Reverse Mentoring: What My Students Taught Me

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Xulon Press, 17. mar. 2005 - 104 strani
The word "mentor" brings to mind pairing people for learning opportunities, usually with the older, more experienced person doing the teaching. However, because of our technological age, younger employees often coach senior executives, allowing seniors to learn much from juniors or the less experienced. Therefore, reverse mentoring can be most effective when senior mentors are teachable and humble about the process. As a university professor, I have learned a deeper dimension of life from former students; thus, they became Student-Mentors. The wonderful perspectives given in this book were written by former students of mine. Each one made a meaningful impact not only in their classrooms and on their teacher but upon our society as well. They help us to look beyond our pain and see God at work in life's tragedies. Let their stories inspire you to live your life in such a way as to positively influence your world.

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Stran 9 - Through continued involvement, the adult offers support, guidance and assistance as the younger person goes through a difficult period, faces new challenges or works to correct earlier problems.

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