Slike strani

adopted in, to embarrass the financial operations of Mohawks, treaty with the Dutch, i. 468.

government, 570; Daniel Webster's tribute to, 389. Monk, CHRISTOPHEB, I. 229.
Massachusetts Bay, vindication of the conduct of the House | Monmouth, battle of, ii. 8, 364.

of Representatives of, i. 3; John Adams's opinion of, 8; Monongahela, battle of, i. 251.

galleries of the House of Representatives of, opened, 8. MONROE, JAMES, II. 249, 268, 541; recalled from France, 9;
Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society, Minot's address be advocates the right of Albert Gallatin to a seat in the

fore the, i. 552; John Q. Adams's address before the, i. United States Senate, 34; on impressment of seamen,

Massachusetts, Federal Convention of, 1, 226, 359, 551; Ru- MONTGOMERY, GENERAL, I. 830, 559.
fus King in the, ii. 34.

Massachusetts Gazette, contributions of John Adams to the, Monticello, the home of Jefferson, il. 458.
i. 233.

Massachusetts Historical Society, i. 412, 551, 552.

Moore, --, Gen., ii. 366.
** Massachusetts Insurrection," i. 551 ; Minot's history of; Moore, HANNAH, ii. 428.

compared with the Catiline conspiracy of Sallust, 551. * Moral Treason," ii. 595.
Massachusetts Temperance Society, organized; its first MORGAN, DR. WILLIAM, I. 846.
president, ii. 239.

MORLAND, JOHN, i. 278.
MATHER, Cottox, i. 319.

MORRILL, MF., of New Hampshire ii. 122, 126.
MATTHEWS, the case of, ii, 349.

Morrisania, N. Y., origin of, i. 453.
MAYIEW, Jonathan, il. 446.

MOBRIS, GOUVERNEUR, ancestry of, i. 453; education; placed
M'CLENACHEN, BLAIR-See "Fort Wilson."

with M. Tetar at New Rochelle; graduates at King's
McDUFFIE, GEORGE, speech of, on Internal Improvement, College; oration on · Wit and Beauty;" studies law
ii. 892.

with William Smith; oration on "Love;” the love of
McGowan, Mr.-See trial of R. M. Goodwin.

Liberty; opposes the emission of bills of credit by the

State, 454; commences the practice of law; his elo-
McKenney's Indian Biography, i. 426.

quence; elected to the Provincial Congress of New
McLANE, Louis, his remarks on the Missouri question, il. 509. York; delegated to the General Congress; appointed
MCLEAN, ALLEN.--See "Fort Wilson."

on a committee to visit Valley Forge; correspondence
McWILLIAMS.-See trial of R. M. Goodwin.

with General Washington; removes to Philadelphia;
Medical Inquiries and Observations, by Dr. Benjamin contributions to the Pennsylvania Packet over the sig.
Rush, i. 347.

nature of “ An American;" injured by being thrown
Medicine, improvements in, ii. 429.

from his carriage; amputation of his left leg; anecdote
MERCER, Hugu, General, i. 559.

of the operation; appointed assistant to Robert Morris ;
MEREDITH, WILLIAM M., his eulogium on John Sergeant, il. death of his mother; member of the Federal Conven-

tion; estimate of his services, by Mr. Madison, 455;
MIFFLIN, JOHN T.-See "Fort Wilson."

visits France; incident of his sojourn recorded by H. T.
MIFFLIN, THomas, at the Whiskey Insurrection in Penn Tuckerman; appointed “private agent" to England;
sylvania, i. 449.

Minister to France; return to America; elected to the
See "Fort Wilson."

United States Senate; his speeches ; his marriage;
Ministers, Foreign, the utility of, i. 507, 516.

retirement and death; account of his last hours; his
MINOT, GEORGE, father of George R. Minot; notice of, i. 551. literary productions, 456; at the New York convention,
MINOT, GEORGE RICHARDS, ancestry of; birth and early 1812, 568; notices of, ii. 27, 846.

