Annual Announcement of Courses of Instruction

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The University Press, 1916

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Stran 11 - The materials and methods suited to such a course in the high school will be fully discussed. The nature and amount of practical work needed in the course, including field trips and excursions, outdoor and laboratory exercises, will be considered in detail, together with the equipment for the same.
Stran 1 - In the Colleges of Letters and Science, Commerce, Agriculture, Mechanics, Mining, Civil Engineering, and Chemistry these privileges are offered without charge for tuition to all residents of California who are qualified for admission. Non-residents of California are charged a tuition fee of $10 each half-year. In the professional colleges, except that of Law, tuition fees are charged. The instruction in all the...
Stran 191 - Pauahi Bishop Museum of Polynesian Ethnology and Natural History, Honolulu, Hawaii. AC Lawson, professor of mineralogy and geology, and dean of the College of Mining, University of California, Berkeley, Calif.
Stran 105 - Lectures, readings, and conferences, together with school observation and practice of teaching, under the direction of the instructor. The school observation and practice of teaching ordinarily require one period daily for five days a week, but students are expected to have two consecutive, free hours between 9 and 3 o'clock throughout the week in order to facilitate making the teaching assignments. Required of all candidates for the Teachers' Recommendation whose pedagogical training is taken at...
Stran 74 - JR., CE, Professor of Civil Engineering and Dean of the College of Civil Engineering. CHARLES G. HYDE, BS, Professor of Sanitary Engineering. FRANCIS S. FOOTE, Jr., EM, Associate Professor of Railroad Engineering.
Stran 116 - The instructors in English hold themselves ready to assist and advise competent graduate students who may propose plans of special study in the English language or literature.
Stran 12 - A five weeks' practice course in selected high schools of the state. Making of lesson plans, practice teaching, reports and conferences with supervising teacher and instructor. Supervised practice teaching and observation of methods and management of class and laboratory instruction by the local teacher. By arrangement with the Department of Education, properly prepared students may satisfy the requirements in practice teaching for the high school teacher's recommendation by taking this course instead...
Stran 12 - The practice teaching consists of "a five-weeks' practice course in selected high schools of the State where agriculture is taught, making of lesson plans, practice teaching, reports and conferences with supervising teacher and instructor." Other professional courses are open for election and the institution offers graduate instruction leading to the master's degree and fulfilling the complete requirements for recommendation for certification. Requirements for registration. — Fifteen units of high-school...
Stran 11 - ... of a school can be brought into intimate and helpful relation with the farm and home life of the community supporting the school. Practice in planning and executing school farm problems and demonstrations. Ways and means by which the agricultural interests of a community can be promoted through the local schools. 3 hours lecture or report; 3 hours practice. Second half year, 3 units. 102. General Science and First- Year Agriculture. Teachers

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