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Reeves & Turner,

THOMAS DECKER-THE GULL'S HORNBOOK. With the Notes of Dr Nott and others (1609). A Monstrous Serpent or Dragon in Sussex (1614). Work for Cutlers (1615). A Merry Dialogue between Band, Ruff, and Cuff (1615). The Great Snow Storm (1614). Part 7, 2s. 6d.; large paper,


Decker's Gull's Hornbook affords a greater insight into the manners, fashionable follies, and vulgar habits of Queen Elizabeth's day than perhaps any other work extant.

TAYLOR (The Water Poet), and KING JAMES-A Navy of Land Ships (1627). Jack a Lent (1630). A Counterblaste to Tobacco (1604). The Penniless Parliament of Threadbare Poets (1608). Execution of the Traitors in Gunpowder Plot (1606). Part 8, 2s. 6d. ; large paper, 5s.

TAYLOR (The Water Poet)-Penniless Pilgrimage on Foot from London to Edinburgh (1618). A Kicksey-Wincey, or a Lerry-come-Twang (1619). Taylor's Jack a Lent. Taylor's The True Cause of the Waterman's Suit concerning Players, &c. Part 9, 2s. 6d. ; large paper, 5s.

TAYLOR (The Water Poet)-How the Good Wife taught her Daughter. Farewell to the Tower Bottles (1622). Part 10, 2s. 6d. ; large paper, 5s.

Contents of Vol. III. (price 17s. 6d., or large paper, 32s. 6d.), as follows:

WALTER RALEIGH'S FAREWELL TO HIS LADY THE NIGHT BEFORE HE WAS BEHEADED (1644). Lamentable Complaints of Hop the Brewer and Killcalfe the Butcher (1641). The Countryman's Care and the Citizen's Fare (1641). Sion's Charity towards her Foes in Misery (1641). Vinegar and Mustard, or Wormwood Lectures for Every Day in the Week (1673). Jackson's Recantations (1674). Part 2, 2s. 6d. ; large paper, 5s.

The Poet's Blind-man's-bough (1641). Bartholomew Faine (1641). The Stage Player's Complaint (1641). Generous Usurer (1641). Archy's Dream-sometime Jester to His

185 Fleet Street and 196 Strand, London.

Reeves & Turner,

Majesty (1641). The Prophesie of Mother Shipton (1641). A Threefold Discourse between Three Neighbours- Algate, Bishopsgate, and John Heyden, the late Cobbler of Houndsditch (1642). The Actor's Remonstrance or Complaint for the Silencing of their Profession (1643). An Ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament (1647). Strange and Wonderful Prophesies by Lady E. Andeley (1649). Usher's Strange and Remarkable Prophesies and Predictions (1678). Part 12, 2s. 6d. ; large paper, 5s.

JOHN TAYLOR'S TRAVELS FROM LONDON TO HAMBURGH (1617). The Unnatural Father, or a Cruel Murder committed by one John Rowse, of the Town of Ewell, in the County of Surrey (1621). Sir Gregory Nonsense: his News from No Place (1700). The Character of a Town Miss. Lady Eleanor Audley's Prophesies. Part 13, 2s. 6d.; large

paper, 5s.

JOHN TAYLOR'S-A Very Merry Wherry Ferry Voyage (1622). A New Discovery by Sea in a Wherry from London to Salisbury (1623.) The Great Eater of Kent (1630). The Old, Old, Very Old Man; or, The Life of THOMAS PARR (1635). Part 14, 2s. 6d. ; large paper, 5s.

JOHN TAYLOR'S PART OF THIS SUMMER'S TRAVELS, OR NEWS FROM HELL, HULL, AND HALIFAX (1639). Life of Henry Walker the Ironmonger (1642). Mad Fashions, Odd Fashions, all out of Fashions (1642). The King's Majesties welcome to Hampton Court (1647). Part 15, 2s. 6d. ; large paper, 5s.

