Researches Respecting Americus Vespucius, and His Voyages

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Charles C. Little & James Brown, 1850 - 221 strani

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Stran 121 - Columbum, virum utique dignum et plurimum commendandum, ac tanto negotio aptum, cum navigiis et hominibus ad similia instructis, non sine maximis laboribus et periculis ac impensis destinastis, ut terras firmas et insulas remotas et incognitas hujusmodi per mare ubi hactenus navigatum non fuerat, diligenter inquireret.
Stran 42 - Columbus was the first European who set foot in the new world which he had discovered. He landed in a rich dress, and with a naked sword in his hand. His men followed, and kneeling down, they all kissed the ground which they had so long desired to see. They next erected a crucifix...
Stran 2 - Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1850, by CHARLES C. LITTLE, JAMES BROWN, AND AUGUSTUS FLAGG, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.
Stran 54 - In fact, depopulation was loudly complained of at the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th centuries, and a redundancy of population was acknowledged at the end of the 16th.
Stran 80 - Nova orbis descriptio ac nova Oceani navigatio qua Lisbona ad Indicum pervenitur pelagus , Marco Beneventano monacho Caelestino edita. » Le chapitre i 4 porte : « Terra Sanctae Crucis decrescit usque ad latitudinem 37° austr.
Stran 199 - first voyage, that is, the one made under the command of Hojeda, when this captain did not go to the new continent till subsequently to himself. Did he not know that such a publication could do no harm to his glory, since it was impossible for him to foresee that facts would be falsified after his death.
Stran 121 - ... non fuerat, diligenter inquireret; qui tandem (divino auxilio, facta extrema diligentia, in mari Oceano navigantes) certas insulas remotissimas et etiam terras firmas, quae per alios hactenus repertae non...
Stran 117 - ... ordered by the king of Portugal. We have made manifest the incoherence of his story, by which it would appear that the number of his vessels dwindled down to a solitary bark, with a crew of only four or five sailors ; and that, after having accomplished in it a voyage of three hundred leagues, to Bahia, and a subsequent one of two hundred and sixty, he finished by leaving his vessel in port and returning to Lisbon ! We have made evident the impossibility of his having written and addressed letters...
Stran 73 - Nou / veau mo(n)de (et) na-/uigations: fai-/ctes par Emeric de Vespuce Florentin, Des / pays (et) isles...
Stran 70 - Strasburg, Friburg and Vienna, while the prodigious celebrity of the little book of Apian has propagated the evil, by innumerable editions, in Holland and elsewhere.

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