Annual Announcement of Courses of Instruction

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The University Press, 1917
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Stran 189 - International relations of America from discovery to present day; gradual growth of principles of international law embodied in American diplomacy, legislation, and treaties. Lectures: Psychology of war and kindred subjects. General principles of strategy only, planned to show the intimate relationship between the statesman and the soldier (not to exceed 5 lectures).
Stran 187 - When any member of the senior division of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps has completed two academic years of service In that division and has been selected for further training by the president of the institution and by its professor of military science and tactics, and has agreed in writing to continue in the Reserve Officers...
Stran 185 - Training Corps is to qualify, by systematic and standard methods of training, students at civil educational institutions for reserve officers. The system of instruction herein prescribed presents to these students a standardized measure of that military training which is necessary in order to prepare them to perform intelligently the duties of commissioned officers in the military forces of the United States, and it enables them to be thus trained with the least practicable interference with their...
Stran 187 - In consideration of commutation of subsistence to be furnished me in accordance with law, I hereby agree to continue in the Reserve Officers...
Stran 1 - In the Colleges of Letters and Science, Commerce, Agriculture, Mechanics, Mining, Civil Engineering, and Chemistry these privileges are offered without charge for tuition to all residents of California who are qualified for admission. Non-residents of California are charged a tuition fee of $10 each half-year. In the professional colleges, except that of Law, tuition fees are charged. The instruction in all the...
Stran 111 - Special Study. The instructors in English hold themselves ready to assist and advise competent students who may propose plans of special study which meet the approval of the department.
Stran 185 - The courses in military training are those prescribed by the War Department for infantry units of the senior division of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. The United States furnishes arms, equipment, uniforms, and some textbooks for the use of the students belonging to such units.
Stran 11 - Course. — The aim and values of a general science course in the high school, comparative study of typical courses, and exposition of the peculiar adaptations to the general science work of a beginning agriculture course in which plant study forms the basis of continuity. The materials and methods suited to such a course in the high school will be fully discussed. The nature and amount of practical work needed in the course, including field trips and excursions, outdoor and laboratory...
Stran 100 - The school observation and practice teaching ordinarily require one period' daily for five days a week, but students are expected to have two consecutive free hours between 9 and 3 o'clock throughout the week in order to facilitate making the teaching assignments. Required of all candidates for the Teacher's Recommendation whose pedagogical training is taken at this University.

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