The Quarterly Anti-slavery Magazine, Količina 1

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American Anti-Slavery Society, 1836

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Stran 53 - scribes, pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye shut the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. Woe unto you scribes, pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye devour widows
Stran 54 - it, he is guilty. Ye fools and blind, for whether is greater, the gift or the altar that sanctifieth the gift. Whosoever therefore, shall swear by the altar, sweareth by it and by all things thereon. And whosoever shall swear by the temple sweareth by it and by Him that dwelleth in it. And he that
Stran 79 - Think not that I am come to destroy the law and the prophets; I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one title shall in no wise pass,
Stran 55 - in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment; and ye have respect unto him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place, and say unto the poor, Stand thou there, or, sit here under my footstool; are ye not then partial in yourselves, and
Stran 4 - in perils among robbers, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils among false brethren, in weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness." What! are these our brethren ? And have we fattened, like jackalls, upon their living flesh ? Sir, when once the great proposition, that negroes are
Stran 54 - whosoever shall swear by the temple sweareth by it and by Him that dwelleth in it. And he that shall swear by heaven sweareth by the throne of God, and by Him that sitteth thereon. Woe unto you, scribes and pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint,
Stran 54 - blind guides, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. Woe unto you, scribes, and pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye make clean the outside of the cup arid of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. Thou blind pharisee!
Stran 6 - (patriotism) of the other." And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure, when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people, that these liberties are the gift of God
Stran 6 - manners and morals undepraved by such circumstances. " And with what execration should the statesman be loaded, who permitting one half of the citizens, thus to trample on the rights of the other, transforms those into despots, and these into enemies—destroys the morals of the one part and the "Amor

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