education, i. 551; graduates at Harvard University ; his Speech on the Judiciary, 1802; the dignity of the
oratory ; studies law with William Tudor; Fisher Senato; the people the most dangerous enemy to them-
Ames; appointed clerk of the Massachusetts House of selves; the constitution, 457; the judicial power, 458;
Representatives; writes the history of the Massachu the Judiciary Act defective, 459; government, a sys-
setts Insurrection, 551; oration on the Boston massacre; tem of salutary checks, 460; salaries; coinage, 461; tho
appointed Secretary of the Massachusetts Federal Con future of the United States, 462; constitutionality of
vention; elected judge; incident of his judicial life, the courts, 463; reply to Mr. Mason of Virginia, 464;
551; the portrait painter; Mr. Sharpless; writes the situation of the country, 465.
History of Massachusetts; the Historical Society; the Discourse before the New York Historical Society,
Charitable Fire Society ; death of Washington ; Mr. 466; sketch of the history of New York from 1763 to
Minot's last effort; his death ; eulogy on Washington, 1788; its geographical position, 466; early settlement;

the Dutch ; treaty of Westphalia, 467; Mohawk treaty;
MIRANDA, GENPRAL, account of, i. 529.

Fort Orange ; Duke of York; Cromwell; Charles II. ;
"Miranda's Expedition," i. 528.

Edict of Nantes; Governor Hunter, 468; the ancestry
MIRICK, Mr.-See Knapp's trial.

of the “New Yorkers," 469; the Indians, 470; the
Mississippi Rirer, navigation of, i. 25, 29, 169, 257, 135 ; spirit of 1776, 471; “Man an imitative animal;” the

Gouverneur Morris's speech on the, 475; Dewitt Clin practice of law, 472; population of New York compared
ton's speech on, 567; John Randolph's remarks on, ii. with other States, 473.

Speech on the navigation of the Mississippi; resolutions
Mississippi Repudiation, il. 582.

of Mr. Ross, 475; his object is peace; the horrors of war;
Missouri, slaves in, in 1804, ii. 46; the effect of the exclu national honor to be preserved; reply to Mr. Jackson,
sion of slavery from, 50; compromise, ii. 556.

476; reply to Mr. Clinton, Breckenridge, and Wright;
Missouri Question, Otis's speech on the, i. 559; Rufus King's Island of Orleans, and Florida; their consequence to

speeches on the, ii. 44; speech of William Pinkney on the United States; the treaty of Luneville, 477; duty
the, ii, 114; further notice, 836, 507, 556; Sergeant's of the States, 478; position of Napoleon; consequence
speech on, 508.

of the possession of Florida by France, 479; effect upon
MITCHELL, DR. SAMUEL L., at Edinburgh, 1. 625.

the several States, 480; effect upon other nations, 481;

the importance of possession to France, 482; M. de la with other States, 478; De Witt Clinton elected mayor
Luzerne, 492; plan of negotiation, 483 ; Oration over of; the duties of the mayor, 566; meeting at, relative to
Hamilton, 487.

the British treaty, ii. 34; Huguenots settled in, 52; yel-
MORRIS, Lewis, the father of Gouverneur, 1. 453, 454

low fever in, 1808, 219.

New York, American, ii. 220.
Morris, Robert, i. 120; anonymous letter to, from Alex- Nero York Convention, 1812 ; incident of the, i. 558.

ander Hamilton, 185; designs the Bank of North Amer- New York Federal Convention, Hamilton at, i. 560.
ica, 1781, 68; superintendent of the finances of the Nero York Gazette, i. 350, 454; ii. 147.
United States, during the revolution, 455.— See "Fort Nero York Gazetteer, i. 447.

Nero York Historical Society, Gouverneur Morris's discourse
Morris, ROBERT HUNTER, I. 454.

before the, 1812, i. 466; James H. Raymond's paper on
MORRIS, SAMUEL C.-See "Fort Wilson."

Hillhouse's proposition to amend the Federal Constitu-
Morris, SARAI, wife of Richard Morris, i. 453.

tion, read before the, ii. 146; collections of, 180; " The
Morris, THOMAS.-See “ Fort Wilson."

jubilee of the Constitution," an address before the, i.
Mosquito Shore, English settlements on, i. 571.

Moultrie Fort, il. 555.

New York Journal, 1. 454.
MOULTRIE, GENERAL, John Rutledge's letter to, 1. 119. New York Society Library, notice of, 83.
MULLER, the historian, ii. 180.

