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Taylor & Francis, 1841

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Stran 482 - III.) relative to the induction at a distance on a much larger scale. All my coils were united so as to form a single length of conductor of about four hundred feet, and this was rolled into a ring of five and a half feet in diameter, and suspended vertically against the inside of the large folding doors which separate the laboratory from the lecture-room.
Stran 151 - Then take a sheet of iodized paper and wash it over with this gallo-nitrate of silver with a soft brush, taking care to wash it on the side which has been previously marked. This operation should be performed by candlelight. Let the paper rest half a minute and then dip it into water. Then dry it lightly with blotting-paper, and finally dry it cautiously at a fire, holding it at a considerable distance therefrom. When dry, the paper is fit for use.
Stran 286 - OF CHEMISTRY ; Including the most Recent Discoveries and Applications of the Science to Medicine and Pharmacy, and to the Arts. By ROBERT KANE, MDMRIA, Professor of Natural Philosophy to the Royal Dublin Society.
Stran 71 - ... multiples of the mean angular distance of the moon from the sun, of the mean anomalies of the moon and sun, and of the moon's mean distance from the node ; and the moon's longitude is expressed by means of a series of sines of the same angles, the coefficients of the periodic terms being functions of the ratio of the sun's mean motion to that of the moon, of the eccentricities of the two orbits and of their mutual inclination. Now, if the eccentricity of the earth's orbit be supposed to remain...
Stran 549 - A new and general method of finding Simple and Quickly Converging Series ; by which the proportion of the diameter of a circle to its circumference may easily be computed to a great number of figures.
Stran 261 - ... in it. For the quantity of current is proportional to the intensity of the pair, and consequently the quantity of heat evolved in a given time is proportional to the square of the intensity of the pair ; but the number of atoms electrolyzed is proportional, in the same time, to the simple ratio only of the current, or of the intensity of the pair. 71. And 3rd. That when any voltaic arrangement, whether simple or compound, passes a current of electricity through any substance, whether an electrolyte...
Stran 486 - ... former experiments, on the phenomena of the interposed plate of metal in the case where the induction was produced by making and breaking the circuit with a cup of mercury ; and in this I was not disappointed. The coil (Fig. 3) being connected with a battery of ten elements, the shocks both at making and breaking the circuit, were very severe ; and these as usual were almost entirely neutralized by the interposition of a zinc plate. But when the galvanometer was introduced into the circuit instead...
Stran 290 - The process of mining consists merely in digging out the rolled pebbles and gravel, and carrying them to small square reservoirs raised on mounds, having their bottom paved with stones, and washing them carefully. At the foot of the mound is a clear space surrounded by heaps of refuse, where the washed gravel is again carefully spread out and examined in presence of the diamond contractors ; the diamonds are easily recognised in the moist state by their peculiar lustre.
Stran 152 - ... generally the case, it is a highly curious and beautiful phenomenon to see the spontaneous commencement of the picture, first tracing out the stronger outlines, and then gradually filling up all the numerous and complicated details. The artist should watch the picture as it develops itself, and when in his judgment it has attained the greatest degree of strength and clearness, he should stop further progress by washing it with the fixing liquid.
Stran 142 - Society, all the parts employed in a clock for maintaining and regulating the power are entirely dispensed with. It consists simply of a face with its second, minute, and hour hands, and of a train of wheels which communicate motion from the arbor of the...

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