Annual Report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office to the Secretary of the Interior

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Stran 145 - ... but no location of a mining claim shall be made until the discovery of the vein or lode within the limits of the claim located. No claim shall extend more than three hundred feet on each side of the middle of the vein at the surface...
Stran 147 - All records of mining claims hereafter made shall contain the name or names of the locators, the date of the location, and such a description of the claim or claims located by reference to some natural object or permanent monument as will identify the claim.
Stran 294 - It shall be the duty of the adverse claimant, within thirty days after filing his claim, to commence proceedings in a court of competent jurisdiction, to determine the question of the right of possession, and prosecute the same with reasonable diligence to final judgment; and a failure so to do shall be a waiver of his adverse claim.
Stran 63 - That the affidavit required to be made by sections twenty-two hundred and sixty-two and twentythree hundred and one of the Revised Statutes of the United States, may be made before the clerk of the county court or of any court of record, of the county and State or district and Territory in which the lands are situated...
Stran 148 - ... it shall be assumed that the applicant is entitled to a patent; upon the payment to the proper officer of five dollars per acre, and that no adverse claim exists; and thereafter no objection from third parties to the issuance of a patent shall be heard, except it be shown that the applicant has failed to comply with the terms of this chapter.
Stran 186 - ... permanent in their nature: Provided, That the incorporation into said revision of any general and permanent provision, taken from an act making appropriations, or from an act containing other provisions of a private, local, or temporary character, shall not repeal or in any way affect any appropriation, or any provision of a private, local, or temporary character, contained in any of said acts, but the same shall remain in force; and all acts of Congress passed prior to said last named day, no...
Stran 145 - And nothing in this section shall authorize the locator or possessor of a vein or lode which extends in its downward course beyond the vertical lines of his claim to enter upon the surface of a claim owned or possessed by another.
Stran 201 - That when the lands in the said Territory shall be surveyed under the direction of the government of the United States, preparatory to bringing the same into market, sections numbered sixteen and thirty-six in each township in said Territory shall be and the same are hereby reserved for the purpose of being applied to schools in said Territory, and in the States and Territories hereafter to be erected out of the same.
Stran 91 - Report of the Commissioner of the General Land Office to the Secretary of the Interior for the year 1873. 8. Washington, 1874. Statement of the Public Debt of the United States, July 1, 1874.
Stran 164 - An act to enable honorably discharged soldiers and sailors, their widows and orphan children, to acquire homesteads on the public lands of the United States...

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