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engaged in the legislation upon, and in the investigation and adjustment of, claims against the United States for military service, I am convinced that much of the matter included in my collections, especially the correspondence of officers, and the list of their deaths, will serve as an important guide to individuals in asserting their claims, and as a protection of the interests of the government in adjusting them.

They will, also, be found useful in answering at once, and without trouble, the thousands of letters to members of Congress from their constituents, asking information relating to military service, pensions, and the Pension and Bounty Land Laws of the Revolution.

In preparing this work, I have availed myself of the free use of "Irving's Life of Washington," "Lossing's Field Book of the Revolution," and " McSherry's History of Maryland," which, I am free to acknowledge, are the best and most accurate works extant, on their respective subjects, and should be owned by every reader in the land.

W. T. R. S.

Baltimore, Md., 1857




Gen. Richard Montgomery to Col. Timothy Bedel 17-27

do. Proelamation to the Canadians 26

Col. Benj. Hinman to Col. Bedel 18

Gen. Philip Schuyler to do 17

Aid. John Macpherson to do 20

Com'y Noah Phelps to do 23

Col. James Livingston to do 24

Gen. David Wooster to do 28

Col. James Holmes to do 28, 29

Col. Robert Troup to do 81

do. to Johnston & Howell 36

Gen. Horatio Gates to do. 38

Sec'y Richard Peters to Col. Edward Antill 29

do. to Commissioners of Accounts 32

Capt. Jotham Drnry to Col. John Lamb 30

Col. Jonathan Trumbull to do 74

Gen. David Waterbury to Continental Commissioners 31

Com. Gen. Elias Boudinot to Capt. Alex. Graydon 32

Col. Matthias Ogden to Lt. L. J. Costigin 33

Pres. John Jay to Col. William Palfrey, P. M. Gen 33

P. M. Gen. John Pierce to do. 65, 69, 70, 72, 74, 75, 77,

78, 79, 80, 82, 88, 84.