New Orleans, battle of, il. 219; New England Society of;
Munro, PROFESSOR, in Edinburgh Medical University, i. address of S. 8. Prentiss before the, 583.

Nicholas, MR., of V.., 1. 503; ii. 23; remarks on the British
Murder and Manslaughter, the distinction between, i. 241. treaty, 140; his resolution for reducing the army, 1800,
MURPHY, Arthur, ii. 885.

il. 156.
MURRAY, JUDGE, death of, i. 48.

NICHOLS, WILLIAM.See “ Fort Wilson."
MURRAY, LINDLEY, estimate of the character of John Jay; Non-Importation, i. 271.
account of, i. 151.

Non-Intercourse with Great Britain, Elias Boudins:'s
MURRAY, Wu. Vans, i. 403.

speech on, i. 270.
Nootka Sound, controversy about, 1790, i. 571.

Norris, Isaac, i. 277.

North America, Bank of.-See Robert Morris.

North Carolina, the position of respecting the Federal
NAPPER TANDY, the case of, il. 547.

Constitution, i. 33.
NAPOLEON.-See Bonaparte.

North Carolina Convention, extract from the speech of
Nasu, Thomas, alias Jonathan Robbins, case of, ii. 9.

William Gaston in the, on the “ thirty-second article"
National Bank, the bonus of, and the United States share of the State Constitution, il. 558.

of its dividends, proposed to be set apart as a permanent Noeti, Lord, inauguration of, i. 820; the conciliatory prop-
fund for the construction of roads and canals, ii. 479.

osition of, ii. 451.
National Intelligencer, i. 449; ii. 335, 855, 856, 474; account

of the death of John Q. Adams, published in, ii. 250.
National Portrait Gallery, ii. 218, 474.
National Road, the originator of, ii. 132.

OGDEN, DAVID, i, 262.
Navigation, assistance to be derived from, il. 36.

OGLETHORPE, GEN., the failure of, il. 847, 851.
Navigation Act, of Charles II. ; i. 7; of England, 108; Rufus Ouro, slavery prohibited in the territory North-west of the,
King's speech on, 85.

ii. 83.
Navigators of the 16th and 17th centuries, ii. 86.

Ohio and Chesapeake Canal, i. 490.
NELSON, THOmas, i. 896.

ONIS, Dox, mission of, 845.
Neriede, William Pinkney's speech in the case of the, ii. 95. Orders in Council, author of the, ii. 271.
NESBITT, ALEXANDER.-See “ Fort Wilson."

OSWALD, Richard, English Commissioner of Peace, 1. 156.

Otis, Harrison GRAY, parentage and birth; education;
New England, Tristam Burges' defences of, ii. 820, 822; the commences the study of law with John Lowell, i. 557;

course of, in relation to the public lands, ii. 879; peace his practice; serves as an aid to General Brooks in the
party in, during the War of 1812; the democracy of, Massachusetts insurrection; chosen to the Legislature;
574; village school of, 586.

succeeds Fisher Ames in Congress; his career; Elect-
New England Society, of New Orleans, S. 8. Prentiss' ad- ed Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Repre-
dress, ii. 583, 587.

sentatives, and President of the Senate ; appointed
New Haven, Conn., invasion of by General Tryon, ii. 144. judge ; his oratory; eulogy on Hamilton; incidents
New Jersey, speech of William Livingston to the Legisla- of its delivery, 557, 558;, New York Convention of

ture of, f. 88; outrages of the British in, during the revo- 1912; anecdote of his oratory at; Hartford Convention;
lution, i. 88; women of, i. 268.

mission to Washington, 558; defence of the convention;
New Jersey College, i. 305; 11. 218.

elected to the United States Senate; speech on the
New Jersey Historical Collections, i. 262.

Missouri question; candidate for governor; elected
New London, Conn., Caulkin's History of, ii. 144; second mayor; letter advocating the election of General
Church in, 144.

Taylor; Mr. Otis' death ; eulogy on Hamilton, 659;
Nero Orleans, Sergeant S. Prentiss's address before the New Hamilton at college ; at the battle of Yorktown; the
England Society of, 1845; ii, 583.

