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we have therefore alligned to them the country of 1764 Ghazipore, and the rest of the Zemindary of Bulwant Sing , belonging to the Nizamut of the Nabob Sujab al Dowlah; and the regulation and government the reof, we have given to their disposal, in the same manner as it was in the Nabob Sujah al Dowlah's. The aforesaid Rajah having settled terms with the Chiefs of the English Company, is, according thereto, to pay the revenues to the Company; and the amount shall not belong to the books of the royal revenue, bat shall be expunged from them. The army of the English Company having joined our standard, shall put us in possession of illahabad, and the rest of the countries belonging to the Nizamat of the Nabob Sujah al Dowlah, and the revenues, excepting those of Rajah Bulwant Sing's zemindary, shall be in our entire management and disposal.

As the English Company will be at a further expence in putting us in posesion of Ilahabad, and the rest of the Nizamut of the Nabob Sujah al Dowlab, we will therefore, as we get posleslion, grant to them out of our treasury such a proportion of the revenues as the exigencies of our affairs will admit of; and when we are put in full possession, we will reimburse the whole expences of the Company in this business from the time of their joining our royal standard.

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Firman de l'Empereur Shah Allum, accordant 29. Déc. à la compagnie la Zemindarie de Ghazipore, Banaras etc. qu'à possédé le Rajah Bulwant

Sing. Daté du 29. Déc. 1764.

(Bolts 1. C. P. 21.

VEREIST p. 164.)

As the English Company have been put to a great

expence, and their affairs exposed to wanger by the war which the Nabob Sujah al Dowlah unjustly and contrary to our royal pleasure waged against them; we have therefore aligned to them the country of Ghazipore, and the relt of the Zeminılary of Rajah


Bulwant Sing, belonging to the Nizamut of the Nabob Sujah al Dowlah, and the regulation and government thereof we have given to their disposal, in the same manner as it was in the Nabob Sujah al Dowlah's. The aforesaid Rajab having settled terms with the Chiefs of the English Company, is, according thereto, to pay the revenues to the Company.

The army of the English Company having joined our standard , shall put us in possession of Illahabad and the rest of the countries belonging to the Nizamat of the Nabob Sujah al Dowlah, and the revenues, excepting those of Rajah Bulwant Sing's Zemindary, shall be in our entire management and disposal.

It becomes the Company to shew their grateful sense of our royal favours, and to exert themselves to the utmost in the proper management and regulation of the country, to encourage and befriend our subjects, to punish the contentious and expel the rebellious from their territories. They must ule their best endeavours to promote the welfare of our people, the Ryois and other inhabitants, to prohibit the use of things of an intoxicating nature, and such as are forbidden by the law of God; in driving out enemies, in deciding causes, and settling matters agreeably of the rules of Mahomed and the law of the empire, so that the inhabitants may apply themselves, with peace of mind and satisfaction, to the cultivation of the country and exercise of other their professions, and that the weak may not labour under opprellion and violence, They will consider these as our Arict injunctions.

Written on the 4th day of Rejub (29. Dec. 1764). the 6th year of the reign.

Fort William, 6th February 1705.

A frue Copy of the translation,

W. MAJENDIE, Secretary.

d. Traité, entre la compagnie anglaise des Indes 1765 orientales et Naijm al Dowlah, lorsqu'elle lui 25.Feyr. conféra la Nabobie de Bengale, à la mort de son père Meer Jaffier Ally Khawn; en

date du 25. Février 1765.

(Bolts 1. c. p. 22.

VERKLST p. 164.)

Articles of a treaty and agreement concluded bet. ween the Governor and Council of Fort William, on tre part of the English East India Company,

and the Nabob Najim al Dowlah.

On the part of the Company.

We the Governor and Council do engage to secure

to the Nabob Najim al Dowlah, the Subahdary of the provinces of Bengal, Bahar, and Oriffa, and to support him therein with the Company's forces against all his enemies. We will also, at all times, keep up such force as may be necessary, effectually to aliit and fup. port him in the defence of the provinces; and as our troops will be more to be depended on than any the Nabob can have, and less expensive to him, he need therefore entertain none but such as are requisite for the support of the civil officers of his government, and the buliness of his collections through the diffe. rent districts.

