Life of Christopher Columbus

Sprednja platnica
G. Philip & Son, 1892 - 375 strani

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Stran 205 - God made me the messenger of the new heaven and the new earth, of which he spoke in the Apocalypse of St. John, after having spoken of it by the mouth of Isaiah, and he showed me the spot where to find it.
Stran 137 - Indies, we should not have been devoid of a man who would have attempted the same that you did, here in our own country of Spain, as it is full of great men clever in cosmography and literature." Columbus said nothing in answer to these words, but having desired an egg to be brought to him, he placed it on the table, saying: 'Gentlemen, I will lay a wager with any of you, that you will not make this egg stand up as I will, naked and without anything at all.' They all tried, and no one succeeded in...
Stran 295 - ... for it has few superiors in the whole Library of Travel. Enthusiastic Biographers, beginning with Ramusio, have placed Polo on the same platform with Columbus. But where has our Venetian Traveller left behind him any trace of the genius and lofty enthusiasm, the ardent and justified previsions which mark the great Admiral as one of the lights of the human race...
Stran 256 - Never was the sea seen so high, so terrific, and so covered with foam; not only did the wind oppose our proceeding onward, but it also rendered it highly dangerous to run in for any headland, and kept me in that sea which seemed to me as a sea of blood, seething like a cauldron on a mighty fire. Never did the sky look more fearful; during one day and one night...
Stran 264 - High do for the people of Israel, when He brought them out of Egypt ? or for David, whom from a shepherd He made to be king in Judaea?
Stran 76 - Now, if bits of cork or chaff, or any floating substance, be put into a basin, and a circular motion be given to the water, all the light substances •will be found crowding together near the centre of the pool, where there is the least motion. Just such a basin is the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf Stream ; and the Sargasso Sea is the centre of the whirl.
Stran 350 - AND the fourth part of the world having been discovered by Americus, it may be called Amerige ; that is, the land of Americus or America.
Stran 264 - Thus I have told thee what the Creator has done for thee, and what He does for all men. Even now He partially shows thee the reward of so many toils and dangers, incurred by thee in the service of others.

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