Federal Convention; the treasury, 560, 569; the com-
New York, first Congress at, i. 8; Provincial Congress as- prehensiveness of his mind, 563 ; his eloquence, 564.

semble at, 152; the Committee of Observation and Com-OTIS, JAMES, date and place of birth, i. 1; studies with
mittee of Association; notice of, 152; meeting in, relative Rev. Jonathan Russel ; college habits; anecdote of his
to the Boston Port Bill, 152 ; Society of the Cincinnati, wit; studies law; commences practice at Plymouth;
L. 852 ; early settlement of, 467; population of, compared removes to Boston, 1; literary labors, 2 ; speech on

the writs of assistance, 4; hated by the advocates of the PICKERING, ME. — See "Fort Wilson."
crown, 2; chosen to the Legislature ; publishes the Pierce, WILLIAM.–See Knapp's trial.
vindication, &c., seo Massachusetts Bay; attends the PIERSON, DR.-See Knapp's trial.
first Congress at New York, 1765; publishes vindica- PINCKNEY, CHARLES, sketch of the life of; heroism of his
tion of the British colonies, and considerations on be- wife; is chosen to the Federal Convention; his career
half of the colonists ; appointed on a committee to in that body; his " Plan of a Federal Constitution;"
reply to Governor Bernard; his reply; proposes the elected Governor of South Carolina, 1. 361; in the House
opening of the galleries of the House of Representa- of Representatives, ii. 75, 340, 344.
tives, 8; advises moderation in relation to the Paper Speech on the Federal Constitution, i. 861; objects of
and Glass Act, 4; the affray with Robinson, 4; death the convention ; defects of the confederation, 362; rep-
of, 4; notices of, 225, 446, 657.

resentation, 863; the Senate; the Executive; mode of
Otis, Joix, emigrates to America, 1. 1; settles at Hingham, procedure in the Federal Legislature; delivery of fu-
Massachusetts, 1.

gitives, 364; power of the States and the Federal

Government, 865; Helvetic and Belgic confederacies;
Oxford, Mass., Dr. Holmes' Memoir of the French Protest- the army; impost, 866; post office; judiciary; coining
ants who settled at, ii. 287.

money; militia, 867; coercive power wanted; the ada
mission of new States; citizenship; amendments, 863;

habeas corpus; trial by jury; freodom of the press and

religious tests; the seat of government, 369.

PINCKNEY, C. C. GEN., I. 46; appointed minister to France;
PAGE, MR.–See Knapp's trial.

refused an audience, ii. 9; refusal of the French Diroo
PAINE, Robert Treat, argument in the trial of the soldiers tory to receive, i. 491.
of the Boston massacre, i. 247.

PINCKNEY, Tuomas, i. 48, 150; ii. 344, 346, 851; sketch of the
Pane, Thomas, his Rights of Man reviewed by John Quin- life of, 1. 361.
cy Adams, ii. 249.

PINCKNEY, FRANCES, mother of Christopher Gore, 1. 410.
PALYER, MB. testimony in the trial of J. F. Knapp, PINKNEY, WILLIAM, birth; enters King William school ;
il. 405.

the revolution; commences the study of law with
Panama, Congress of, ii. 360, 507.

Judge Chase; his practice; his oratory, ii. 93; elected a
Paper Currency, the depreciation of, i. 122.

member of the Maryland Federal Convention; chosen
Paper, Glass, dc., duties on, opposed by the people of Bos- to the House of Delegates; his speeches; marries; elec
ton, 1. 4; James Otis' opinion of, 4.

tion to Congress; declines to serve; the Executive
Parsons, THEOPHILUS, Chief Justice of Massachusetts, i. Council; serves in the State Legislature, 93; appointed

83; sketch of the life of, ii. 248; death of, 899; William commissioner under the seventh article of Jay's treaty;
Pinkney's opinion of, 97.

his opinions; return to the United States; sent on a
** Parson's Cause," the.-See Patrick Henry.

mission to England; bis duties, 94; appointed Attorney
Patriotism, i. 113.

