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THE WEEK IN REVIEW THE GERMAN MUNITION cynical and groundless; but it is per


"seotly true that our foreign trade is THE AUSTRIAN REPLY. The eight-indictments found by the

reaching prodigious and unprece

dented proportions. Federal Grand Jury in New York The Austrian reply to the second for conspiracy to prevent the manu,

In November

alone, our imports and exports note regarding the sinking of the facture and shipment of arms and totalled hall, a billion dollars. The more conciliatöry: • in ammunition to the Entente Allies was far the largest total on record.

exports reached $331,144,000, which tone than had been anticipated and cover Captain Franz von Rintelen went far toward meeting the 'American demands. It declared that the of the German navy, the chief insti. During the twelve months ending

with November, gator of munition strikes, who is now

exports commander of the submarine had been pulaished for exceeding his in

a prisoner in England; 'Representa- amounted to $3,437,000,000, which was strictions, i1'so far that he failed to

tive Buchanan, of the seventh Illinois one and a half billion dollars in ex

district; former make allowance for the panic among

cess of the figures for the preceding Attorney-General Monett of Ohio; ex-Congressman period were $1,730,000,000. As one

year. Our imports for the same The passengers so as to permit their Fowler oi Illinois; David Lamar, escape; and it promised indemnity to American citizens who suffered.

who is regarded as von Rentelen's result of this huge excess of exports expressed assent to the principle Tit right hand man in the work of tying over imports, gold is pouring into

the country as up munition plants; and Jacob C.

never before. The that private ships which do not fee Taylor, Henry B. Martin and Her

net inward gold movement for the or offer resistance should not be de

twelve months

$390,983,000, stroyed without allowing those on

man Schulteis, officers of the so-called
Labor's National Peace Council, a

against a net outward movement the board to escape; though it did not notorious pro-German body, organ

year before of $174,705,000. distinctly promise that there should be no repetition of the Ancona inci- promoting international peace, but

ized with the ostensible purpose of THE "MURDER DEATH-RATE." dent. For the rest, the note was financed and controlled by von Rinte

The statistics of what is graphically mainly an elaborate statement of the len and his associates, with a view to called the murder death-rate” in the circumstances, a shouldering of responsibility upon the crew of the

bribing, labor leaders and manipula. United States, by which is meant the Ancona for the loss of life, and a

ting labor organizations. The trial ratio which the number of homidisavowal of liability for lives lost be indicted later, will lead to startling total population, are sufficiently de

of these nien and of others, who will cides in a given period bears to the while the ship was in fight, or by disclosures.

pressing. They show a bad state of the faulty lowering, of lifeboats, and

things steadily growing worse. For the capsizing of boats. This


the last ten years, the average annual followed, however, by a promise to

Speculation is rife as to the real homicide-rate for the thirty cities disregard "gaps in proof” in particu- mission upon which Colonel Edwin grouped in the table was 8.1 per 100,lar claims for indemnity. M. House, the President's confiden

000 inhabitants as compared with ALMOST A SECOND LUSI- tial adviser, who has been sometimes 5.0 for the preceding decade, and TANIA.

described as a sort of unofficial am- 4.8 for the decade before that.' The

bassador-at-large, has just sailed for comparison by cities shows Memphis The sinking of the British passen- Europe. It is vigorously denied that at the head of the list, with a homiger ship Persia in the Mediterranean he goes upon any kind of a peace

cide-rate of 63.7 per 100,000 inhabiby a torpedo ranks with the sinking of the Cunarder Lusitania among

mission, and still more vigorously tants, or nearly eight times the aver

that he goes to collect information age in the group. The murder deaththe submarine tragedies of the war. which may lead to the displacement rate for the registration area of this The ship was attacked without warn- of some American representatives country for the period 1909-13 was ing; no attempt was made to assist

in belligerent countries. It is given 6.4 per 100,000 of population, as comthose on board; and the ship sank out that the object of his visit to Eu- pared with 0.8 for England and five minutes after the torpedo struck ropean capitals is to convey to