do. to P. M. Gen. Jona. Burrall.. .38. 48, 45, 47, 52. 85

do. to Continental Congress, 41, 56, 68, 99, 100,103. 104

do. to P. M. Gen. Thomas Beed 42, 44, 46, 48, 81

do. to Gen. William Heath 43

do. to Col. Jeduthan Baldwin 41

do. to Col. Donald Campbell 44

do. to P. M. Gen. Joseph Clay 48, 52, 69

do. to Col. Udny Hay, Q. II. Gen 49, 71

do. to P. It. Gen. William Bedlow 51

do. to Board of Treasury, 54, 58, 61, 62, 64, 84, 85, 112

do. to Col. R. H. Harrison 62

do. to U. S. Lottery 73

do. to Mr. Hubbard, of Conn 76

do. to Hon. Thomas McKean 99

do. to Col. Israel Shreeve 109

do. to Thomas Harwood, Esq 109

do. to John Ni ufville, Esq 110

do. to And. Joseph Howell 110

do. to Gen Allen Jones 112

Gen. Count Cassimir Pulaski to Auditors 33

Col. Joseph Carleton to Auditors 84

Aud. James Johnston to Board of Treasury 34

P. M. Gen. Jonathan Burrall to do. 38, 49. 51, 52, 54, 58, 61, 62, 04

do. to P. M. Gen. John Boreman 39

do. to do. John Pierce 39,45,51

do. to do. Joseph Clay 40, 46, 55

do. to do. Benj. Stelle 50

do. to do. Thomas Reed 53

do. to do. Benj. Harrison 53, 01

do. to Gov. Richard Caswell 56

Capt. J. Baldesqui to Continental Congress 35

P. It Gen. Thomas Reed to P. M. Gen. John Pierce 50

Joseph Bullock to do. "3

Sharp Delaney to do. 73

Col. John Sherman to do. 93

Hon. Hugh Williamson to do. 96

Gen. Henry Jackson to do. 97

Gen. George Partridge to do. 97

Gen. Jedediah Huntington to do. 98

Gen. Otho H. Williams to do. 104

Gen. Mordecai Gist to do. 105

And. Gen. Chris. Richmond to do. 100

Col. John E. Howard to do. 101

Col. Samuel Carleton to do. 10(3

Gen. Lachlin Mcintosh to do. 107

Capt. George L. Turberville to do. 107

P. M. Gen. William Palfrey to do. 70

do. to Board of Treasury 66, 68, 712

do. to P. M. Gen. Thomas Reed 07

do. to Mr. Jared Sax ton 08

do. to Major Clark 107

Commissary Paul Woolfolk to Commissary William Porter 87, 88, 89

Q. M. Gen. H. Morris to do. 87

Commissary J. Pryor to do. 89, 91

do Edward Moore to do. 90

Aid-dc-Camp James Fairlie to do. 91

Gen. Anthony Wayne and others to 93

Q. M. Gen. (Jdny Hay to Col. Ebenezer Stevens 94

Com'y Gen. Samuel Hodgdon to do. 95

Maj. Bartholomew Von Heer to Col. Josiah Hannar 95

Aud. Gen. John Nicholson to Aud. Joseph Howell 97

Capt. Joseph Morrill to do. 98

Aud. Gen. Edward Dunscomb to do. 112

Comp. Joseph Dawson to do. 136

Maj. John Stagg to do. 137

And, Robert Denny to do. 189

Col. William Barton to do. 139

Col. Thomas F. Jackson to do. 140

Lieut. Thomas H. Condy to Mr. Simmons 141

Aud. Joseph Howell to Hon. James Madison 137

do, to Wm. Simmons •. 135

do. to R. J. Vanden Broeck 135

do. to Secretary of War 130, 137

John Deming, of Mass., to 119

John Wright, Esq, to Comptroller 117

Capt. Robert Walker to Col. Eleazer Oswald 1UU

Cor. A. Throckmorton to Aud. Gen. A. Dunscomb. 105

Capt. John Buchanan to Congress 102
Regiments, Pa««


Col. Joseph Cilley's New Hampshire Regiment 143

"William Douglass's Connecticut do. 152

"Christopher Green's Rhode Island do. 158

"Israel Angell's do. do 154

"Ebenezer Stevens' New York Artillery Regiment 155

"Lewis Dubois' do. Infantry do 101

'" Peter Gansevoort's do. do. do. 168

"" John lamb's do. Artillery do 171

"Arthur St. Clair's Pennsylvania Infantry do 183

"Joseph Wood's do. do. do 183

"Anthony Wayne's do. do. do .' 196

"William Irvine's do. do. do 202, 21o

"Charles Armand's Legion 219

"Lewis Nicola's Invalid Regiment 222

"Otho H. Williams' Maryland Regiment 234

"John Gunby's do. do 235

"Peter Adam's do. do 235

"Thomas Woolford's do. do 236

"Benjamin Ford's do. do 236 ^ „

'. Lewis Weltner's German do 237

"Charles G Griffith's Flying-Camp Regiment 237

«< Josiah C. Hall's do. do 238

"Thomas Ewing's do. do 238

"William Richardson's do. do 239

"Moses Rawlings' Rifle Regiment 240

*« Charles Harrison's Staff and Artillery Regiment 241

"Daniel Morgan's 11th and 15th Virginia do 256

do. Rifle do 268

"Alexander Spottswood's Virginia do 270

"William Heth's do. do 276

"John Gibson's Western Frontier do 280

"Nathaniel Gist's' Virginia do 285

"Henry Lee's Legion (officers) 288

"Francis Marion's South Carolina Regiment 290

t Ut, Htsi^s Captains' Companies. ft >

Capt. David Arrell, Virginia Infantry 277

.' Morgan Alexander, do. do ~<0

"Robert Adams, Pennsylvania do 205

"John Alexander, do. do 218

"William Alexander, do. do 218

"John Black well, do. do 278

"Reuben Briscoe, do. do 279

"Benj. Biggs, do. do ^84

"Thomas Bell, do. do -8b

"Alex. Breckinridge, do. do ^87

"Richard Baker, South Carolina do 290

"William Brown, Maryland Artillery 227

"Nathaniel Burwell, Virginia do 242

"Thomas Bavtop, do. do 251

"Peter B. Bruin, do. Infantry

"Samuel Booker, do. Artillery 265

"William Butler, Pennsylvania Infantry 189


Capt. Stephen Bayard, Pennsylvania Infantry 190

"John Brisban, do. do 191

"Lewis Bush, do. do 205

"Jacob Bauer, —. do. do 221

'.' Stephen Buckland, New York Artillery 156

"Jonathan Brown, do. do 174

"Rudolph Bunner, Pennsylvania Infantry 185

"Thomas Black well, Virginia do 262

"William Bratton, Pennsylvania do 215

"John C. Carter, Virginia Artillery 249

"Whitehead Coleman,-' do. do 252

"James Calderwood, do. Infantry 256

"Thomas Craig, Pennsylvania do 187

"Thomas Church, do. do 196

"Buller Claiborne, Virginia do 270

A, " Richard Dorsey, Maryland Artillery 280

»" Richard Davis, do Riflemen 240 —

"John Dandridge, Virginia Artillery 247

"Nathaniel Donnell, New York do 157'

"Thomas Dunbar, South Carolina Infantry 293

"Philip De Bois Bevier, New York do 164

"Jost Driesbach, Pennsylvania do 219

"Amos Emerson, New Hampshire Infantry 148

"Samuel EUdens, Virginia Artillery 260

"Ebenezer Frye, New Hampshire Infantry 149

"Persifer Frazer, Pennsylvania do 198

"Isaac Farwell, New Hampshire do 150

"Jeremiah Gilman, do. do 144

"Henry Goodwin, New York do 166 ,

.*" Philip Griffith, Man-land Riflemen 240

"Charles Gallahue, Virginia Infantry 267

"James Gray, do. do 2C6

"" John Gregory, do. Artillery..M.»t;...s.. 266

"David Grier, Pennsylvania Infantry 211

"Philip Graybcll, do. do 221

"John Gist, Virginia do 285

"Peter Grey, South Carolina do 291


"Samnel Hawetr, Virginia do 275

"Thomas Hall, South Carolina do 292

"John Henry, Virginia Artillery 252

"John Huling Pennsylvania Infantry 193

"Samuel Hayes, do. do 203

"Nathaniel Hutchins, New Hampshire do 151

"Amos Hatchins, New York Artillery 163

"John F. Humtranick, do. Infantry 167

"Cornelius T. Jansen, do. do. 169

"William Johnston, Virginia do 258

"Strother Jones, do. do 285

"John C. Jones, Maryland do 227

"John Johnson, New York do 167

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