The Lady's Magazine, Or, Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated Solely to Their Use and Amusement, 2. del

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Robinson and Roberts, 1796

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Stran 372 - Then sunk with his prey through the, wideyawning ground, Nor ever again was Fair Imogine found, Or the spectre that bore her away. Not long lived the baron ; and none, since that time, To inhabit the castle presume ; For chronicles tell that, by order sublime, There Imogine suffers the pain of her crime, And mourns her deplorable doom.
Stran 579 - When you are awakened by this uneasiness, and find you cannot easily sleep again, get out of bed, beat up and turn your pillow, shake the bedclothes well, with at least twenty shakes, then throw the bed open, and leave it to cool; in the meanwhile, continuing...
Stran 326 - ERE Sin could blight or Sorrow fade, Death came with friendly care ; The opening bud to Heaven conveyed And bade it blossom there.
Stran 208 - slower — very well — what a plague is this foot about, and this little head ? No wonder you are out, Mr Bijou, when you forget your time. That's a jewel — bravo ! bravo! my little man!
Stran 184 - Griping misers, nightly waking, See the end of all your care ; Fled on wings of our own making, We have left our owners bare.
Stran 56 - ... seldom with so much pity as contempt, and rather for the ostentation of the physician, than compassion on the patient. It is a circumstance, wherein a man finds all the good he deserves inaccessible, all the ill unavoidable ; and the poor hero is as certainly ragged, as...
Stran 88 - Which nothing but monkeys can dwell on ; Her heart's like a lemon— so nice She carves for each lover a slice ; In truth she's to me, Like the wind, like the sea, Whose raging will hearken to no man ; Like a mill, like a pill, Like a flail, like a whale, Like an ass, like a glass Whose image is constant to no man ; Like a shower, like a flower, Like a fly, like a pie, Like a pea, like a flea, Like a thief, like — in brief, She's like nothing on earth — but a woman ! Unknown.
Stran 210 - Icorn,") and making a couch, placed the mutilated limbs and ravaged feathers of his canary upon it, and renewed his lamentations. Thefe were now much foftened, as is ever the cafe, when the rage of grief yields to its • tendernefs: when it is too much overpowered by the effect to advert to the caufe. It is needlefs to obferve to you, that every one of the company fympathifed with him.
Stran 170 - He was taught to revere such and such persons, however unworthy of his reverence; to believe such and such...
Stran 208 - Bijou, jewel, you are now in the presence of persons of great sagacity and honour ; take heed you do not deceive the expectations they have conceived of you from the world's report. You have got laurels ; beware then of erring. In a word, deport yourself like the bijou — the jewel — of the canary birds, as you certainly are.

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