Wales, 2.0 for Prussia, 3.6 for Italy, her, carrying with her about one

American ambassadors exactly what and 1.9 for Australia.' These statishalf of the passengers and crew. the President thinks and what Amer- tics are a painful refsection, not so There were several Americans on

ican sentiment desires, and to bring much upon American laws, but upon board, among them the newly-ap- back confidential statements to the the non-enforcement of them. pointed consulat Aden, Arabia, President regarding the European Robert N. McNeely. There was no diplomatic situation. But none of panic, and the survivors report that

MAGAZINES the official explanations make the the crew behaved splendidly. There matter very clear.

--In “Labor and Capital-Partners” is, therefore, no room for such quibbling as was contained in the Austrian

"PORK” VERSUS PREPARED- by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., in the

NESS. note, attempting to throw the blame

January Atlantic, we get a definite for the loss of life upon the crew.

statement of the industrial creed of

It is understood that the enemies a man who has recently been the Coming, as it did, just as the Aus

of the President's plans for national victim of more unfavorable publicity trian reply to the note on the Ancona was published, it seemed to afford preparedness have hit upon the in- and misunderstanding and calumny

genious scheme of antagonizing bills than any other individual in the fresh proof of the inadequacy of dip

for army and navy increase with bills country. Now he sets forth clearly lomatic exchanges to check the horrible submarine warfare upon

for public buildings and river and his theory of the partnership of armed merchant shipping.

harbor improvements-bills, that is labor and capital, and illustrates it

to say, of the familiar "pork-barrel" by explaining the nature of the "InTHE CONSCRIPTION QUES- type. In this way, they hope to ar- dustrial Constitution” which has re.

ray against the TION IN GREAT BRITAIN.

proposals ior cently been devised for the Colo

national defence the strong local rado Fuel and Iron Company. SelThe crisis over compulsory ser- and sectional interests which are dom appears such a valuable contrivice in Great Britain has advanced always cager for a share of the na- bution toward the solution of the so far as this, that the Cabinet, at the tional expenditures. Their argu- tremendous problems of modern incost of whatever divisions may be ment will be that, if the nation is able dustry. At this season, when prohibicaused in its own ranks and of what- to appropriate millions for warships tion is discussed everywhere, there ever bitter opposition in Parliament, and a larger army, it should have is also special interest in John has determined to push a bill giving money to spend for good roads, new Koren's "Social Aspects of Drink." it power to force the enlistment of public buildings, and river and har- The Atlantic's war articles are unmarried men, if found necessary. bor improvements. No less than stimulating as usual: Rebecca West The straits in which the Government three appropriation bills for these writes brilliantly on the growth and finds itself might well appeal to the purposes are being worked out by transformation of the women of Engpatriotism of all groups in Parlia- the respective committees, and the land under the conditions of war; ment and all classes of citizens; but, anti-preparedness groups will do W. J. Ashley, the leading British exwith the Irish members openly de- their utmost to push them along peri of the economic resources of claring themselves against conscrip- ahead of bills framed to carry out Germany, explains the cotton_situation and the labor unions organizing the President's recommendations. tion in that country to-day; Roland against it, the crisis is a serious one.

A BOOMING FOREIGN TRADE. G. Usher poses and answers the The situation may yet be relieved by

question, "Can Sea Power Decide rapid voluntary enlistment; but, if it The intimation that Americans are the War?" J. W. Headlam unravels is not, it may be hoped that the well content to have the great war the Balkan diplomatic tangle. There patriotism of the country will rise go on, because they are making so is interest for every type of reader to the support of the Government. much money out of it, is entirely in the other Atlantic papers.


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MITATION IS the sincerest form of flattery.

The Assembly Song Book Series by Dr. Frank R. Rix, Director of Music, New York City, consisting of


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cheapness that appeal to

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If you want the SIMON-PURE, UNADULTERATED ARTICLE, the BOOKS WHICH WILL SATISFY YOU, INSIST ON Rix's Assembly Song Books (either one of the three as may be adapted to your needs) published by

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