The War of Races in Hungary: A Review of De L'esprit Public en Hongrie, Etc. Par A. Degerando. With Many Newspaper Cuttings Relating to Kossuth and Hungarian Affairs

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Stran 14 - But until this point shall be decided, on the basis of the ancient and received principles which have been recognized for ages, the government of the united countries, their possessions and dependencies, shall be conducted on personal responsibility, and under the obligation to render an account of all acts by Louis Kossuth...
Stran 2 - But now the negro looked about, and knew that he was gone, For no man could be seen, and the camel came alone ; So he turned his sharpened ear, and caught the wailing tone, Where Jusuf, by his mother's grave, lay making heavy moan. And the negro hurried up, and gave him there a blow ; So quick and cruel was it, that it instant laid him low ;
Stran 69 - The inhabitants of this country are the miserablest people in the world. The Hodmadods of Monomatapa, though a nasty people yet for wealth are gentlemen to these, who have no houses and skin garments, sheep, poultry, and fruits of the earth, ostrich eggs etc.
Stran 85 - ... excursions all round, and to return to his house at night One thing I must desire of thee, and do insist that thee must oblige me therein: that thou make up that drugget clothes, to go to Virginia in, and not appear to disgrace thyself or me; for though I should not esteem thee the less to come to me in what dress thou...
Stran 65 - Wit was originally a general name for all the intellectual powers, meaning the faculty which kens, perceives, knows, understands ; it was gradually narrowed in its signification to express merely the resemblance between ideas ; and lastly, to note that resemblance when it occasioned ludicrous surprise.
Stran 85 - Virginia in, and not appear to disgrace thyself or me; for though I should not esteem thee the less, to come to me in what dress thou will, — yet these Virginians are a very gentle, well-dressed people — and look, perhaps, more at a man's outside than his inside. For these and other reasons, pray go very clean, neat, and handsomely dressed, to Virginia.
Stran 69 - Ibid., p. 81. chiefly of those who sold rum, and those who drank it. Even the chief constable of Sydney, whose business it was to repress irregularity, had a license to promote it, under the Governor's hand, by the sale of rum and other ardent liquors ; and although the chief jailer was not exactly permitted to convert his Majesty's jail into a grog-shop, he had a licensed house in which he sold rum publicly on his own behalf, right opposite the jail door.
Stran 19 - As we close it up," he says, — speaking of an old chronicle he has been criticizing, — " we should not forget, that the whole series, extending over full two hundred and fifty years, from the time of Alfonso the Wise to the accession of Charles the Fifth, and covering the New World as well as the Old, is unrivalled in richness, in variety, and in picturesque and poetical elements. In truth, the chronicles of no other nation can, on such points, be compared to them ; not even the Portuguese, which...
Stran 10 - How shall those eyes now find repose That turn, in vain, thy smile to see? What can they hear save mortal woes, Who lose thy voice's melody? "And who shall lay his tranquil hand Upon the troubled ocean's might? Who hush the wind by his command?
Stran 7 - ... has infused into the gayer divisions of his drama, and the moving tenderness that pervades its graver and more tragical portions, lift us unconsciously to the height where alone his brilliant exhibitions can prevail with our imaginations, —where alone we can be interested and deluded, when we find ourselves in the midst, not only of such a confusion of the different forms of the drama, but of such a confusion of the proper limits of dramatic and lyrical poetry. To this elevated tone, and to...

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