JOHN TAYLOR'S WANDERINGS FROM LONDON TO CORNWALL TO SEE THE WONDERS OF THE WEST (1649). A Short Relation of a long Journey by the Counties of Middlesex, Buckingham, Berks, Oxonia, Warwick, Stafford, Chester, and the Principalities of Wales (1652). The Certain Travels of an Uncertain Journey through Surrey, Sussex, and Kent (1653). Part 16, 2s. 6d. ; large paper, 5s.

185 Fleet Street and 196 Strand, London.

Reeves & Turner,

Now ready, uniform with "New London Jest Book," ANECDOTES AND REMINISCENCES OF ILLUSTRIOUS MEN AND WOMEN OF MODERN TIMES,—Addison, Mrs Siddons, Pitt, Coleridge, Swift, Lady Holland, Pope, Johnson, Gladstone, Palmerston, and a host of others. With copious Index and Preface by the Editor of "New London Jest-Book." Handsomely bound for presentation, post 8vo, 4s.

"A book of this sort is to be regarded as in a sen se a library in miniature." -NORTH BRITISH DAILY MAIL.

"This work has two main merits, it contains anecdotes in short, and for the most part little known. It will be found a very pleasant companion."-STANDARD.


8vo, sewed, price 2s. each,


Now ready, strictly uniform with BELL & DALDY's popular edition of WILLIAM HAZLITT'S Works,

ESSAYS ON THE FINE ARTS; including Sketches of the Principal English Picture Galleries, by WILLIAM HAZLITT. A New Edition by W. C. HAZLITT. Post 8vo, 476 pp., cloth, 68.


CHAMBERS' INDEX TO ABOVE 50,000 HEIRS AT LAW, NEXT OF KIN, LEGATEES, MISSING FRIENDS, &c. Third Edition, enlarged 8vo, cloth, 10s. 6d. (or letters A to Z, price 1s. each).

"There are thousands of persons in the United Kingdom to whom this book would be an absolute fortune."-WEEKLY TIMES.

"Great expectations' may here be changed into possessions, or dissipated for ever-to the eternal comfort of the interested."-LINCOLNSHIRE CHRONICLE.

"We imagine the Index will be of great assistance to solicitors and others wanting a clue to unclaimed money."-Cox's MONTHLY LEGAL CIRCULAR.

Post 8vo, cloth, 102 pp., price 1s.,

HANDY BOOK ON THE LAW OF RAILWAY COMPANIES, for the Use of Railway Travellers, &c. By G. S. BAKER, of Lincoln's Inn.

185 Fleet Street and 196 Strand, London.

In the press.

A Supplementary and Index Volume, small 4to, cloth,


EXILES FROM FRANCE IN THE REIGN OF LOUIS XIV. Index Volume, with Analysis Alphabetical Tables and Notes, also Introductory Memoirs of Refugees in former Reigns.

Price 2d., post 8vo, 32 pp., sewed,


By A

Uniform with above, price 6d., sewed in neat coloured wrapper, MUSIC IN PLAY AND MUSIC IN EARNEST. ORLANDO STEED. A Lecture delivered at the Town Hall Sudbury.

Price 2d.; or in Cloth Case, price 3d., RUDIMENTS OF VOCAL MUSIC, with Twelve Exercise for the Use of Choir-Boys. By T. L. SOUTHGATE.

"Mr Southgate is the model of conciseness, and within the restricte compass of four little pages has collected nearly all that a choir-boy need know for the due discharge of his part in the music."-MUSICAL STANDARD.

Price 6d., sewed in coloured wrapper,

BARKS OF MY DOG "GERELS" TRANSLATED INTO HUMAN LANGUAGE, and other Little Comicalities. By J. P. and R. P. With 7 smart Illustrations.

Sharp and observant barks to redress all our national grievances.

Weekly, Price 2d., or by Post 24d. Established 1862.
The Musical Standard:

A Weekly Journal of Music. Contains Leading Articles or Current Topics, Reviews of New Books and Music, Concer Notices, Special Foreign Letters, Table Talk, Foreign Notes Cathedral Services, and various other information, with piece of Music in every Number. Subscriptions, 5s. 6d. for half-year, post free. Advertisements, 30 words or under. 2s. 6d. New Series, Vol. II. 6s. 6d., Vol. III. 6s. 6d., Vol. IV. 6s. 6d.

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