We do further promise, that, in consideration the Nabob shall continue to assist in defraying the extraordinary expences of the war now carrying on against Sujah al Dowlah, with five lacks of rupees per month, which was agreed to by his father, that whatever sums may be hereafter received of the King, on account of our asliftance afforded in the war, shall be repaid to the Nabob.

On the part of the Nabob. In confideration of the alliance which the Governor and Council have agreed to afford, in securing

1765 to me the succession in the Subahdary of Bengal,

Bahar, and Orilla, heretofore held by my father, the late Nabob Meer Jaffier Ally Khawn, and supporting me in it against all my enemies, I do agree and bind myself to the faithful performance of the following articles.

1. The treaty which my father formerly concluded with the Company upon his first accession to the Nizamut, engaging to regard the honour and repulation of the Company, and of their Governor and Council, as his own, and granting perwannahs for the currency of the Company's trade,

the same treaty, as far as is consistent with the articles hereafter agreed to, I do hereby ratify and confirm.

2. Considering the weighty charge of government, and how ellential it is for myself, for the welfare of the country, and for the Company's business, that I should have a person who has had experience therein to advise and allilt me, I do agree to have one fixed with me, with the advice of the Governor and Council, in the station of Naib Subah, who shall accordingly bavo, immediately under me,, the chief management of all affairs; and as Mahomed Reza Khawn, the Naib of Dacca, has in every respect my approbation, and that of the Governor and Council, I do further agree, that this trust shall be conferred on him; and I will not displace him without the approbation of those gentlemen; and in case any alteration in this appointment should hereafter appear adviseable, that Mahomed Reza Khawn, provided he has acquitted himself with fidelity in his administration, shall, in such case, be reinstated in the Naibship of Dacca, with the same authority as heretofore,

3. The business of the collections of the revenues shall, under the Naib Subah, be divided into two or more branches, as may appear proper: and as I have the fullest dependence and confidence on the attachment of the English, and their regard to my interest and dignity, and am desirous of giving them every, testimony thereof, I do further consent, that the appointment and dismillion of the Mutseddees of those brauches,, and the allotment of their several districts, shall be with the approbation of the Governor and Council.

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And, condering how much men of my rank and 1765
Nation are obliged to trust to the eyes and recomman.
dations of the servants about them, and how liable
to be deceived, it is my further will, that the Go-
vernor and Council shall be at liberty to object and
point out to me when improper people are intrusted,
or where my officers and subjects are appressed, and I
will pay a proper regard to such representations, that my
affairs may be conducted with honour, my people every
where be happy, and their grievances be redressed.

4. I do confirm to the Company, as a fixed resource for defraying the ordinary expences of their troops, the Chacklahs of Burdwan, Midnipore, and Cbitiigong, in as full a manner as heretofore ceded by my father. The sum of five lacks of licca rupees per month for their maintenance, was further agreed to be paid by my father; I agree to pay the same out of my treasury, whilst the exigency for keeping up lo large an army continues. When the Company's occafions will admit a diminution of the expences they are put to, on account of those troops, the Governor will they relieve me from such a pro. portion of this allignment, as the increased expences incurred by keeping up the whole force necessary for the defence of the provinces will admitt of; and as I esteem the Company's troops entirely equal thereto and as my own, I will only maintain such as are im. mediately necessary for the dignity of my person and government and the bulinels of my collections through the provinces.

5. I do ratify and confirm to the English the privilege granted them by their firmaun and several husbul. hockums of carrying on their trade by means of their own dustuck; free from all duties, taxes, or impofitions in all parts of the country, excepting in the article of fait, on which a duty of 25 per cent, is to be levied on the Rowana, or Hoogly market price.

6. I give to the Company the liberty of purchasing half the Calpetre produced in the country of Purnea, which their gomaltahs shall send to Calcutia: the other half thall be collected by my Fowzdar for the use of my ofhces: and I will suffer no other persons to make purchases of this article in that country,

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