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LABOR law in the United States is the resultant of federal and state statutes, the application and development of those statutes by administrative authorities, and finally the interpretation placed upon them in numerous judicial decisions. Furthermore, a very large part of the labor law is judge-made law according to the well-known process of common law in England and America.

One of the difficulties hitherto experienced in teaching the subject has been that of familiarizing students with the actual text of the statutes, judicial opinions, and administrative orders and reports, since they are widely scattered and difficult of access. Then, too, they are interfused with a large amount of irrelevant material, if one is aiming primarily at an understanding of the subject of labor legislation, and the student can be saved much time and spared unnecessary labor by a careful pruning and condensation of this official material.

For these reasons it is a welcome aid to teachers of the subject of labor legislation that the compilers of this book should have undertaken and so excellently completed this collection of the more impor

tant statutes, judicial decisions, administrative orders and reports bearing upon the relations between the government and labor in the

United States. The book contains a large amount of carefully chosen material pertinent to the various problems of labor legislation, and the usefulness of the selections is greatly increased by the illuminating suggestions and questions which are found in each section.

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