American Anthropologist, Količina 15

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American Anthropological Association, 1913
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Stran 140 - An Ethnologist Abroad." PROFESSOR WM DAVIS, of Harvard University, has been elected a foreign member of the Swedish Anthropological and Geographical Society at Stockholm. DR ROBERT H. LOWIE, of the department of anthropology of the American Museum of Natural History, has been promoted to the rank of associate curator.
Stran 284 - Hail Mary, full of grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, And blessed is the fruit of thy womb. Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God. Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
Stran 626 - UNIVERSITY NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT THE RELATIVE TIME OF FERTILIZATION OF THE OVUM AND THE SEX RATIO AMONGST JEWS1 BY RAYMOND PEARL AND REDCLIFFE N. SALAMAN IT has recently been shown2 that in cattle the proportionate number of males born increases to a marked and statistically probably significant degree as the time of coitus becomes later and later in the cestrous period. Thus, putting all the available...
Stran 125 - I must acknowledge it seems a little unaccountable how these Finnmen should come on this coast, but they must probably be driven by storms from home, and cannot tell, when they are any way at sea, how to make their way home again...
Stran 494 - ... the program, which may be proposed by a member and accepted by the Committee. ART. 9. — The Bureau of the Committee performs the functions of a Provisional Bureau during the first sitting of the session. The members of the final Bureau are nominated during the sitting. ART. 10. — The final (definitif) Bureau is composed of a President, of six Vice-Presidents, of whom two at least belong to the country in which the Congress is held, a General Secretary, four Secretaries, and the Treasurer....
Stran 207 - I could not but shrink away from him, although it was then noon day, and I knew who it was ; his appearance and gestures were so prodigiously frightful. He had a house consecrated to religious uses, with divers images cut upon the several parts of it.
Stran 125 - ... Eda, most of the people of the Isle flocked to see him, and when they adventured to put out a Boat with men to see if they could apprehend him, he presently fled away most swiftly : And in the Year 1684, another was seen from Westra, and for a while after they got few or no Fishes ; for they have this Remark here, that these Finnmen drive away the fishes from the place to which they come.
Stran 125 - Finnmen seem to be some of these people which dwell about the Fretum Davis, a full account of whom may be seen in the natural and moral history of the Antilles, Chap. 18. One of their boats sent from Orkney to Edinburgh is to be seen in the Physician's Hall with the oar and the dart he makes use of for killing fish...
Stran 493 - Congress takes place every two years ; as far as possible it shall alternate its sessions between the Old and New Worlds ; it cannot meet twice following in the same country. ART. 3. — It is composed of the reunion of the persons who have requested admission and paid their subscription. ART.
Stran 269 - EDWARD SAPIR WHILE on Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, in August, 1911, I was told of a Cayuga Indian named Andrew Sprague who had had opportunity during his childhood to hear Tutelo spoken fluently and who was supposed to remember considerable of it. As Tutelo is an extinct language, I thought it imperative to rescue from oblivion what was still to be obtained and thus add, if only a mite, to what had already been put on record. As a matter of fact, it turned out that Andrew remembered only very little...

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