Australasian Democracy

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T. F. Unwin, 1897 - 335 strani
The following pages have been written from the point of view of the year 1896, the greater part of which I spent in Australia. During the earlier months of the present year I was in New Zealand, but I was unable to continue my survey of general Australasian affairs. A result of the limitation that I was compelled to impose upon myself will be observed in the apparent antiquity of the chapter dealing with Australian Federation; but this is not so great as might have been anticipated, the new Federal Convention having drafted a Bill which is based, to a large extent, upon that of 1891. For purposes of comparison I have, with the kind permission of the London agents of the Melbourne Argus, included an article in which that newspaper has summarised the provisions of the new Federal Constitution Bill.

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Stran 240 - Matters referred to the Parliament of the Commonwealth by the Parliament or Parliaments of any State or States, but so that the law shall extend only to States by whose Parliaments the matter is referred, or which afterwards adopt the law...
Stran 240 - The exercise within the Commonwealth, at the request or with the concurrence of the parliaments of all the States directly concerned, of any power which can at the establishment of this constitution be exercised only by the Parliament of the United Kingdom or by the Federal Council of Australasia.
Stran 239 - The naval and military defence of the Commonwealth and of the several States, and the control of the forces to execute and maintain the laws of the Commonwealth.
Stran 89 - An interesting section is that dealing with the tax on improvements, which are defined to include "houses and buildings, fencing, planting, draining of land, clearing from timber, scrub, or fern. laying down in grass or pasture, and any other improvements whatsoever, the benefit of which is unexhausted at the time of valuation.
Stran 223 - Senate may not amend, requesting, by message, the omission or amendment of any items or provisions therein. And the House of Representatives may if it thinks fit make any of such omissions or amendments, with or without modifications. Except as provided in this section, the Senate shall have equal power with the House of Representatives in respect of all proposed laws.
Stran 224 - The Senate may at any stage return to the House of Representatives any proposed law which the Senate may not amend, requesting, by message, the omission or amendment of any items or provisions therein.
Stran 222 - Every power of the Parliament of a Colony which has become or becomes a State, shall, unless it is by this Constitution exclusively vested in the Parliament of the Commonwealth or withdrawn from the Parliament of the State, continue as at ' the establishment of the Commonwealth, or as at the admission or establishment of the State, as the case may be.

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