The Works of John Hookham Frere in Verse and Prose: Now First Collected with a Prefatory Memoir by His Nephews W. E. and Sir Bartle Frere, Količina 2

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Stran 493 - For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched, and that burned with fire, nor unto blackness, and darkness, and tempest...
Stran 79 - Pelt him, pummel him, nnd maul him; rummage, ransack, overhaul him ; Overbear him and outbawl him; bear him down, and bring him under Bellow like a burst of thunder, Robber ! harpy ! sink of plunder ! Rogue and villain! rogue and cheat! rogue and villain, 1 repeat! Oftener than I can repeat it, has the rogue and villain cheated. Close around him, left and right; spit upon him, spurn and smite: Spit upon him as you see; spurn and spit at him like me.
Stran 330 - I sought in mine heart to give myself unto wine, yet acquainting mine heart with wisdom ; and to lay hold on folly , till I might see what was that good for the sons of men, which they should do under the heaven all the days of their life.
Stran 276 - Musaeus deliver'd the doctrine of medicine, And warnings prophetic for ages to come: Next came old Hesiod, teaching us husbandry, Ploughing, and sowing, and rural affairs, Rural economy, rural astronomy, Homely morality, labour, and thrift: Homer himself, our adorable Homer, What was his title to praise and renown?
Stran 268 - O'ershadowing his dark eyes' terrific blaze. The opponent, dexterous and wary, Will fend and parry: While masses of conglomerated phrase, Enormous, ponderous, and pedantic, With indignation frantic, And strength and force gigantic, • Are desperately sped At his devoted head — Then in different style The touchstone and the file, And subtleties of art In turn will play their part; • Analysis and rule, And every modern tool; With critic scratch and scribble, And nice invidious nibble; Contending...
Stran 272 - And bring her to a moderate bulk by dint of lighter diet. I fed her with plain household phrase, and cool familiar salad, With water-gruel episode, with sentimental jelly. With moral mince-meat; till at length I brought her within compass: Cephisophon, who was my cook, contrived to make them relish.
Stran 263 - If your hearts are fill'd with fancies, haughty, captious, and severe ; While the shock of instant danger threatens shipwreck to the state, Such resolves will be lamented and repented of too late. If the Muse foresees at all What in future will befall Dirty Cleigenes the small — He, the sovereign of the bath, Will not long escape from scath; But must perish by and by, ' With his potash and his lye...
Stran 151 - Hoop ! hoop ! Come in a troop, Come at a call, One and all, Birds of a feather, All together. Birds of an humble gentle bill Smooth and shrill, Dieted on seeds and grain, Rioting on the furrowed plain, Pecking, hopping, Picking, popping, Among the barley newly sown.
Stran 169 - ... glory flew out, In rapture and light exulting and bright, Sparkling and florid, with stars in his forehead, His forehead and hair, and a flutter and flare, As he rose in the air, triumphantly...
Stran 135 - That's well imagined ; it precisely suits him ; His natural bent, it seems, his proper element To squabble with poor trulls and low rapscallions. As for yourself, I give you an invitation To dine with me in the hall. You'll fill the seat Which that unhappy villain held before. Take this new robe ! Wear it and follow me...

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