A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Količina 1

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Reeves and Turner, 1874 - 6652 strani
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Stran 110 - Everyman. Nay, never again till the day of doom. Fellowship. In faith, then will not I come there ! Who hath you these tidings brought? Everyman. Indeed, Death was with me here. Fellowship. Now, by God that all hath bought, If Death were the messenger, For no man that is living to-day I will not go that loath journey — Not for the father that begat me ! Everyman.
Stran 115 - In my time, sith life was me lent; And of all virtues that I have refused. Therefore I pray you, go thither with me, To help to make mine account, for saint charity.
Stran 133 - He beareth the keys and thereof hath the cure For man's redemption, it is ever sure; Which God for our soul's medicine Gave us out of his heart with great...
Stran 104 - EVERYMAN. Alas, shall I have no longer respite? I may say Death giveth no warning! To think on thee, it maketh my heart sick, For all unready is my book of reckoning. But twelve year and I might have abiding, My counting book I would make so clear That my reckoning I should not need to fear.
Stran 2 - A new interlude and a merry of the nature of the Four Elements, declaring many proper points of philosophy natural, and of divers strange lands, and of divers strange effects and causes...
Stran 118 - To give a straight account general Before the highest Jupiter of all; And all my life I have had joy and pleasure in thee. Therefore I pray thee go with me, For, peradventure, thou mayst before God Almighty...
Stran 125 - Here shall you receive that scourge of me, Which is penance strong that ye must endure To remember thy Saviour was scourged for thee With sharp scourges, and suffered it patiently ; So must thou...
Stran 123 - Everyman, I will go with thee, and be thy guide, In thy most need to go by thy side.
Stran 117 - My kinsmen promised me faithfully For to abide with me steadfastly, And now fast away do they flee. Even so Fellowship promised me. What friend were best me of to provide? I lose my time here longer to abide. Yet in my mind a thing there is ; — All my life I have loved riches ; If that my good now help me might, He would make my heart full light.

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