The Kappa Alpha Journal, Količina 12

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Stran 27 - The wild flowers who will stoop to number? A few can touch the magic string, And noisy Fame is proud to win them; — Alas for those who never sing, But die with all their music in them! Nay, grieve not for the dead alone Whose song has told their hearts' sad story, — Weep for the voiceless, who have known The cross without the crown of glory!
Stran 28 - O'er Sappho's memory-haunted billow, But where the glistening night-dews weep On nameless sorrow's churchyard pillow. O hearts that break and give no sign Save whitening lip and fading tresses, Till Death pours out his cordial wine Slow-dropped from Misery's crushing presses, — If singing breath or echoing chord To every hidden pang were given, What endless melodies were poured, As sad as earth, as sweet as heaven!
Stran 27 - The wild-flowers who will stoop to number ? A few can touch the magic string, And noisy Fame is proud to win them : — Alas for those that never sing, But die with all their music in them ! Nay, grieve not for the dead alone Whose song has told their hearts...
Stran 200 - It's wiser being good than bad; It's safer being meek than fierce : It's fitter being sane than mad. My own hope is, a sun will pierce The thickest cloud earth ever stretched ; That, after Last, returns the First, Though a wide compass round be fetched ; That what began best, can't end worst, Nor what God blessed once, prove accurst.
Stran 36 - That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of this association, and that a copy be sent to the president and to the board of trustees of the Drexel institute.
Stran 187 - University twenty regular four-year men's Fraternities, four women's Fraternities, three professional Fraternities, two honorary Fraternities, four class societies, thirteen social and convivial organizations among the men and four among the women, nine organizations for the pursuit of some particular field of knowledge, nine religious and philosophical associations, three general athletic organizations, four musical and dramatic organizations, and three debating societies, making a total of seventy-eight....
Stran 504 - The Kappa Chapter of Chi Phi was founded at Brown University in 1872 by the secret Order of Chi Phi and has existed to the present time under the original charter granted by that body ; and " Whereas, The secret Order of Chi Phi in 1874 united with the Southern Order of Chi Phi (so-called), and formed the Chi Phi Fraternity ; and " Whereas, The Chi Phi Fraternity has persisted in violating the rights of the Kappa Chapter by seeking to withdraw its charter on grounds wholly unconstitutional and unjust,...
Stran 433 - Women will find their place, and it will neither be that in which they have been held, nor that to which some of them aspire. Nature's old salique law will not be repealed, and no change of dynasty will be effected. The big chests, the massive brains, the vigorous muscles and stout frames of the best men will carry the day, whenever it is worth their while to contest the prizes of life with the best women.
Stran 241 - Mclntire, and we bow in humble submission to the will of Him who doeth all things well...
Stran 37 - That a copy of this report and resolutions be sent to the family of our deceased brother, and that a copy be sent to all the Homoeopathic journals in this State.

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