Ports of the United States: Report on Terminal Facilities, Commerce, Port Charges, and Administration at Sixty-eight Selected Ports

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Stran 29 - Whenever a carrier by railroad shall in competition with a water route or routes reduce the rates on the carriage of any species of freight to or from competitive points, it shall not be permitted to increase such rates unless after hearing by the Interstate Commerce Commission it shall be found that such proposed increase rests upon changed conditions other than the elimination of water competition.
Stran 29 - If the Interstate Commerce Commission shall be of the opinion that any such existing specified service by water other than through the Panama Canal is being operated in the interest of the public and is of advantage to the convenience and commerce of the people...
Stran 25 - The power to regulate commerce comprehends the control for that purpose, and to the extent necessary, of all the navigable waters of the United States which are accessible from a State other than those in which they lie. For this purpose they are the public property of the Nation, and subject to all the requisite legislation by Congress.
Stran 424 - Section 1. There is hereby created and established in and for the City and County of San Francisco a Court to be known as the Police Court of the City and County of San Francisco.
Stran 55 - Colony system of the New York, New Haven & Hartford, and the Boston & Maine railway systems, each of which controls several minor roads once independent.
Stran 29 - Act to regulate commerce to own, lease, operate, control, or have any Interest whatsoever (by stock ownership or otherwise, either directly, indirectly, through any holding company, or by stockholders or directors In common, or In any other manner) In any common carrier by water operated through the Panama Canal or elsewhere with which said railroad or other carrier aforesnld does or may compete for traffic...
Stran 29 - From and after the 1st day of July, 1914, it shall be unlawful for any railroad company or other common carrier subject to the act to regulate commerce to own, lease, operate, control, or have any interest...
Stran 424 - ... any railroad track, right of way, or land of any railroad company (within the corporate limits); but where no compensation is made to such railroad company, the city shall restore such railroad track, right of way or land to its former state, or in a sufficient manner not to have impaired its usefulness.
Stran 25 - This necessarily includes the power to keep them open and free from any obstruction to their navigation, interposed by the states or otherwise; to remove such obstructions when they exist; and to provide, by such sanctions as they may deem proper, against the occurrence of the evil and for the punishment of offenders. For these purposes, Congress possesses all the powers which existed in the states before the adoption of the national Constitution, and which have always existed in the Parliament in...
Stran 28 - ... which have been constructed from the dock to the limits of its right of way, or by directing either or both the rail and water carrier, individually or in connection with one another, to construct and connect •with the lines of the rail carrier a spur track or tracks to the dock. This provision shall only apply where such connection is reasonably practicable, can be made with safety to the public, and where the amount of business to be handled is sufficient to justify the outlay.

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