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1. Lower Division Courses.

(a) A prescribed course is one that is required specifically or as an alternative for graduation in any particular college.

(b) A free-elective course in the lower division is any course that is not prescribed. A free-elective course may be taken as

a prerequisite for a more advanced elective in the same field. 2. Upper Division Courses.

(a) A major course is an upper division course of advanced work in a department of study that has been pursued in the lower division, or of elementary work in a subject of such difficulty as to require the maturity of upper division students. All major courses are definitely announced as such, and are given the numbers 100–199, as is explained below. Concerning honors, see the annual Circular of Information of the Academic Departments.

(b) A free-elective course in the upper division is a course for which the Junior Certificate or junior standing is normally prerequisite, but which does not demand necessarily any preliminary knowledge of the subject. Lower division courses may be taken as free-electives in the upper division, but upper division courses,

whether free-elective or otherwise, are not open to students of the lower division without the special permission

of the department concerned. II. GRADUATE COURSES.


Excepting only the major courses, all undergraduate courses, whether in the lower or upper division, are numbered from 1 to 99, inclusive.

Undergraduate major courses are numbered from 100 to 199, inclusive.
Graduate courses are numbered from 200 to 299, inclusive.

Year Courses; Double Numbers. A course designated by a double number (for example, History 1A-1B) is continued through two successive half-years, that is, from August to May, or from January to December. The student will use the first number in registering for the course during its first half-year, and the second number during its second half-year. A final report will be made by the instructor at the end of each half-year; "provisional mid-year reports” in year courses have been discontinued. The student may discontinue the course at the end of the first half-year, with final credit for the first half of the course.


In the ANNOUNCEMENT OF COURSES the credit value per half-year for every course is indicated. It is to be understood that the number of units agrees with the number of "hours" except when otherwise stated.



The University Library building, provided by the bequest of the late Charles F. Doe, was first occupied in June, 1911, at the opening of the Summer Session. The library at present contains over 300,000 volumes. A collection of between 15,000 and 20,000 volumes is being gradually accumulated on open shelves in the large reading room, free of access to all students; and, in addition, the seminar rooms, in which special collections on various subjects are installed, provide accommodations for more advanced workers.

Among the more important special collections may be mentioned the Bancroft Library of west American history, which is unique in its field, and the Weinhold collection on Germanic philology and folklore. The law library of something over 9,000 volumes is separately housed in the new Boalt Hall of Law.

The current serials and periodicals, amounting to considerably over 6,000 titles, are kept in a special room on the ground floor of the University Library. Much unusual material, especially in the field of foreign scientific publications, is received in exchange for the publications of the University and is included here.

The resources of the library are supplemented by an inter-library loan system, and information as to the resources of certain other large libraries, which can be drawn upon when necessary, is provided by the depository catalogue. This contains the printed cards of the Library of Congress, the University and John Crerar libraries in Chicago, and the Harvard University Library, as well as cards on special subjects published by the Royal Library in Berlin.




THOMAS F. HUNT, D.Agr., Sc.D., Professor of Agriculture, Dean of the

College of Agriculture and Director of the Agricultural Experiment

Station. ROBERT H. LOUGHRIDGE, Ph.D., Professor of Agricultural Chemistry,

Emeritus. EDWARD J. WICKSON, M.A., Professor of Horticulture, Emeritus. HUBERT E. VAN NORMAN, B.S., Professor of Dairy Management, Vice:

Director of Agricultural Experiment Station, and Dean of Univer

sity Farm School. HERBERT J. WEBBER, Ph.D., Professor of Plant Breeding, Director of the

Citrus Experiment Station, and Dean of the Graduate School of

Tropical Agriculture. MYER E. JAFFA, M.S., Professor of Nutrition. CHARLES W. WOODWORTH, M.S., Professor of Entomology. RAIPH E. SMITH, B.S., Professor of Plant Pathology. J. ELIOT Coit, Ph.D., Professor of Citriculture. CHARLES F. SHAW, B.S., Professor of Soil Technology. John W. GREGG, B.S., Professor of Landscape Gardening and Floriculture. John W. GILMORE, M.S., Professor of Agronomy. FREDERIC T. BIOLETTI, M.S., Professor of Viticulture and Enology. WARREN T. CLARKE, B.S., Professor of Agricultural Extension and Super

intendent of Farmers' Institutes. John S. BURD, B.S., Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. CHARLES B. LIPMAN, Ph.D., Professor of Soil Chemistry and Bacteriology. CLARENCE M. HARING, D.V.M., Professor of Veterinary Science. ERNEST B. BABCOCK, M.S., Professor of Genetics. TORI

H. TRUE, B.S., Professor of Animal Husbandry, Davis. JAMES T. BARRETT, Ph.D., Professor of Plant Pathology in the Graduate

School of Tropical Agriculture and Citrus Experiment Station,

Riverside. Fritz W. WOLL, Ph.D., Professor of Animal Nutrition, Davis. WALTER MULFORD, B.S.A., F.E., Professor of Forestry. ARNOID V. STUBENRAUCH, M.S., Professor of Pomology. WALTER P. KELLEY, Ph.D., Professor of Agricultural Chemistry in the

Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture and Citrus Experiment

Station, Riverside..
DAVID T.: Mason, M.F., Professor of Forestry.

