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P R E F A C E.


Y an act of the General Asembly of Virginia, dated December 28th, 1792,

it was ordained, that a collection should be made of all such acts of the As, sembly, of a public and permanent nature, as were then in force. For this purpole, several lawyers were folicited to superintend the compilation, Mr. Davis, then printer to the Commonwealth, did not get the work completed 'till the clofe of the year 1794. It, therefore, embraced all such laws, of a public and permanent nature, as were pasied during the feflion, which commenced November uth, 1794.

It was unavoidably to happen that this collection would almost immediately become defective ; and that its defects were to increase annually, and without intermiffion. The new laws of the more important class were, for che mot part, occupied in altering, or in repealing fome of their predeceffors Here, it was evident, that if a man of business was not regularly supplied with thí addditional laws, the Revised Code would be quite as likely to lead him iró miscakes, as to give him proper information. The consequence was, pat every practitioner of the law found it necessary to purchase, annually, th large folio pamphlet, containing the laws of each succeeding assembly. by the course of a man's life, these publications would have swelled into a library; and, what was extremely inconvenient, by far the greater part of them wee laws of a local and private nature, which were totally useless, and a mec incumbrance to the practitioner in a court.

This Revised Code, with all its augmenting im;erfections, had become extremely scarce. The original price was eight dullars. But it tras almost impossible to obtain the book at any price whatever. The courtant demand for the Revised Code induced the proprietors of the present work to publish proposals for a second, and improved edition, which was zu bring down the collectinn so late, as to the end of the fefion of December, 1801. In the former

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