General of the United States; the war of 1812; defends
PATTAY, JANE, wife of Thomas Addis Emmet, 1. 525.

the course of Mr. Madison ; “Publius," 94; the attack
PATTERSON, ADJUTANT GENERAL of the British army, i. on Baltimore; battle of Bladensburg, 95; the case of the

Neriede, 95; election to Congress; speech on the Conven-
Pea Patch Island, ii. 507.

tion of 1815; appointed minister to Russia and envoy
Prarson, Mr., from North Carolina, ii. 267.

to Naples, 96; his mode of life in Russia; his opinion of
PECK, JUDGE, ii. 413.

Chief Justice Parsons, 97; elected to the Senate; his
· Peine du Boulet," description of, 11. 549.

professional duties; last illness and death, 98.

Speech in the case of the Neriede; the case consid-
PENDLETON, EDMUND, I. 850; ii. 454.

ered, 100; rights of neutrals, 101; Azani's Treatise on

the Maritime Law of Europe, 103; case of the Haase,
Pennsylvania, the position of respecting the Federal Con- 103; cases of the Rebeckah, San Bernardo, the Spitfire,

stitution, i. 80; puisne judges of rtheir compensation, and Glutton, 104; the Fortuna and Melomasne, 105;
il. 66; speech of John Dickinson in the House of As- relative rights and duties of belligerent and neutral pow-
sembly of, 1764, i. 277.

ers, 106; "Free ship, free goods," 107; the character of
Pennsylvania Journal, i. 294.

the Neriede, 108; “ What are Mr. Pinto's intentions !"
Pennsylcania Packel, i. 455; ii. 472.

109; case of the Swedish convoy in 1798 examined, 112;
Pensacola, Florida, resolutions of the House of Repre- cases of the Catharine, Elizabeth; of the Sampson, Bar-

sentatives relative to the seizure of the posts at, ii. ney, 112; Robinson's Admiralty reports, 99, 114.

Speech on the Missouri question ; reply to Rnfus
Perdido, the line of the, Henry Clay's speech on, il. 260. King, 114; compromise suggested, 115; domestic legis
Periodical Literature, the state of in America, 1826, il. lation of Missouri; admission of Maine; power of Con

gress to admit new States considered, 116; danger from
PERKINS, Thomas H.-See Hartford Convention.

restriction; slavery; enthusiasm; moral, political and
See trial of R. M. Goodwin.

religious, 118; the Union; a State, 119; "No State or
PHELP8, OLIVER, Indian agent, i. 429.

Territory, in order to become a State, can alienate or
Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard Unicersity, Joseph surrender any portion of its sovereignty to the Union,
Story's discourse before the, ii. 424.

& sister State, or foreign nation," 120; relation of the
Philadelphia, Pa., in the hands of the British, l. 455 ; restriction, 121; answer to Messrs. Roberts, Lowrie, and
United States Supreme Court at, ii. 9.

Morril; compared with the duelist in the Rivals; fur-
Phillips Academy, il. 357.

ther remarks in answer to Mr. King, 122, abolition of
PHILLIPS, JOSIAH, case of, i. 24.

the slave trade by England considered, 123; fugitive
Purpex, MR. — Beo Knapp's trial.

slaves, 128; the people the source of all power; Federal
PICKERING, TIMOTHY, treaty with the Six Nations, 1. 427. and local rights, no difference between, 124; further re
marks on slavery, 125; involuntary servitude and a re- | QUINCY, JOSIAL, JR., birth and parentage of; early educa.
publican form of government, 126; farther reply to Mr. tion; graduates at Harvard College ; oration on "Pg.
Morril, 126; women should have political rights, 127; triotism;" study of law; his eloquence ; commences his
Elizabeth of England, Catharine of Russia; Semiramis political career; his contributions to the Boston Ga-

Zenobia ; Mrs. Wolstoncraft, 127; migration of slaves zette; “Hyperion," i. 831; opposition of the crown offi.
from State to State considered, 128 ; answer to Mr. Bur- cers; the non-importation agreement; Boston massa-
ril, 129;-anecdote of, i. 527; remarks on the impress- cre; trial of the soldiers; public feeling at the time; his
ment of seamen, ii. 83.

political writings, 832; ill health ; voyage to South Car.
PINTO, MANUEL-See Pinkney's speech in the case of the olina; visit to the Commons House of Assembly at

Charleston; Christopher Gadsden's speech ; returns to
PITKIN, MR., of Connecticut, ii. 267.