HENRY J. QUAYLE, A.B., Professor of Entomology in the Graduate School

of Tropical Agriculture and the Citrus Experiment Station, River

side. Elwood MEAD, M.E., Professor of Rural Institutions. HOWARD S. REED, Ph.D., Professor of Plant Physiology in the Graduate

School of Tropical Agriculture and Citrus Experiment Station,

J. B. Davidson, M.E., Professor of Agricultural Engineering, Davis.
FRANK ADAMS, M.A., Professor of Irrigation Investigations.
HOWARD S. FAWCETT, M.S., Associate Professor of Plant Pathology in the

Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture and Citrus Experiment

Station, Riverside.
WILLIAM T. HORNE, B.S., Associate Professor of Plant Pathology.
ERWIN J. LEA, M.S., Associate Professor of Nutrition.
CHESTER L. ROADHOUSE, D.V.M., Associate Professor of Veterinary Science.
WALTER L. HOWARD, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pomology.
LEON D. BATCHELOR, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Plant Breeding in the

Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture and Citrus Experiment

Station, Riverside.
WILLIAM B. HERMS, M.A., Associate Professor of Parasitology.
WILLIAM G. HUMMEL, M.S., Associate Professor of Agricultural Educa-

J. E. DOUGHERTY, B.S., Associate Professor of Poultry Husbandry, Davis.
B. H. CROCHERON, M.S.A., Associate Professor of Agricultural Extension.
LEON M. DAVIS, B.S.A., Assistant Professor of Dairy Industry.
JOHN I. THOMPSON, B.S.A., Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry,

B. A. Madson, B.S.A., Assistant Professor of Agronomy, Davis.
P. BEVERIDGE KENNEDY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Agronomy.
RICHARD L. ADAMS, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agronomy.
WALTER E. PACKARD, M.S., Assistant Professor of Agronomy and Experi-

mental Agronomist in charge of Imperial Valley Station, El Centro.
FRED M. HAYES, D.V.M., Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science.
WILLIAM V. CRUESS, B.S., Assistant Professor of Zymology.
S. H. BECKETT, B.S., Assistant Professor of Irrigation Practice, Davis.
J. W. NELSON, B.S., Assistant Professor of Soil Technology.
LESLIE T. SHARP, B.S., Assistant Professor of Soil Chemistry gud Bacteri-

David N. MORGAN, B.S., Assistant Professor of Agriculture and Assistant

to the Director. D. R. HOAGLAND, M.A., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. Guy R. STEWART, B.S., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. 0. J. KERN, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education. R. T. STEVENS, B.S., Assistant Professor of Landscape Gardening and


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† Absent on leave from September 1, 1916, to August 31, 1917.

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S. S. ROGERS, B.S., Assistant Professor of Olericulture, Davis.
MERRITT B. PRATT, B.S., M.F., Assistant Professor of Forestry.
R. S. VAILE, A.B., Assistant Professor of Orchard Management in the

Graduate School of Tropical Agriculture and Citrus Experiment

Station, Riverside. R. F. MILLER, M.S., Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry, Davis. JACOB Traum, D.V.M., Assistant Professor of Veterinary Science. WOODBRIDGE METCALF, M.S., Assistant Professor of Forestry. T. FRANCIS HUNT, B.S., Assistant Professor of Agricultural Extension and

Assistant Superintendent of Farmers’ Institutes. ELIZABETH H. SMITH, M.S., Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology. RALPH H. TAYLOR, B.S., Assistant Professor of Pomology. EDWIN C. VAN DYKE, B.S., M.D., Assistant Professor of Entomology. IRA J. CONDIT, B.S., Assistant Professor of Citriculture. DONALD BRUCE, M.F., Assistant Professor of Forestry. HENRY A. MATTILL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Nutrition. WILLIAM F. GERICKE, M.S., Assistant Professor of Soil Chemistry. ALFRED SMITH, M.A., Assistant Professor of Soil Technology. Roy E. CLAUSEN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Genetics. E. O. Essig, M.S., Assistant Professor of Entomology. HOWARD B. FROST, Ph.D., Instructor in the Graduate School of Tropical

Agriculture and Citrus Experiment Station, Riverside. F. C. H. FLOSSFEDER, Instructor in Viticulture and Superintendent of

Grounds, Davis. GEORGE A. COLEMAN, M.A., Instructor in Entomology and Curator of the

Agricultural Museum.
GEORGE P. GRAY, M.S., Instructor in Insecticides and Chemist in Insecti-

cide Laboratory.
H. S. BAIRD, B.S., Instructor in Dairy Industry, Davis.
H. L. BELTON, Instructor in Shopwork, Davis.
R. C. INGRIM, Instructor in Shop Work, Davis.

Instructor in Dairy Husbandry, Davis.
CLAYTON O. SMITH, M.A., Instructor in Plant Pathology, Whittier.
D. H. CAREY, B.S., Instructor in Floriculture and Superintendent of Green-
houses and Gardens.

Instructor in Farm Mechanics, Davis. S. B. FREEBORN, B.S., Instructor in Entomology. E. C. VOORHIES, B.S., Instructor in Animal Husbandry, Davis. G. W. HENDRY, B.S., Instructor in Agronomy. A. H. HENDRICKSON, B.S., Instructor in Pomology. C. F. ELWOOD, B.S., Instructor in Agricultural Education. W. P. TUFTS, M.S., Instructor in Pomology, Davis. W. E. LLOYD, B.S., Instructor in Poultry Husbandry, Davis. E. W. RUST, B.S., Instructor in Entomology in the Citrus Experiment

Station, Riverside.

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