Questions Set at the Examinations

Sprednja platnica
Ginn, Publishers, 1917

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Stran 22 - Look here, upon this picture, and on this, The counterfeit presentment of two brothers. See what a grace was seated on this brow ; Hyperion's curls, the front of Jove himself, An eye like Mars, to threaten and command; A station like the herald Mercury...
Stran 22 - O foolishness of men ! that lend their ears To those budge doctors of the Stoic fur, And fetch their precepts from the Cynic tub, Praising the lean and sallow Abstinence...
Stran 22 - Built in the eclipse, and rigged with curses dark, That sunk so low that sacred head of thine. Next Camus, reverend sire, went footing slow, His mantle hairy, and his bonnet sedge Inwrought with figures dim, and on the edge Like to that sanguine flower inscribed with woe: "Ah! who hath reft," quoth he, "my dearest pledge!
Stran 87 - ... in somnis ferus Aeneas, semperque relinqui sola sibi, semper longam incomitata videtur ire viam et Tyrios deserta quaerere terra...
Stran 21 - Tis two or three, my lord, that bring you word Macduff is fled to England. MACBETH Fled to England! LENNOX Ay, my good lord. MACBETH Time, thou anticipat'st my dread exploits. The flighty purpose never is o'ertook Unless the deed go with it. From this moment The very firstlings of my heart shall be The firstlings of my hand.
Stran 48 - Jack, and he lived with his mother on a dreary common. They were very poor, and the old woman got her living by spinning, but Jack was so lazy that he would do nothing but bask in the sun in the hot weather, and sit by the corner of the hearth in the winter time.
Stran 91 - Tarchon constituere pyras. hue corpora quisque suorum 185 more tulere patrum, subiectisque ignibus atris conditur in tenebras altum caligine caelum. ter circum accensos cincti fulgentibus armis decurrere rogos, ter maestum funeris ignem lustravere in equis ululatusque ore dedere; 190 spargitur et tellus lacrimis, sparguntur et arma: it caelo clamorque virum clangorque tubarum.
Stran 26 - ONE lesson, Nature, let me learn of thee, One lesson which in every wind is blown, One lesson of two duties kept at one Though the loud world proclaim their enmity — Of toil unsever'd from tranquillity! Of labour, that in lasting fruit outgrows Far noisier schemes, accomplish'd in repose, Too great for haste, too high for rivalry!
Stran 93 - Aeneas dextram tendebat inermem nudato capite atque suos clamore vocabat : " quo ruitis ? quaeve ista repens discordia surgit ? o cohibete iras ! ictum iam foedus et omnes compositae leges ; mihi ius concurrere soli ; 315 me sinite atque auferte metus ; ego foedera faxo firma manu ; Turnum debent haec iam mihi sacra.
Stran 25 - EXAMINATION. However accurate in subject-matter, no paper will be considered satisfactory if seriously defective in punctuation, spelling, or other essentials of good usage. The examination will be divided into two parts, one of which may be taken as a preliminary, and the other as a final.

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