Boston ; observations on the Boston Port Bill; warded
PITT, MR, in Parliament, 1792, i. 100.

to desist from political writing; bails for England; his
Platt, Col.-See “Miranda's Expedition.”

correspondence; letter to Joseph Reed, 883, 834; returns
Plenipotentiaries, speech of John Witherspoon on the ap- to America; he dies; his life by his son, 834.
pointment of, i. 301.

An appeal under the signature of "Hyperion," 834;
Plymouth, Mass., John Quincy Adams's oration at, 1802; ii. sentiments of the North Americans; stringent patriot-

251; history of the first settlement at, 253; incidents of, ism required, 834.

Speech in defence of the soldiers of the Boston mas-
POINSETT, JOEL R., quotation from, ii. 176, 299.

sacre, 336; the soldiers' rights, 336; the citizen and the
Politics, improvements in, ii. 429.

soldier, 837, liberty, 838; Farmer's letters, 839; the
POLK, JAMES K., il. 582.

spirit of English jurisprudence, 845.
POLLOCK, SIR ROBERT, daughter of, marries “Alexander QUINCY, JOSIAH, quotation from his speech on the admission
Hamilton of Grange," i. 183.

of Louisiana, il. 574.
POMEROY, SETH, li. 364.
Pope, ii. 433.
Port Folio, ii. 250.

Portland, Maine, il. 579.
Portugal, the accession of signed; ratification of, 1. 495. RABELAIS, quoted, 1. 824.
Post Roads, extent of in the United States in 1824, il. 292. RADCLIFFE, MRs., ii. 428.
POTTS, JOIN.-See “Fort Wilson."

Raleigh Star, 11. 55.
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Federal Convention meet at, i. 157. Ramsay, DAVID, i. 52, 275; birth and education; early hab
Pownal, Thomas, i. 2; governor; returns to England, 224. its; tutor at Carlisle : Princeton College ; studies medi-
Pratt, BENJAMIN, biographical sketch of, 1, 2.

cine; Dr. Bond, College of Pennsylvania ; Dr. Rush;
PRENTISS, SERGEANT S., birth; his early life ; graduates commences practice; removes to Charleston, S. C.; his

from Bowdoin College; accepts a tutorship at Natchez, character, 1. 808; oratory; oration on the fourth of Jo.
Mississippi; admitted to the bar, ii. 579 ; literary pur- ly, 1778; surgeon in the American army; siege of Sa-
suits; removal to Vicksburg; his appearance before the vannah; elected to the Legislature of South Carolins;
Supreme Court of the United States ; duel with General taken prisoner by the British; elected to Congress; his
H. 8. Foote, 580; visits his home in Maine; elected to career; his literary productions; his character as an an-
Congress; his political career, 581; opposition to the thor, 309; “Universal History Americanized," 809; his
Mississippi repudiation; removal to New Orleans : anal- death; assassinated by a madman, 810.
ysis of his character, 582, 583; address before the New Oration on “The Advantages of American Independ-
England Society of New Orleans, 583, 587.

ence," 310 ; equality; industry and frugality; home

spun; private economy; the arts and sciences; eda-

cation, 811; eloquence “the child of a free state," 312;
Press, the liberty of the, 1. 204.

authority of the States; commerce, 813; benefit to Car
PRESTON, CAPTAIN —-, i. 60, 70.

olina ; the tobacco trade; cotton and rice; slitting mills;
Princeton College, John Randolph at, ii. 156; notices of, strength of the people in their numbers, 314; conse-
506, 584.

quences of independence; population, 815; union the
PROOTOP, GENERAL, Tecumseh's speech to, ii. 356.

pleasure of God, 817; the aborigines of Louisiana, $18.;
* Progress of Science," Samuel Dexter's poem on the, ii. RANDOLPH, ANNE Cary, wife of Gouverneur Morrte, i. 456.

RANDOLPII, EDMUND, I. 48; ii. 378, 462, 465; birth of; joins
Prohibition of certain importa, Christopher Gore's speech the military family of General Washington; death of
on the, i. 412.

his uncle Peyton Randolph; delegated to the Virginis
Providence Association of Manufactures, il. 822.

