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Hurst, Robinson, 1844

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Stran 303 - Three times shall a young foot-page Swim the stream and climb the mountain And kneel down beside my feet— " Lo, my master sends this gage, Lady, for thy pity's counting ! What wilt thou exchange for it...
Stran 440 - I die before my time, and my body will be given back to the earth, to become food for worms. Such is the fate of him who has been called the great Napoleon. What an abyss between my deep misery and the eternal kingdom of Christ, which is proclaimed, loved, and adored, and is extending over the whole earth...
Stran 136 - A man who is born into a world already possessed, if he cannot get subsistence from his parents on whom he has a just demand, and if the society do not want his labour, has no claim of right to the smallest portion of food, and, in fact, has no business to be where he is. At nature's mighty feast there is no vacant cover for him. She tells him to be gone, and will quickly execute her own orders...
Stran 574 - Nevertheless, the sense of what he thought unworthy usage did not diminish his zeal. " I," said he, "must still buffet the waves in search of — What? Alas ! that they called honour is now thought of no more. My fortune, God knows, has grown worse for the service : so much for serving my country. But the devil, ever willing to tempt the virtuous...
Stran 304 - He will kiss me on the mouth Then, and lead me as a lover Through the crowds that praise his deeds : And, when soul-tied by one troth, Unto him I will discover That swan's nest among the reeds.
Stran 143 - Anglo-Bengalee business secretly and in the closest confidence ; for he was born to be a secret. He was a short, dried-up, withered old man, who seemed to have secreted his very blood ; for nobody would have given him credit for the possession of six ounces of it in his whole body. How he lived was a secret ; where he lived was a secret ; and even what he was, was a secret.
Stran 304 - Ellie went home sad and slow. If she found the lover ever, With his red-roan steed of steeds, Sooth I know not ! but I know She could never show him — never, That swan's nest among the reeds.
Stran 440 - Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and myself, have founded empires ; but upon what did we rest the creation of our genius ? Upon force. Jesus Christ alone founded his empire upon love, and at this hour millions of men would die for Him.
Stran 525 - Frisken had accomplished with the alphabet class, might, in like manner, be done with those next in order, by boys selected, as he had been, for their aptitude to learn and to teach. Accordingly, he appointed boys as assistant teachers to some of the lower classes, giving, however, to Frisken the charge of superintending both the assistants and their classes, because of his experience and the readiness with which he apprehended and executed whatever was required from him. This talent, indeed, the...
Stran 451 - But that which must more forcibly strike a thoughtful, penetrating mind, and which includes and renders easy all inferior concerns, is the Union of the States. On this our great national character depends. It is this which must give us importance abroad and security at home.

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