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barely observe that according to my understanding of the matter, that right so far from being denied by any belligerent Power, has been virtually admitted by all.-(This paragraph is then erased from the word "conduct," and the following sentence interlined, "would be improperly the subject of particular discussion on this occasion. I will barely observe that to me they appear to be warranted by wellestablished principles of the Laws of Nations as applicable to the nature of our alliance with France in connection with the circumstances of War, and the relative situation of the contending Parties." A piece of paper is afterwards wafered over both, on which the paragraph as it stands in the text is written, and on the margin is the following note: "This is the first draft, and it is questionable which of the two is to be preferred.")-110. 111, I deprecate the evils to which they may tend, and.—112, Them.-113, May I without the charge of ostentation add, that neither ambition nor interest has been the impelling cause of my actions-that I have never designedly misused any power confided to me nor hesitated to use one, where I thought it could redound to your benefit? May I without the appearance of affectation say, that the fortune with which I came into office is not bettered otherwise than by the improvement in the value of property which the quick progress and uncommon prosperity of our country have produced? May I still further add without breach of delicacy, that I shall retire without cause for a blush, with no sentiments alien to the force of those vows for the happiness of his country so natural to a citizen who sees in it the native soil of his progenitors and himself for four generations? (On the margin opposite this paragraph is the following note: "This paragraph may have the appearance of self-distrust and mere vanity.")114, Four.-115. The paragraph beginning with the words, "May I without the charge of ostentation add," having been struck out, the following note is written on the margin of that which is inserted in its place in the text:-"Continuation of the paragraph preceding the last ending with the word 'rest.'"

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