Convention; appointed Attorney General of Virginia;
Public Men, the responsibilities of, i. 115.

clerk of the House of Delegates; practises law; sue-
Publicola," John Q. Adams's essays, il. 249.

cess ; elected Governor of Virginia ; Annapolis Con-
PUTNAM, COLONEL in Knapp's trial, il. 412.

vention; Federal Convention; his career in that body;

the Virginia Convention ; appointed Attorney General
PUTNAM, WILLIAM, of Worcester, Mass., ii. 446.

of the United States; Secretary of Stato; trial of Aaron
Burr; his death ; his literary productions, i. 164; expla-
nation of Patrick Henry's allusion to, 27; Patrick Hen-
ry's remarks on the letter of, 28.

Speech on the Federal Constitution; picture of the
Quarterly Christian Spectator, quoted, ii. 147.

country; case of Josiah Phillips, i. 165; union; peces
Quebec, Arnold's expedition to, ii. 144.

sary to Virginia, 166, 167; British debts, 168; navigation
Queenstown, battle of, ii. 271.

of the Mississippi; bordering States; Rhode Island; p&-
" Querist," dissolution of the Union advocated by, il. 154. per money, 169; want of a navy; publie credit, 170; ob-
QUINCY, Joun, death of, ii. 247,

ject of a confederacy, 171; state of the country, 171, 172;

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answer to George Mason, 173; speech in the trial of READ, MR. of South Carolina, ii. 74; see William B.
Aaron Burr, 174; tribute to Lord Mansfield, 176; firm- Giles' speech on the Judiciary, 216.
ness of Washington, 176; Blannerhassett, 176; Henry REDMAN, JOIN, M. D., i. 346.
II. and Thomas à Becket, 177; felony, 178; case of RED JACKET, his early history lost; incidents of his military
Bollman and Swartwout, 179; IIenry IV. and the Jes- career; hatred of Brant; his oratory; his cowardice at
uits, 181.

Canandaigua lake; indignation and rebuke of Corn-
RANDOLPH, Jonn, the father of Edmund, notice of, i. 164. planter; origin of his name “Red Jacket," i. 423; at-
RANDOLPII, Sir Joux, account of, i. 163.

tains his chieftainship by working on the superstitions
RANDOLPHI, Joun, father of John Randolph of Roanoke, il. of his tribe; the council at Fort Stanwix; opposition to

Cornplanter; his speech; war of 1812; his neutrality;
PANDOLPH, JOIN, OF ROANOKE, born at Cawsons; death of overruled by the Americans, and joins their forces;

his father; education and incidents of his early life ; his anecdotes illustrative of his character and eloquence,
mother; her second marriage; St. George Tucker, ii. 424; eloquence of the Six Nations, compared with that
155; letters to Dudley, quoted, 155; college life; appear- of other tribes, 424; opposition to the missionaries; his
ance at Charlotte court; Patrick Henry; his eloquence, reasons, 425; his death; his last hours, 426; his reply to
156; election of Mr. Randolph to Congress; his first Samuel Dexter, Secretary of War, 426; defence of
speech; career in Congress ; impeachment of Judge "Stiff Armed George," 427; reply to the young mission-
Chase, 156: the Yazoo question; the embargo; remarks

ary, Cram, 429.
ou, 157; retirement; re-elected to Congress; Bank of REED, JOHN OTIs, estimate of, 1. 7.
the United States, 158; declining bealth; anecdote of; REED, JOSEPI, General, ii. 52.
visits England; his reception; the Greek question ; Rehearsal, The, newspaper established, i. 2.
opposes Mr. Clay and Mr. Webster; opposes tho tariff Religious Toleration, an extract from the speech of Wil.
and internal improvement, 158; duel with Mr. Clay; the liam Gaston on the "thirty-second article," in North
Virginia Convention; last illness and death, 159.

