran 19 - The Foe advance. In firm array We'll rush o'er Albion's sands — Till the red sabre marks our way Amid their yielding bands ! Then, as they lie in Death's cold grasp, We'll cry, " OUR CHOICE is MADE ! " These hands the sabre's hilt shall clasp, " Your hearts shall feel the blade.

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