The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science

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Herbert Baxter Adams, John Martin Vincent
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1889

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Dowd digs in to a somewhat unfamiliar topic: native American spiritualism. It was part aspiration and part salvation. It was the nativistic mindset of some Indian leaders -- spanning the Great Lakes ... Celotno mnenje

A SPIRITED RESISTANCE: The North American Indian Struggle for Unity, 1745-1815

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A fresh and thorough review of the role of prophets and religion in Native American relations with Europeans and Americans during a critical period of contact. Reassessing conventional wisdom about ... Celotno mnenje

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Stran 44 - The regulation of trade and commerce; 3. The raising of money by any mode or system of taxation ; 4. The borrowing of money on the public credit; 5. Postal service; 6. The census and statistics; 7. Militia, military and naval service and defence; 8. The fixing of and providing for the salaries and allowances of civil and other officers of the government of Canada; 9.
Stran 50 - The imposition of punishment by fine, penalty, or imprisonment for enforcing any law of the Province made in relation to any matter coming within any of the classes of subjects enumerated in this section.
Stran 133 - ... execution of new writs in case of seats vacated otherwise than by dissolution — shall respectively apply to elections of members to serve in the House of Commons for the same several provinces...
Stran 46 - Such Works as, although wholly situate within the Province, are before or after their Execution declared by the Parliament of Canada to be for the general advantage of Canada or for the Advantage of Two or more of the Provinces.
Stran 100 - Members : (2) There shall be assigned to each of the other Provinces such a Number of Members as will bear the same Proportion to the Number of its Population (ascertained at such Census) as the Number Sixty-five bears to the Number of the Population of Quebec (so ascertained...
Stran 46 - Local works and undertakings other than such as are of the following classes : — (a) Lines of steam or other ships, railways, canals, telegraphs, and other works and undertakings connecting the Province with any other or others of the Provinces, or extending beyond the limits of the Province...
Stran 69 - ... 120. All payments to be made under this act, or in discharge of liabilities created under any act of the provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick respectively, and assumed by Canada, shall, until the parliament of Canada otherwise directs, be made in such form and manner...
Stran 92 - Roture, within the Province for which he is appointed, of the Value of Four thousand Dollars, over and above all Rents, Dues, Debts, Charges, Mortgages, and Incumbrances due or payable out of or charged on or affecting...
Stran 144 - Brunswick and of the procedure of all or any of the courts in those three provinces, and from and after the passing of any Act in that behalf the power of the Parliament of Canada to make laws in relation to any matter comprised in any such Act shall notwithstanding anything in this Act be unrestricted...
Stran 133 - Every House of Commons shall continue for five years from the Day of the Return of the Writs for choosing the House (subject to be sooner dissolved by the Governor General), and no longer.

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