Carolina Convention; called to amend the State Consti.
Speech on Mr. Gregg's resolution for the non-impor- tution, ii. 558.
tation of British merchandise; the resolution a war RexWICK, JAMES, his life of De Witt Clinton, i. 565.
measure, 159; situation of the nation, power of Great Representation, i, 15, 35.
Britain on the ocean; the carrying trade the question Republicans, in the Virginia House of Burgesses, i. 41.
in disputo; Sir Robert Walpole quoted, 160; relations Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God," ii. 450.
with Spain considered; navies of France and England Retrenchment, extract from John Randolph's speech on, ii.
compared; impolitic to aid France; has no ambition to 188.
possess Nova Scotia, 162; fur trade; 1793; origin of the

Revolution, The American, origin of, 1. 37.
revolution, 164; the continental influence of Great Brit- Revenue System, speech of Alexander Hamilton on the, i.
ain gone, 163; the situation of England, 166; Great 215.
Britain and the United States, the two great commer- Revenue Collection (Force) Bill, John Caldwell Calhoun's
cial nations, 167; duty of the Executive explained, 169. speech on the, il. 483.

Speech on the tariff, 1521, 169; reply to P. P. Bar- REYNOLDS, Thomas, treachery of, 1. 526.
bour; situation of the country, 170; all policy, suspi- Rhode Island, opposition of to national daties, i. 169; Brit-
cious, that sacrifices the interest of a part of a com. ish at, ii. 33.
munity to the ideal good of the whole, 171 ; England as RICHARDSON, MR., in the trial of Thomas 0. Selfridge, ti.
& manufacturing country, 172; her example not to lo 242.
followed, 173; Ireland; the effect of the tariff upon Richmond, Va., trial of Aaron Burr at, i. 174.
the people, 174; the English judge and Horne Tooke; Ridge, the Cherokee chief, ii. 469.
union, 175; quotation from Joel R. Poinsett, 176; Vir- RITTENHOUSE, DAVID, director of tbe mint, i. 263; sketch of
ginia; Lord Cornwallis' remarks concerning, 177; Gay, the life of, 263.
Ganilh, Adam Smith, and Ricardo, referred to, 177; RIVARDI, MAJOR, 1. 427.
economists, the theory and practice of; Alexander, Ca- | Rives, W. C., il. 496.
sar, and Napoleon, 178; the Constitution a "curious RIVINGTON, JAMES, I. 86, 87, 447.
one;" made for foreigners, 179; evils of the policy; fur. Roads and Inland Navigation, John Sergeant, chairman
ther remarks on, 181.

of, ii. 506; the bonus of the National Bank, and the
Speech on an increase of the army, 1811; importance United States' share of its dividends, proposed to be set
of the question; republicans of 1798, 181; closing of the apart as a permanent fund for the construction of roads
Mississippi by Spain in 1803, referred to, 182; massacres and canals, 479; the importance of, 450.
on the Wabash; Canada; war spirit in the South, ROANE, MR., anecdote of John Randolph of Roanoke, re-
183; French alliance, 181; republicanism of John Ad- lated by, ii. 158.
ams and William Cobbett; the people will not submit to ROBBINS, Jonathan, il. 266; see Thomas Nash;Joba
be taxed for a war of conquest; the defenceless state of Marshall's speech in the case of, ii. 20.
the Chesapeake referred to; slaves, 185; Spain; notices ROBERTS, MR., of Pa., ii. 122.
the importation of British attachment, &c., 186. ROBERTSON, DONALD, tutor of James Madison, i. 125.

Genuine statesman, an extract from a speech on re- ROBESPIEREE, "the nation of France," ii. 69.
trenchment, 189; comparison of Wm. B. Giles and ROBINSON, ANDREW.-See" Fort Wilson."
Charles Fox, by, 190; Henry Clay's reply to, ii. 318; Robinson, Joun, ELDER, his argument against Episcopus,
John C. Calhoun's reply to the speech of, on an increase ii. 254.

in the army, 476; Tristam Burges' reply to, 320, 322. ROBInson, Jonn, his affray with James Otis, i. 4.
RANDOLPH, Peyton, i. 226; death of, 164.

Robinson's Admiralty Reporta, quoted, 99, 114
RANDOLPH, Thomas, account of, i. 163.

RODGERS, Ann Maria, wife of William Pinkney, ii. 98.
KANDOLPE, WILLIAM, account of, i. 163.

ROGERS, DR. of N York, at Edinburgh, i. 525.
RAYMOND, JAMES H., his paper on James Hillhouse's propo- ROGERS, ROBERT, ii. 835.
sition to amend the Federal Constitution, ii. 146. ROSEZ, ALBERT ROLAZ DU, ii. 180.

VOL. 11.-39

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