Nature, Količina 30

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1884

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Stran 148 - Frankland. — AGRICULTURAL CHEMICAL ANALYSIS, A Handbook of. By PERCY FARADAY FRANKLAND, Ph.D., B.Sc., FCS, Associate of the Royal School of Mines, and Demonstrator of Practical and Agricultural Chemistry in the Normal School of Science and Royal School of Mines, South Kensington Museum. Founded upon Leitfaden fiir die Agriculture Chemiche Analyse, von Dr.
Stran 159 - And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, And praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you : And my people shall never be ashamed.
Stran 30 - Fig. 9, the amount of heat produced is proportional to the resistance, and to the square of the current; or, to the EMF and the current.
Stran 201 - A Treatise on the Application of Wire to the Construction of Ordnance.
Stran 31 - That proficiency in the use of tools for working in wood and iron be paid for as a "specific subject," arrangements being made for the work being done, so far as practicable, out ot school hours.
Stran 25 - The better the discipline of the troops, or the more treacly the fluid, the less likely is steady motion to be disturbed under any circumstances. On the other hand, speed and size are in both cases influences conducive to unsteadiness. The larger the army, and the more rapid the evolutions, the greater the chance of disorder ; so with fluid, the larger the channel, and the greater the velocity, the more chance of eddies.
Stran 102 - I think, then, that we cannot escape from the reasons to believe that we lose in England and Wales every year, in consequence of sickness, 20,000,000 of weeks' work ; or, say, as much work as 20,000,000 of healthy people would do in a week.
Stran 19 - STONE-WORKING MACHINERY. A Manual dealing with the Rapid and Economical Conversion of Stone. With Hints on the Arrangement and Management of Stone Works. By M. Powis BALE, MIME Second Edition, enlarged. Crown 8vo, cloth . . 9/O " The book should be In the hands of every mason or student of stonework.
Stran 219 - Hemisphere, and these winds are called by some the return trades, and by others the south-west and north-west upper currents respectively, and are of great altitude, probably ranging up to 50,000 feet. Well, the most bulky masses cast...
Stran 37 - ... or nine days after one of the Toronto maxima, and the Kew temperature-range maximum about seven days after the same Toronto maximum. 4. The proportional oscillation exhibited by the temperaturerange inequalities is much less than the proportional oscillation exhibited by the corresponding solar inequalities.

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