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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1936

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Stran 36 - Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools. Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Western Association of Schools and Colleges. II. For Engineering: Engineers' Council for Professional Development.
Stran 1 - Assembly to encourage by all suitable means moral, intellectual, scientific, and agricultural improvement, and to provide by law for a general and uniform system of common schools, wherein tuition shall be without charge, and equally open to all.
Stran 101 - For every child a home and that love and security which a home provides; and for that child who must receive foster care, the nearest substitute for his own home.
Stran 101 - For every child who is blind, deaf, crippled, or otherwise physically handicapped, and for the child who is mentally handicapped, such measures as will early discover and diagnose his handicap, provide care and treatment, and so train him that he may become an asset to society rather than a liability.
Stran 102 - For every child the right to grow up in a family with an adequate standard of living and the security of a stable income as the surest safeguard against social handicaps. XVI. For every child protection against labor that stunts growth, either physical or mental, that limits education, that deprives children of the right of comradeship, of play, and of joy.
Stran 104 - Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer of the Board of Education for the Year 1931.
Stran 101 - For every child an education which, through the discovery and development of his individual abilities, prepares him for life; and through training and vocational guidance prepares him for a living which will yield him the maximum of satisfaction XI. For every child such teaching and training as will prepare him for successful parenthood, homemaking, and the rights of citizenship; and, for parents, supplementary training to fit them to deal wisely with the problems of parenthood XII.
Stran 102 - ... of general Information, statistics, and scientific research. This should Include: (a) Trained, full-time public health officials, with public health nurses, sanitary inspection, and laboratory workers. (b) Available hospital beds. (c) Full-time public welfare service for the relief, aid and guidance of children in special need due to poverty, misfortune, or behavior difficulties, and for the protection of children from abuse, neglect, exploitation, or moral hazard...
Stran 102 - For every rural child, as satisfactory schooling and health services as for the city child, and an extension to rural families of social, recreational, and cultural facilities.
Stran 86 - THE CHILD that is hungry must be fed; the child that is sick must be nursed; the child that is...

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